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    [–] Asked not to wade in the fountain, they do it anyway. MemoriesOfShrek 21 points ago in trashy

    Because they get pissed at anything in life and will never be pleased.

    [–] She had it coming... MemoriesOfShrek -9 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Which is why you should think twice before uploading a photo of yourself or anyone else to the internet.

    [–] Seagull's thoughts on Mercy in competitive MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago in Overwatch

    Requires some skill? In the same way that opening a door requires some skill, yes.

    [–] Norway Relaxes Punishment For LSD Possession From Jail To Community Service MemoriesOfShrek 0 points ago in worldnews

    That's what happens when you use socialism in a proper manner. It's what Americans hate the most, apperently.

    [–] Hitting too close to home MemoriesOfShrek 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    It's almost like there are a lot of factors that impacts the standard of living in the US.

    [–] 295 reports & counting MemoriesOfShrek -5 points ago in BestOfReports

    People who get butthurt over swastikas.. i dont even understand how sheltered they must have been.

    [–] The United States mapped by over 1000 million acres of trees and forests [OC] MemoriesOfShrek -1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yes, but this website is English. It's irrelevant.
    Billion in my language is trillion in English, has never been a problem.

    [–] En advarsel til dere som tenker lærerutdanning MemoriesOfShrek 2 points ago in norge

    Buhu. Kanskje noen av oss ønsker å bo et sted som i det minste kan ligne litt på sivilisasjonen.
    Det er en grunn til a regjeringen betaler folk for å bo oppi der.

    [–] As per Article 1, Subsection 76 of the Bro Code. MemoriesOfShrek 3 points ago in funny

    I Dont see how this being reposted has any relevance at all.

    [–] My cozy apartment garden ♥️ MemoriesOfShrek 14 points ago in CozyPlaces

    Americans screaming about freedom is like North Korea claiming to be a democracy.

    [–] The table most others hated MemoriesOfShrek -3 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Funny how the servers hated this couple not leaving a great tip instead of their boss not paying them a proper wage.

    [–] A Dutch school bus. MemoriesOfShrek 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Your stupidity is showing.

    [–] Something's up with the new Netflix rating system MemoriesOfShrek 5 points ago in videos

    About as accurate as comparing people who drink water with people who likes cars.

    [–] Hitting too close to home MemoriesOfShrek 386 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    But at least you can buy military grade rifles and wear them in public, and then go bankrupt if you ever have to go to the hospital.
    That freedom, huh.

    [–] "No Tanks" and/or "No Healers" should be highlighted in red instead of yellow when all players have chosen their hero. MemoriesOfShrek 2 points ago in Overwatch

    It more fun to loose when you are just screwing around playing a fun character then it is to loose when you try to salvage the wrecked shit of five retards.