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    [–] Yes, your non-Mercy solo healer knows you would have a better chance of winning with Mercy... MemoriesOfShrek 88 points ago in Overwatch

    Because we all play this game for fun and Mercy is the exact opposite of that.
    I'd rather play Lucio, Zen, Ana or Moira.
    If having a Mercy is very important to one or more teammates they are free to pick her. I won't lock her.

    [–] Yes, your non-Mercy solo healer knows you would have a better chance of winning with Mercy... MemoriesOfShrek 5 points ago in Overwatch

    True, but at least he makes me feel like I accomplish something. I will go Soldier if our mccree sucks and pharah is all over, and it's not suitable to go bastion.

    [–] Hva skal dere se på i kveld? MemoriesOfShrek 3 points ago in filmpolitiet

    Så Thor Ragnarok. Beste Marvel filmen hittil!
    Gleder meg til å se den i 4k om en mnd eller to.

    [–] 1080p appreciation thread MemoriesOfShrek 2 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Because it has a small screen.
    I have two 24", one 25", one 27" and one 56".
    On 24" anything more than 1080p is unecessary, but even on 25" 1440p adds a lot.

    [–] Imagine how much better this game would be if you could queue into a competitive match with 100% certainty that everyone is looking to win MemoriesOfShrek 2 points ago in Overwatch

    No, and that is the problem. This is a team game, and should be compared to mobas rather than other fps games.
    If you are a godlike dps it is true. But if you are a great healer or tank you can't do anything about it. Your dps will still dive in head first 1v4 and die multiple times.

    [–] # Metoo: SV har fått to varsler MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago in norge

    Vinnertall for vikinglotto på onsdag pls

    [–] What is usual in Europe, but unusual in America? MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago in AskReddit

    No, it's not. But if you are a nuisance to people around you then it becomes an issue.
    I've seen people berating the police for an hour while drunk without getting anything other than "you are drunk, go home".
    Go to any park during summer and observe.

    [–] Tall with big hands but pretty small feet? MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago in tall

    I have both small feet and small hands. 196cm tall and size 42.

    [–] Hva tenker dere om dette utspillet? MemoriesOfShrek 6 points ago in norge

    Hun er mentalt forstyrret på en underholdende måte.

    [–] thinking about get back? MemoriesOfShrek 2 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Yes! Hots is completely different from beta. Watching two year old videos from this game makes me cringe because everything is so much better now.

    [–] Starring at you in public places MemoriesOfShrek 20 points ago in tall

    Every day. I don't mind tho. They look up to me.

    [–] Blaze is setting a new standard for talent trees MemoriesOfShrek 8 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Grill and chill plus the one that gives reduced CD on e, and oil leakage. So much sustain it's ridicolous.

    [–] Point Farming MemoriesOfShrek 7 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    They need to do as in Overwatch. If you are above a certain MMR you cannot queue with people 500 points lower than you.
    But for some reason you still get queued with them..

    [–] Hvorfor er Oslo en av de mest kjedeligste hovedstadene i Europa? MemoriesOfShrek 4 points ago in norge

    Og de kule stedene er få og veldig spredt.
    Ikke så mye å se i Oslo i forhold til andre byer.