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    [–] 'Lost in Space' Chariot and Robot, 1/24 scale from Moebius Models (TV show ran 1965-68) Merryprankstress 2 points ago in RetroFuturism

    Right? It looks so cozy. Nowadays this thing could be a Siberian #vanlife tinyhome :p And I would definitely move to the countryside of Russia and live in it.

    [–] Taco Bell Steak Quesadillas. One of my triangles was completely empty! What kind of sin.. Merryprankstress 2 points ago in ExpectationVsReality

    This is basically all Taco Bells now. They've gone to hell and literally no one who works there cares. They just serve you bullshit, sometimes not even what you ordered and laugh in your face.

    [–] I made a 100% recycled dress out of 150 pop cans and a parachute from the Iraq war! Merryprankstress 20 points ago in sewing

    Reminds me of when flour mills started bagging their flour in attractive fabrics so frugal women could reclaim the material and make dresses out of them.

    [–] A night bakers break Merryprankstress 1 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    Took a picture of a window on the patio seating area at work. The light looked really nice and I love the night, and had stepped out for a little break from the heat. Sorry if this breaks any rules!

    [–] Good advice relevant in WWII, and perhaps forever Merryprankstress 1 points ago in Anticonsumption

    It's ok, and I'm glad you stick to your guns regardless of how your friends or acquaintances react. The points you mention are still really valid and I definitely wasn't trying to take away from them. As long as we all do our part and make informed decisions we can still live a comfortable life that also supports our ethics.

    [–] So Tell Me Why You Think Psychadelics Are Dangerous Merryprankstress 1 points ago in Psychonaut

    Yeah, I'd say this person would benefit from stepping back from the psychedelics and instead reading some books to utilize their "expanded mind"

    [–] Hamilton Pool, Ausin TX. [OC][4048x3036] Merryprankstress 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    Immediately thought "Oh god, teeth" because the movie scarred my soul

    [–] Good advice relevant in WWII, and perhaps forever Merryprankstress 1 points ago in Anticonsumption

    Did you forget about buying used or second hand? Did you forget about thrift and charity shops? I buy used or I make my clothes, no slave labor needed. I buy refurbished tech if I need to upgrade my phone (But I'm still using the Iphone 4s I got 6 years ago because it still works) Buying from farmers markets and using local CSAs cuts down on underpaid farm labor (But if I had any outdoors space right now I would grow a lot of my own herbs/greens/berries.)

    I just want to mention these since people are getting shit on for pointing out the validity of living with less, but not going without for the sake of Anticonsumption.

    [–] Holy Crab! Merryprankstress 2 points ago in WTF

    More like looks like quinoa when the acid kicks in :p

    [–] Omnidirectional treadmill Merryprankstress 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Thicc boi on the right looking like a snack ;)

    [–] People take getting “ghosted” way too seriously and it’s not that bad. Merryprankstress 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    It takes two seconds to fire off a text and say "Hey, it's been fun but I think I need to move on" It's fast, and it's polite. When someone goes out of their way to pursue you, don't be a dick and just drop them thinking you're saving time. It's fucking rude.

    [–] Must've been fun explaining this one to your tattoo artist Merryprankstress 18 points ago in ATBGE

    That rainbow work is great honestly, everything else is beyond terrible. EDIT: Are those metallic pigments? They're so bright.

    [–] I just made this, favorite pour to date! Merryprankstress 2 points ago in somethingimade

    This is giving me serious plant cell structure vibes. Beautiful colors!