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    [–] TIFU I hooked up with a guy in my airport hotel room this morning before checking out. Turns out he is on the same flight as me and guess what, he’s traveling with his wife and kids. Metal-Butterfly 18 points ago in tifu

    As a guy in an open marriage and I just saw my recent hookup, I would have been like “babe! Babe! Look, that’s the guy who just got me off, whatcha think?” And she’d probably critique my tastes or go thank the guy/gal for getting me out of her hair lol.

    [–] What to do about a player that wants to have his cake, but not have it, too Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago in DnD

    Maybe he needs to do something else during your sessions. Suggest to him that while you’re doing your thing, he can go do this other thing that he will enjoy.

    [–] Help my group has just created a cat based religion Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in DnD

    Dude this great! They’re can be so many conflicts on a personal and global scale here. Neighbors at war, full on crazy towns going against other crazy towns in the name of their new wooden god

    Edit: also, to really fuck with them and go crazy, there can be a third religion...catdog

    [–] [Art] Really happy with how my new tattoo came out Metal-Butterfly 25 points ago in DnD

    It does, please someone draw it up lol. I’m imagining the same basic black outline as OPs sword tatt

    [–] [OC] My first piece of Homebrew Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago in DnD

    Yeah instead of proficient you could say it can do a talon strike as a bonus action?

    [–] DM be like Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in DnD

    I found the better the handwriting in cursive, the harder it is for me to read because once u get a bunch of uuuuiiuuirunuuuw I can’t discern separate letters and it practically reads like that.

    [–] Remind your players that they are heros Metal-Butterfly 3 points ago in DnD

    I’ve always wanted to play a wizard who had aspirations to be a lich (must have been dropped on his head or something in the water) so all in all he would be great good guy, but have this secretive goal that he wouldnt let onto until he had everything to completely transform. It’s unknown right now if he will be happy to become the lich he dreamed or if he will be horrified and kill everyone because he’s so upset with how unappealing his dream has become.

    [–] [Art] Really happy with how my new tattoo came out Metal-Butterfly 132 points ago in DnD

    This comment made me think (donno why) of getting a tattoo of a Beholder but instead of eyeballs, they’re dice. The d20 being the main eye of course

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in gaming

    First of all, my main point was disrespecting and deceiving. The misses and I have agreed that not telling bday gifts and Xmas gifts are not part of the “lying” mechanism.

    Secondly, I never respond with “i don’t know”. I’d say something like “you’ll see on Xmas” or “it’s something you been askin for”

    Thirdly, childish argument ya came up with there to “win”. Aha!! Ya got me!! Congratulations, here’s you’re reward.....👏

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in gaming

    Project much? It’s not hard to be a honest respectful person, even to someone who you don’t like or mistrust. Something makes ya mad, ya don’t have to lie about it. Ya say “hey that shit made me mad”

    This is literally the reason of “its not what you say but it’s how you say it”

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago in gaming

    Not that it’s your business but yeah she knows. I have a higher sex drive than her, so I ask if she wants to have some fun and if she isn’t the mood I take care of myself. She don’t care. Being sexual is normal and we’re both adults about it.

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago in gaming

    There are many ways to make a couple work and no not every couple dynamic is the same. All I’m saying is: in a couple, there should be respect of the your SO, and doing something behind their back or doing something to deceive them is not the right thing to do ever! Don’t matter what kinda couple you are. Your SO deserves respect regardless of y’all’s dynamic. You’re allowed to disagree with your SO, that’s just being human. But to lie and deceive them isn’t right and I’m just saying if ya gotta go out of your way to do that then maybe y’all shouldn’t be together and go out and try to find real happiness. Or atleast let them try too

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in gaming

    I gave ya an updoot buddy. I agree this is a very deceiving thing to do to ones own partner. If ya gotta walk on egg shells and lie to keep the peace then maybe those two shouldnt stay together. It isn’t healthy for anyone involved.

    [–] Big brain time Metal-Butterfly 7 points ago in gaming

    I’m married, we have no secrets. This is some complete bullshit thinking. If you’re with someone you can’t be completely honest with and you keep secrets to “keep the peace” then maybe those two shouldn’t be together. I grew up with parents that took too long to divorce.

    [–] Work deposited $4k more than it should have into my bank account on pay day. Metal-Butterfly 0 points ago in personalfinance

    I’d say for them to withhold paying you until it evens out, they kinda already screwed u in the taxes department. 4,000 maybe what ur bank account got extra but that means they paid you even more which was taxed significantly!! And I don’t know how getting that straightened out works, but I bet ya they can’t fix it to exactly what it’s supposed to be

    [–] [art] [OC] Sculpted a homebrew BBEG for the campaign I'm developing now. Meet the Tower Mimic. Would love some help writing a stat block for this guy! Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in DnD

    I donno if you have a backstory for this but here’s one:

    It was originally a wizards tower. The wizard was searching for a way to live forever (sorcerers Stone, fountain of youth, etc etc) he caused havoc whereever he went and that’s why the adventurers are tracking him down. What they don’t know is the wizards latest attempt failed miserably. He was trying to do a combination of “Frankenstein’s monster” and Ditto cloning (Pokémon) ofcourse the ditto being a mimic. Mix this with a botched spell or a terrible demonic summon to use its power, it caused a magical explosion and the mimic encapsulated the tower.

    So not only is it a fucking mimic tower but it can have some magical spell casting abilities. Or it can even allow adventures to go inside and climb stairs and visit rooms as if it was still a “normal” wizarding tower. And while characters are inside it have the characters roll perception checks every 10 minutes. Everytime they also lose 1-4 hp (1d4 acidic or whatever you like) but they dont discover why unless they succeed (very difficult because mimics are hard to discern when not in motion) realizing theirs acidic saliva type goo on the floor that’s barely visible because it’s occurring literally under their feet

    [–] Guess the movie Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in funny

    How long is Nappas mustache in super sayian form?

    [–] Guess the movie Metal-Butterfly 5 points ago in funny

    There’s a pretty sweet explanation of it by minutephysics on YouTube

    [–] Guess the movie Metal-Butterfly 1 points ago in funny

    Isn’t it terminator 2?

    [–] Guess the movie Metal-Butterfly 2 points ago in funny

    No, book was better though