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    [–] Look at these idiots going at it again with the stupid propaganda Metalbass5 7 points ago in communism

    Hooooly fuck am I sick of seeing that name. The nature of RFA isn't even contested. They openly refer to their organization as an anti-communist propaganda outlet, FFS. The information is readily available.

    [–] Worker sets off flare gun found at recycle station Metalbass5 4 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Likely the same dipshits who send hundreds of broken drinking glasses and a half-dozen sewing kits back to my workplace for secure document shredding.

    "Paper bin? That must mean anything that has ever come into contact with paper!"

    One of these days I'm going to lose a finger. People are fuckin' lazy.

    [–] Found this today on my first trip to an attractor. Having fun exploring so far :) Metalbass5 3 points ago in randonauts

    From the bot:

    "By using the Fatum Project bot you do so at your own risk! In no way are we responsible or will be held liable for any positive or adverse affects or consequences from the use of this platform


    Select the center of the map:

    The Points will be calculated inside a given radius around the center. It is recommended to set your current location as a center. By default calculation area is set to 10000m circle around London.
    To change the area, you can send your current location via telegram mobile-app in-built function "Send location", it will be set as a map center. If you are using Telegram Desktop, find desired location on Google Maps and sen a link to it like this:,73.3224661,21z (The link should have the same format as in example)

    Select area radius:

    If the map center is your current location, area radius will be the maximum proximity to the target point. To change it, seng command /setradius. You will receive an answer: "Send new radius in meters (for example 3000)", send new radius then. To drop settings to default, send command /setdefault.

    Commands for Points generation:

    /getpseudo - will send you a random location, generated by simple pseudorandom numbers generator (not quantum).

    /getquantum - will send you a random location, generated by Quantum Random Numbers Generator source, set in configuration (by default it's QRNG -

    /getattractor - will send you an attractor point. For it's generation a few thousands of quantum-random points will be created and then program will find an area with maximum density of these points and calculate it's center as an attractor.

    /getrepeller - The opposite of the attractor point; A place with the minimum density of the point will be found.

    /getpair - will send you both attractor and repeller points at once."

    [–] C3P0 legs both gold on original UK movie poster art Metalbass5 7 points ago in Retconned

    My C3PO figure has 2 gold legs. Have had it for many many years.

    [–] C3P0 legs both gold on original UK movie poster art Metalbass5 2 points ago in Retconned

    I have an old school C3PO figure sitting in my living room right now. 2 gold legs.

    [–] First attractor, 5.03. Led us to a goose nesting in a hollow tree (rather unusual), etc. Metalbass5 1 points ago in randonauts

    Upon stepping off the footpath, we followed a wildlife path left by deer and rabbits directly past this goose. Normally they nest much lower, building wide nests in reeds, grass, on rocky outcrops, etc. I've lived in Canada my entire life and this is the first time I've seen one nest in a hollow tree.

    We were also immediately set upon by five incredibly friendly chickadees, and nuthatch. The chickadees were spread out at head height in the young trees, roughly 8 inches from me. The nutchatch was just hangin' out in the tree with the goose.

    We followed the wildlife path into a bedding area with evidence of numerous deer and jackrabbits. The point was dead centre of the areas flattened by deer, just in front of a very large poplar, where it appeared something had been dug up or buried by the wildlife. I regret not digging down a bit, but oh well.

    All in all: Beautiful spring walk. Unusual goose. Friendly birbs. Deer party tree.

    If nothing else, it was a great afternoon.

    [–] 1940-45, I think she would fit here too Metalbass5 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    You wanna go country by country and break things down? Or is it sufficient for me to point out imperialist/colonialist policy applied by the west?

    Probably not, so which nation do you wanna start with?

    [–] 1940-45, I think she would fit here too Metalbass5 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Loaning some weaponry does not equate to boots on the ground. The US/Britain also provide weaponry to how many other nations?

    Sure, it helped them industrialize and arm the troops, but perhaps that's because they fielded vastly larger numbers? When you're fielding over 1 million troops at a time: Yeah. You might need to borrow some weaponry or manufacturing tools.

    Still doesn't constitute the US winning the war.

    [–] 1940-45, I think she would fit here too Metalbass5 6 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    The nazfucks literally declared our people to be sub-human. They wished to cleanse our homes of life and re-populate with their inbred aryan fuckmonkeys.

    The Red Army was packed with volunteers, and anyone who says otherwise is simply incorrect. My ancestors gave everything to defend their homes. The Red Army was the first to find the camps, and they pledged to march on Berlin when they did.

    Where was the capitalist west during the siege of Stalingrad? I don't recall the Brits taking Berlin.

    All respect and all glory to the Red Army.

    [–] 1940-45, I think she would fit here too Metalbass5 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in OldSchoolCool

    The only way you can support that claim is if you extend the death count to those killed by causes entirely unrelated to the Soviet administration. Capitalism causes millions of preventable deaths every year when you apply to it those same standards. Death to vaccine preventable disease and lack of clean water alone surpass even the most ludicrous "communist death tolls" in mere years.

    I can bust out the sources if you really want. It's beyond easy to add to the "capitalist death toll".

    [–] Facebook Confirms Millions of Instagram Passwords Were Stored in Plain Text Metalbass5 1 points ago in news

    Explains why I once received a notification that my account was logged in somewhere in Russia...

    [–] Who has a well paying job here? Metalbass5 3 points ago in adhd_anxiety

    Was in a trade. Granite work. Paid well, but got laid off when the oil market crashed. Thinkin' I may go back.

    You usually just come to work and do your job. No bullshit.

    Construction lets you work alone or with others, inside or outside, day or night. All depends on which trade/company. Lots of variety, too.

    [–] Tried cooking a sweet potato in my new air fryer today... Metalbass5 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I just dust them with flour or corn starch. Can confirm: Awesome fries.

    [–] This picture of a shower will shock you! Metalbass5 3 points ago in OSHA

    People tile their shower ceilings all the time. I've put in plenty. It's a pain in the ass, but you can.

    That's linoleum with a tile print, though.

    [–] The new documentary Our Planet on Netflix shows how the filming crew is affected by heart breaking scene caused by climate changed Metalbass5 1 points ago in videos

    Outrageously overcrowded. They would normally be spread out across the ice as well. It's so crowded that it has become dangerous, especially for their young.

    [–] Gamers rise up Metalbass5 5 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk


    Im not even offended. This just makes no sense.

    [–] Sony Aibo Review: This $2,900 robot dog made me contemplate what it means to be real Metalbass5 7 points ago in gadgets

    Bonzai buddy was horribly malicious. I once spent two entire days attempting to root it out, and eventually just gave up and trashed the hard drive.

    Removing it from a clients PC was a goddamned nightmare.

    [–] Can’t be too defensive for communism Metalbass5 6 points ago in CommunismMemes

    When neolibs start talking about gun control.

    [–] Epic gamer outrage part 2 incoming Metalbass5 1 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    They're going to boycott so many games they'll have nothing left to play...