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    [–] [Pompey] Embiid has left knee soreness and is a game-time decision. Meunderwears 0 points ago in sixers

    There's two ways this can go: the normal way and the Sixers way.

    Normal way: he sits out a game and the coaching staff gives an honest appraisal of his current condition (e.g., either it's chronic or just related to recent surgery and he's still getting into shape). He is closely monitored and a reasonable prognosis on his future is given periodically.

    Sixers way: he sits out three more games, attempts to play, but has to quit mid-2nd quarter. The Maester of Collars refuses to answer any questions and says ask Brett what is going on. Brett, knowing this was coming, says that Embiid is a warrior and will do everything in his power to play "when he's ready and the doctors say he's ready." Three weeks go by and it's revealed he's scheduled for surgery for a "minor clean up of the previous surgery." Two weeks after that it's announced by press release that he's being shut down until after the All Star game "or possibly later" to save him for the critical March/April time frame. You can fill in what happens then.

    I honestly hope (and assume) I'm overreacting, but with the Sixers you must always be prepared.

    [–] Found this in a bathroom reader book published back in 2004 Meunderwears 233 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Interesting (even more than mildly). Actual budget was about $240 mil so I'm guessing computer VFX costs went down or Cameron found a way to make it more affordable.

    [–] [Post-Game Thread] Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5) Meunderwears 9 points ago in eagles

    Yes, but there were at least 3 fairly easy drops. He had a rough patch when Dougie went all Andy Reid on us and forgot the run. Once the balance was restored, so was Wentz.

    [–] [Post-Game Thread] Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5) Meunderwears 8 points ago in eagles

    Buh...buh...Ajayi didn't study the game plan. The Dolphins sure made him pay for his trangressions!

    [–] 'There are no winners in war, only losers' Meunderwears 5 points ago in gaming

    Wow. The gif doesn't do the battle justice.

    [–] 'There are no winners in war, only losers' Meunderwears 4 points ago in gaming

    Read the book if you have the time. Harrowing.

    [–] 'There are no winners in war, only losers' Meunderwears 23 points ago in gaming

    God Ioved that map back in the day. Had my best sniper career there.