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    [–] Letter written by president George H.W Bush for incoming president Bill Clinton. Such class and elegance. Meunderwears 817 points ago in pics

    "Dear Bernie,

    This job takes huge hands. Huge. I should know. I have the hugest. Your success is my success. Every success is my success. I have the best success anywhere.

    Please pardon me.

    Donald J. Trump"

    [–] Trump shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group Meunderwears 506 points ago in gifs

    "...and your little floo-floo countries last. Now watch me smirk."

    [–] A letter I'm planning on giving to my wife Meunderwears 3 points ago in Divorce

    Too. Many. Metaphors.

    I say this as someone who once wrote a similar letter with similar facts and thoughts.

    In two years, this letter won't have much resonance with you. It will be a historical artifact that you will look upon with curiosity, but that's it. Whatever you do, do not give it to her. It won't help you nor change her mind.

    Things will suck for a while, but you will get through it. Better days are ahead.