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    [–] Gronk appears to be practicing today Meunderwears 8 points ago in fantasyfootball

    That's one hell of a reporting job.

    "The Nazis appear to be invading France."

    I mean, I'm a Gronk owner and would like to know if he is/isn't "actually" practicing.

    [–] Republican NY Assemblywoman just started an AMA to help her campaign for NY mayor. It's gonna go about as well as you can imagine. Meunderwears 19 points ago in AMADisasters

    At this time, she's only answered maybe three questions so we'll have to see how it "evolves," but she's not coming off great as she likes to throw around a lot of claims without support (beyond her own website).

    [–] Only in Utah... that kid is going to have a rough, rough life with a name including the word "cum." Meunderwears 81 points ago in sadcringe

    Parents hashtagging their kids is 30% of the reason why I quit Facebook. I just envisioned posts like this:

    "So proud of young Braeden! First day of college!! #BabyBraeden"

    [–] I think this cat's date didn't go well Meunderwears 101 points ago in aww

    "She said she just had to go to the restroom to lick herself. It's been 20 minutes now..."