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    [–] Verizon admits to throttling Netflix Meunderwears 118 points ago in technology

    "We are testing how much shit our customers will put up with."

    [–] PIC Meunderwears 1 points ago in nocontextpics

    I'll get you yet!!!

    [–] What If Humans Were More Like Elephants...? Meunderwears 2 points ago in funny

    1. Already true.
    2. Brings new meaning to "cattiness".
    3. We would if we could.

    [–] Drug Commercials Meunderwears 340 points ago in funny

    Wait, that's what those commercials are about?!

    I thought they were about "getting back in the game," and "making sure I'm ready when the time is right." You know -- sports with my wife. Then we head to our separate baths overlooking Victoria Falls. Huh.