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    [–] Which CZ to carry every day Meunderwears 1 points ago in CZFirearms

    PCR is a winner for me.

    [–] T-Rex Sidecar vs Raptor Meunderwears 2 points ago in CCW

    Great, do what you want to do. But with so many other quality options, I'm happy to avoid enriching him.

    [–] T-Rex Sidecar vs Raptor Meunderwears 8 points ago in CCW

    Like I said in my original post, make your own decisions, but make them informed decisions.

    [–] T-Rex Sidecar vs Raptor Meunderwears 3 points ago in CCW

    I have no vendetta and how is there no context? That is Lucas' Snapchat post that he made showing how he views "fags" as "things". How much more clear could I be?

    [–] T-Rex Sidecar vs Raptor Meunderwears 2 points ago in CCW

    T-Rex Arms is owned by Lucas Botkin who is a member of a cult-like family who endorse deeply fundamentalist Christian beliefs centered around Christian Patriarchy.

    I wouldn't buy from him, but if you do, at least you are making an informed decision.

    Other companies to consider who don't have this baggage: Dara, JM Custom and Black Arch.

    [–] Reminder: Unloaded guns are useless. If your gun isn't on you, you don't have a gun. Meunderwears 42 points ago in CCW

    One of the victims of Dylann Roof (the psychopath who shot the black church parishioners after they welcomed him into their group) was a veteran who routinely carried. The day of the church meeting he decided to leave his handgun in his car.

    The odds of being in a situation where you need your gun are meaningless when you consider what is at stake if you don't have it. Better to carry for 40 years and never need it than not have one and suffer the consequences.