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    [–] Does anyone else do a formal or non formal martial art? Meunderwears 1 points ago in CCW

    I only ever see the "magic systema" stuff where people fall over when their knee is brushed by the master. But as long as it's reality based, then that's great.

    [–] Does anyone else do a formal or non formal martial art? Meunderwears 1 points ago in CCW

    Ground skills are essential, but not the end-all-be-all. They don't help as much against multiple attackers, and while I know none of us are Bruce Lee in the movies, with striking you have a better chance against two or more people. Once on the ground, you can really only focus on one person.

    Also, being held up with a knife or gun is a real possibility obviously. Many criminals only brandish to get you to comply. If they wanted to shoot or stab you, you'd be dead. So, if they threaten with a weapon, it's a good idea to practice some skills that minimize the chance of you getting killed. Again, it's not like the movies where you are going to kick the gun out of someone's hand, but if you know some mechanics, you have a decent chance of getting home alive.

    So in short, being well-rounded is really the key (including how to use your own weapon). If you're just talking a standard 1-1 bar fight, then yeah, bjj is likely all you need, but you can never know that going into a situation.

    I practice a variant of Krav Maga which incorporates muay thai, kickboxing, bjj and then all the weapons stuff. We do stress-and-aggression drills where we get smoked for 5 minutes doing a variety of exercises before facing off against people with various attacks. It's amazing how much your technique can go out the window when you're stressed.

    [–] A-frame in Wilkesboro, North Carolina Meunderwears 3 points ago in CabinPorn

    Thanks, but not mine. Just liked the look of it.

    [–] Ape using a phone Meunderwears 7 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Probably leaves better comments too.

    [–] Got to take care of the family, but not the rando "family" Meunderwears 2 points ago in funny

    Many states don't require publicity for lottery winners. If you can drive to such a neighboring state, do that. If you win anything sizable, you will be hounded well beyond greedy distant family. Everyone from charities to scam artists will come calling.

    So, in not an exact order:

    1. No publicity.
    2. Hire lawyer, accountant and financial advisor (who works on a set fee basis, not on how much money you invest with him/her). Remember you need to pay taxes next April.
    3. Consider creating several trusts to put the money in, some that are blind so the public doesn't have visibility into the control structure. Some even create layers of trusts.
    4. Put your money in multiple accounts. If using banks, remember, the FDIC only insures each account up to $250,000, so if you win tens or hundreds of millions, that could mean dozens of accounts.
    5. Again, tell no one.
    6. Splurge on a few things, but then put yourself on a budget. If you really hit it big, you can create your own wealth management firm ("family office") that can handle your expenses, investments and spending money. This can also be useful when your family members come to you for more cash. Create layers between you and your money.
    7. Slowly change your lifestyle. Consider keeping your existing house but buying a new place where no one knows you but also where your new spending habits won't draw unnecessary attention.

    [–] Since 1966 Japan has had Precision Walking competitions (Shuudan Koudou) Meunderwears 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Japanese wife: "Ohh, off to walking practice again are you? While I cook and clean and all you do is walk, walk, walk! Well, you can just walk on out of here and never come back!"