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    [–] FAQ / General Info [Updated 3/20/2019] Mic_Check_One_Two 1 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in SwitchPirates

    It's a base64 encoded link. Just google "Base64 decoder" to find sites that will decode it for you. Plug it into the site, and it'll spit out a link for you to follow.

    It's a trick to prevent bots from fly-by grabbing links and DMCA'ing them.

    You can also automatically decode them by installing this browser script, which was posted by another user. [Insert warning about never installing scripts from untrusted sources here.]

    [–] When you think it’s fun to hit cyclists with your car door Mic_Check_One_Two 1 points ago in instantkarma

    Idiots like this... people get dumber...

    I mean. Aren’t you agreeing with me though? I feel like you’re just trying to argue over semantics.

    [–] Homophobe Gets A Night He Won’t Forget Mic_Check_One_Two 128 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    That depends on their local jurisdiction’s definition of rape. Many places have distinctions between rape and sexual assault, for instance.

    [–] “Oh can you play clean music?” “Sure can. Here.” “Oh no that song made an allusion to sex. Can’t play that” “But it was clean...” Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago in livesound

    Yup. It’s absolutely not my job. But I also absolutely have a private playlist of clean music already downloaded to my phone and iPad. Client is insisting on music, but not providing any? Fine. Enable airplane mode and play the pre-downloaded tracks.

    [–] What is something you 100% believed for years that you ended up realising is false? Mic_Check_One_Two 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Yup. The Berenstain Bears are another example that is commonly referenced. Everyone remembers it being spelled “Berenstein”, not “Berenstain”. But all of the books clearly spell it with an A.

    [–] What is something you 100% believed for years that you ended up realising is false? Mic_Check_One_Two 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I once had a teacher insist that boiling water was hotter than steam. Because she could hold her hand over a boiling pot of water and not get burned.

    [–] Homophobe Gets A Night He Won’t Forget Mic_Check_One_Two 400 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    VF probably wanted to make the dude think he had been ass-raped. Wake up with your ass covered in slime, and feeling like you shat a wine bottle in your sleep? Not hard to make the connection.

    [–] The Hensel Twins (Early 90’s) Mic_Check_One_Two 18 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Yup. The tricky part about it is that the school is probably already horribly underfunded. If they actually insist on being paid two separate salaries, it’s entirely possible that they’d essentially become unemployable, purely because no schools would be able to afford them. They have to maintain certain teacher to student ratios, and paying two teachers for one class isn’t going to help them at all.

    But on the opposite side of the coin, they really are two distinct people, and can reasonably do more than a single teacher could. Hell, I bet they get their grading done in record time, just because they can both be grading separate papers.

    [–] How do you record vocals outside without it being a trainwreck Mic_Check_One_Two 1 points ago in audioengineering

    Optimally? You tell them to take it the fuck inside, and never record outdoors.

    Realistically? Find a good location. Away from traffic or major roads. No crowds nearby. No wind. And no birds chirping. But again, those are all best case scenarios. Expect lots of noise in your recordings. Wind socks are a good idea.

    [–] The Hensel Twins (Early 90’s) Mic_Check_One_Two 38 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    They’ve actually been having issues with teaching, because the school refuses to pay them two separate salaries. Their argument is that one can be teaching while the other is attending to class questions. But the school’s mentality is “you can only teach one class at a time. We aren’t paying for a second teacher unless you can teach a second class.”

    [–] Where can I get plastic mixer covers? Mic_Check_One_Two 3 points ago in livesound

    I’ve had clients walk in and set their console directly on top of our house console, without even asking whether it could be moved out of their way or cased up. We’re more than happy to case our console and get it out of your way... But if we don’t know you’re bringing your own, and you just set it up on top of my fucking faders without even checking with me first, I’m gonna be pissed.

    So... Uhh... Maybe to prevent damage from asshole clients doing that?

    [–] Microphone white noise. Solution to reduce/remove Mic_Check_One_Two 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in audioengineering

    This is my bet. No phantom power, and they’re connecting a mic level input to something that’s probably looking for a line level source. Your gain will need to be super high, and your levels will be super low compared to your noise floor.

    OP, you need something to A) inject phantom power, which will give your mic the power it needs to actually function, and B) amplify that mic level signal to line level. The second one may not be necessary once you get phantom power in your system, since that may be enough...

    But absolutely make sure you aren’t somehow sending phantom power TO your PC. I’ve seen 3.5mm jacks get burnt up from that. It’s way more power than they’re expected to take. At most, they’ll usually be looking for 1-1.5 volts... And phantom power runs at 48v. It’s like plugging a garden hose into a fire hydrant. You’ll just pop the hose.

    There’s also the balanced>unbalanced thing to consider too. If their computer jack is trying to read the TRS a a LR send, (rather than as a single send and an inverted copy of that same send,) then they’ll have weird issues with that too. Or even worse, if the computer has a TRS connection but the plug they’re using is only TS, OP could be shorting out their jack and causing a ton of heat, (which will quickly burn up the plug...)

    [–] Tell us how you really feel doc. Mic_Check_One_Two 5 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    The funny part about this is that lots of doctors are actually failed vets. Veterinary school is much harder than med school. It’s basically med school for a dozen different types of creatures all at once.

    [–] Samsung Galaxy Fold review units are already broken -- not because of a defect from Samsung -- but because Journalists can't read instructions. Mic_Check_One_Two 6 points ago in media_criticism

    I mean... Every technology starts out rough. Do we need folding phones? No. And I don’t plan on getting one any time soon. But I see them as a stepping stone. Folding phones are simply the most blatantly visible application, because everyone has phones. But once the phone companies start ironing out the kinks and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, other industries will also be able to start benefitting from the advancements too.

    What about a folding tablet? Folds in the center to act like a touchscreen keyboard+screen. Then opens flat to act like a full sized monitor, for doing things like watching movies or videos.

    What about car windshields with the ability to deform and return to their original shape, instead of shattering when hit by a rock on the highway? With self driving cars being developed, you could even integrate them with overlays or screens, so passengers could watch movies or videos on their windshield while the car drives itself.

    What about eliminating the need for bifocal glasses, by creating lenses that can change their lens curve dynamically? Or microscopes that can bend their lenses to achieve better focus? Laser lenses? How about medical applications? I’m sure plenty of medical practitioners could find a use for flexible glass instruments or measurement tools.

    [–] My MIL gifted this to my SO, and signed it the day she passed. Its very special to him and signed with metallic sharpie. How can we protect the writing? Mic_Check_One_Two 96 points ago in gaming

    Also, UV resistant glass for the shadowbox. It’ll help prevent sunlight from fading it, if it’s ever put in a sunny location like in a corner with a window.

    You can find it in pretty much any craft store. Often used for paintings, so look near their canvases and frames.

    [–] My employee says it’s your fault Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    I set up a delay so my outgoing mail isn’t sent right away. It sits in my outbox for a few minutes, so I have a chance to revise things even after hitting Send. My coworkers thought I was a wizard when I mentioned that.

    I also have my google calendar on my phone, and found a way to export Excel files from our internal scheduling program. We don’t work regular 9-5 hours, and our shifts often change. I made a spreadsheet template that automatically references the exported spreadsheet, and changes the data into a format that google will accept. Now I’m able to export my work calendar, run it through that template, and import it straight to my google calendar as a .csv file. I can do a month of schedules in like two minutes. Meanwhile, my coworkers manually write down or input their schedules every week.

    If I could get our scheduling program to output an RSS feed, I’d be in heaven. An RSS straight to my google calendar on my phone? Count me the fuck in.

    [–] Armed guard mistaken for store employee. Lady gets arrested. Mic_Check_One_Two 23 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    I used to work at a place that had an obvious bullet hole going through the window as well! Nobody knew how long it had been there. I just noticed it one day, and was like “uhh... How long has this been here?” Everyone just responded with some variation of “oh, I’ve never noticed that before...”

    Looked like the right size for something small like a .22. But still. Random bullet hole, and nobody knew when/why it showed up.

    [–] Does anyone know how to hack Windows 10 Minesweeper? Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago in cheatengine

    Is it maybe throwing an error because it wasn’t ever programmed to go back that far? Windows 10 was released in the summer of 2015... So it’s entirely possible that you’re getting errors because the game’s date range wasn’t ever meant to go back all the way to 2013.

    [–] Laptop was over heating. Took heat sink off and found this Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago in NotMyJob

    See those clear “Laird” tabs? Those tabs are supposed to be pulled off. Same with the blue plastic cover over the bigger chip, and the mount on the right side of the image.

    Those stickers and shields are meant to protect the thermal compound. Essentially, you stick the thermal compound to the heatsink. The thermal compound gives the heatsink a good “contact” with whatever it’s cooling, and allows better heat transfer. Whoever installed this heatsink didn’t even remove the plastic covers. No heatsink contact means no heat transfer to the heatsink. No heat transfer means no heat dispersion.

    It’s actually impressive that the chip didn’t immediately overheat and melt the plastic shields. Those things get hot surprisingly quickly when they don’t have a heatsink attached. There are plenty of horror stories of people accidentally frying their CPU’s by booting up their computers without properly seating their heatsink (or totally forgetting thermal compound, like in this example,) and making sure it was in good contact with the chip.

    [–] Give Me A Con Save Mic_Check_One_Two 4 points ago in DnDGreentext

    Rule of threes. Always give your players three different chances to take a hint. They’ll completely miss the first hint. The second hit will be acknowledged and ignored. The third will be taken in an entirely different direction than what you expected, and will lead them somewhere completely different. If that “somewhere different” is an NPC who tells your players the next step, then great.

    But if they miss all three hints? Fuck em, it’s their own fault.

    [–] CB doesn’t get invited to bachelorette party bc she’s a downer. She threw a GIANT fit until the bride finally said what the hell, you can come. The next day, bride and all 17 females received this email from CB. CB IS NOT the bride or in the bridal party and was invited out of pitty. I can’t 😂😂😂 Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I’d go an entire day with her, acting completely normal... Then afterwards reveal that I dropped like 4 tabs of acid and was tripping balls the entire time. So many people have extremely warped ideas of what certain drugs do. No, acid isn’t going to leave me staring at a blank wall and drooling for six hours. If I don’t want you to know I’m tripping balls while you’re talking to me, you won’t know. Simple as that.

    [–] CB doesn’t get invited to bachelorette party bc she’s a downer. She threw a GIANT fit until the bride finally said what the hell, you can come. The next day, bride and all 17 females received this email from CB. CB IS NOT the bride or in the bridal party and was invited out of pitty. I can’t 😂😂😂 Mic_Check_One_Two 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ChoosingBeggars

    I once went hiking for a camping trip. Five mile hike through rough wooded terrain to get to our campsite from our vehicle. With our packs on, it was easily a four to five hour hike. It was drilled into everyone who was going that they were responsible for bringing their own food and water, because we’d only have what we could carry in our packs. It wasn’t fair to expect others to bring your food or water.

    One motherfucker brought a single jug of water and an entire log of hard salami to eat. For the entire three day campout. The rest of us just happened to collectively have enough extra water for him to mooch off of, (which is impressive, since water is generally portioned out pretty precisely. Even when portioned and rationed, it’s still usually the heaviest thing in your pack.) But he was definitely still thirsty, since we didn’t have enough excess water to keep him fully hydrated the entire time. The huge amounts of salt in his salami didn’t help his thirst either... And by the third day, he was begging us to trade our food for slices of salami. We all told him where he could shove that log.

    From what I know, he still refuses to eat salami.