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    [–] My Mom is in NY for a week and sent me this MichaelRahmani 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    They can't stop people from taking photos on public property.

    [–] Spiderman at 41st and Park MichaelRahmani 8 points ago in nyc

    Is it for the sequel to Homecoming?

    [–] [WDYWT] Walk in the park MichaelRahmani 5 points ago in Sneakers

    These look so sick. I saw them in person a few weeks ago in Stadium Goods before release

    [–] When you search word-for-word the title of a popular 9/11 conspiracy video on YouTube, that video does not come up until you scroll past 37 other results MichaelRahmani 2 points ago in conspiracy

    Tags for the video I was looking for: 9 11, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Flight 175, Flight 11, Flight 93, Flight 77, Pentagon, World Trade Center, Building 7, thermite, Project for the New American Century, Cheney, Operation Northwoods, controlled demolition, false flag, Bush, Republican, Antifa, Syria, Twin Towers, Bin Laden, Hussein, AARP, Social Security, American, United, Boeing, 767, 757, gun control, WTC, Medicare, ISIS, drone, entitlements, Mueller, Trump, Obamacare, Obama, Roy Moore, NASCAR, Mars, NASA, assault weapon, assault rifle, UFO,

    Tags for the first result in YouTube search: Flight,Attendant,Rant,Passengers,Airplane,Pierre Thomas,Nightline,ABC,ABCNews,News,US

    Second result: religion, anointing of the sick, TV online, watch, traffic, crash, lightpole, Facts, sacraments, McGraw, USA, u.s., Pentagon, church, 2001, collapse, Flight 77, 9\/11, September 11, blessed oil, Documentary, channel, stream TV, Father Stephen McGraw, plane, Pentagon Attack, freeway, video, American Airlines, parish, Episodes, annointed, free tv, catholic, terrorism, cemetery, smithsonian, Air Disasters, washington d.c., Jesus, priest, free videos, sacrament, last rites)

    Third result: CNN, News, CNN TV, The Situation Room, 9\/11, audio, airplane, september 11th, september 11 attacks, 911 new york, new york attacks, us news,)

    Fourth result: cbsepisode, cbs10911, cbs911, video, crash, united, flight, 93, terror, septempter, 11, cbs

    Fifth result: aluminum, impact, ground zero, 9\/11, water, watch, free tv, H2O, South Tower, explosion, plane, Firemen, Sigmundsson, free videos, Greening, structure, sprinkler, twin towers, floors, Episodes, channel, stream TV, TV online, exothermic, smithsonian, Documentary, video, WTC, world trade center, molten, Facts, collapse, aircraft wreckage, unstable, North Tower, steel,)

    [–] Presidential alert? MichaelRahmani 1 points ago in nyc

    I'm on the train and everyone's phone just rang at the same time

    [–] 'Venom': First Reactions from the Premiere MichaelRahmani 0 points ago in movies

    They removed this post. What are you talking about?

    [–] Got lucky with my seat on the plane! MichaelRahmani 2 points ago in pics

    Because its reflecting the ground and buildings around it. When you normally see it, its reflecting the sky (because you are viewing it from ground level), which causes it to look blue.

    [–] Got lucky with my seat on the plane! MichaelRahmani 3 points ago in pics

    It looks darker because its reflecting the buildings from around it and the ground. When you look at it from ground level, it looks blue because it is reflecting the sky.

    [–] Got lucky with my seat on the plane! MichaelRahmani -2 points ago in pics

    I don't think its really good. I went there because of the good reviews and I was surprised how much I didn't like it. The sauce or cheese was very sour. Also the price is above normal for a slice.

    [–] Got lucky with my seat on the plane! MichaelRahmani 1 points ago in pics

    He said tallest in donwntown Manhattan, not the entire Manhattan.