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    [–] What is the closest near death experience or worst injury you have ever had? Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was kayaking a river in spring run off, came around a bend, and was forced into a sweeper, which is a fallen tree laying across the river. I flipped upside down and was wedged in the current between the tree and the river bottom. I couldn’t move at all. Eventually, the force of the water cracked open the bottom of my cheap, fibreglass kayak, and it filled up and sunk under the the tree, and then downstream. But for about a minute I was just wedged there, waiting to drown.

    [–] A little slice of Icelandic Winter from above. Þórsmörk, Iceland. [OC][3992x2992] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    My goodness, I would love to print that too. I visited Iceland in 2005 (from Canada) and it remains my favourite place to hike.

    [–] What do you guys think of the MSR Trailshot filter? Middleagedaccountant 4 points ago in Ultralight

    I like it. Used it all summer. It pumps quickly. Hand fatigue wasn't an issue. Sometimes it didn't self prime, but I would pull off the hose and submerge it, and a few pumps under water would prime it. The shake-to-clean thing seemed to work OK. I was drawing from fairly clean lakes and streams in Ontario, so I can't speak to how well it would do in lower quality water.

    [–] Experiences like thru hiking the AT, but aren't? Middleagedaccountant 2 points ago in AppalachianTrail

    I didn't write about that trip. I paid for my flight to Fort Lauderdale, then we stayed in Bermuda and a few of the Azores islands, and final destination was Cherbourg, France. My only costs were food and drinks at those places, then a ferry to Ireland, where I stayed after. I found my ride on the ARC website. ARC is an informal race for Westbound cruisers, so our Eastbound trip was a reverse-ARC. I had my pick of boats. There were lots of crew positions available. The whole trip was 28 days sailing (5 to Bermuda, 14 to Azores, 9 to France) and about the same tooling around on the islands. I probably spend under $1,000.

    [–] Experiences like thru hiking the AT, but aren't? Middleagedaccountant 25 points ago in AppalachianTrail

    Sailing across an ocean certainly compares. There are so many boats looking for competent, reliable crew. You don't need a lot of experience, or money. Just time and willingness.

    I sailed across the Atlantic that way in 2003 on a 45 foot boat with three others, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It's both a physical and psychological challenge. The captain was amazing teacher. We had some crazy and exciting storms. And there were just so many of those moments of awe. The sun rising ahead after a cold night alone one deck. Watching whales surface. Surfing down huge following waves....

    [–] When high fives go bad Middleagedaccountant 5 points ago in PerfectTiming

    Nice to see Matthew Perry trying to get back in shape.

    [–] Big sunken boat in lake Middleagedaccountant 22 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Canada, eh? We have the big lakes. We share, though.

    [–] What's a common misconception that really should be cleared up? Middleagedaccountant 3848 points ago in AskReddit

    You don't lose money by falling into a higher tax bracket. It's incremental.