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    [–] Best 2-4 day hikes in May near LA Middleagedaccountant 2 points ago in socalhiking

    Yeah, I haven't explored either of those areas.

    South Fork Trail to San Gorgonio Mountain via Mine Shaft Saddle looks pretty great.

    So does San Bernardino Divide with 9 Summits.


    [–] Best 2-4 day hikes in May near LA Middleagedaccountant 2 points ago in socalhiking

    Thanks. I see there is a multi-day loop called Cottonwood-Marble Canyon. And the Telescope Peak hike is high elevation, but only 13 miles. Do you have a favourite multi-day hike?

    [–] Best time for early nobo hike? Middleagedaccountant 6 points ago in JMT

    I went last year from Horseshoe Meadows starting June 3rd, and I thought that was an ideal time. I wanted to see some snow, and I certainly did. It was a low snow year, but there was still miles of snow on the passes, particularly Muir. Also, the faster PCT hikers were coming through at the same time. That was nice because it gave me some company, which was comfort on the passes and river crossings. But it was definitely not crowded.

    There were still mosquitoes below 8,000 feet, but it was easy to avoid camping in them.

    MTR wasn’t open when I passed, but VVR was. And the bus to Mammoth Mountain started the day I passed Red’s, just by luck.

    I’d suggest using to check the snow conditions throughout the winter. And start following some PCT hiker vlogs to see what it’s like a couple weeks ahead of your departure. That helped me select gear last year. In June, you’ll very likely want crampons and an ice axe. I used both.

    [–] What’s one useful thing you’ve learned through Reddit? Middleagedaccountant 10 points ago in AskReddit

    Garage door springs are dangerous.

    And being nice is good. Yeah, mostly the nice thing.

    [–] Very rare 1947 Labatts streamline truck. Middleagedaccountant 18 points ago in WeirdWheels

    I guess you drive it in reverse to be streamlined!

    [–] Last Look Middleagedaccountant 4 points ago in canoewithaview

    Ah, Ontario.

    [–] Questions on Jetboil flash and other portable stoves Middleagedaccountant 21 points ago in CampingGear

    Hey there. You can't refill the canisters. Well, you can but you shouldn't. They are disposable and widely available. I find the small 100g canister is good for about a week of solo cooking (I boil about 700ml twice a day). It is rated for about 12L boiled per 100g of fuel. How long the fuel lasts will vary depending on starting temperature, altitude, etc.

    You can un-thread the stove from the canister when you finish cooking and a valve keeps the fuel inside for later use. To make 4 cups of coffee, you will probably boil it twice. But it is very quick. It only takes a couple minutes to boil.

    It is not the smallest or lightest stove, but it is quick and very easy to use. Lot's of backpackers use the JetBoil and the MSR version called the WindBurner.

    [–] What is much less of an exact science than most people realize? Middleagedaccountant 3189 points ago in AskReddit

    Anesthesiology. Surprisingly big gaps in knowledge on how some of the drugs actually work.

    Source: Friend puts patients to sleep.

    [–] My dad’s handwriting on this blank cassette case Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Ralph Steadman! My favourite. I bought a fountain pen and tried so hard to write like him.

    [–] The North Face - Solar Panels Whilst Hiking Survey Middleagedaccountant 13 points ago in WildernessBackpacking

    I’d run out of food before I ran out of battery (10,000 mAh bank), but survey didn’t really touch on that.

    [–] Crossing Forester Pass by Horse Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in PacificCrestTrail

    Not sure if it was Rooster, but here’s a couple stills from a video on my phone.

    [–] A stainless steel gas range/oven for under $3000? Middleagedaccountant 15 points ago in BuyItForLife

    I bought a Kitchen Aid KDRS407VSS and it’s the best range I’ve ever used, including Wolf and others. It was a little over that price, but I’m in Canada. I like it better than the duel fuel Wolf because the oven is very even, it is much easier to clean the top, and it has better features like probe, convection, and self clean.

    [–] Crossing Forester Pass by Horse Middleagedaccountant 2 points ago in PacificCrestTrail

    I crossed Mather Pass NOBO on June 11th this year just behind a horse, also NOBO. It was definitely struggling, with a bleeding foot and straining to climb the snow cornice at the top. The handler regretted bringing it in so early in the season. But I believe when the snow melts it's not an issue.