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    [–] DJ Snake announces new album “Carte Blanche” coming July 26th MiddleofCalibrations 4 points ago in trap

    Sounds 50/50 Eptic and Snake to me. It's a double drop with the first part of the drop being Eptic and the second part being DJ Snake

    Agree on it being the biggest banger of the year though

    [–] The Andy Ngo experience MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    This is the type of shit you would hear a crazy homeless person rambling about on the street

    [–] The Andy Ngo experience MiddleofCalibrations -1 points ago in JoeRogan

    Ironically the creator of this comic is an actual nazi defender and holocaust denier...

    [–] Weekly discussion thread. MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in trap

    Fun fact Anarchy by THIEVES AKA Party Thieves was and potentially still is a Flosstradamus collab. I dunno if they just couldn't be credited or the collab didn't work out but there was a leaked demo from when it was a collab and the drop is very similar and it certainly sounds like Floss.

    [–] Adventure Club & QUIX - Life Long After Death (ft. badXchannels) MiddleofCalibrations 0 points ago in trap

    I didn't like the vocals in the first minute of the song and in the middle and I still don't, but admittedly I think they work really well when layered over the futurebass drop at the end. Otherwise it basically lessens the song for me. Quix can do whatever he wants but I personally wish he wouldn't feel the need to have vocals over every damn song he puts out these days. Unless the vocals are great and implemented just the right way they're only going to dilute his sound. He's definitely had good vocals in some songs but for a few of them they add nothing for me.

    Anyway random Quix fact I just noticed checking his Spotify is that House Party has new cover art to reflect Party Thieves name change to THIEVES.

    While I'm at it, Sour by Avance is actually a Quix collab but Quix couldn't be credited for label reasons or something so he let Avance put it out anyway.

    [–] Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project MiddleofCalibrations 4 points ago in xTrill

    Is Marshmello top 40? His new album has a facemelting Tynan collab in the middle between painfully boring and generic futurebass pop. There's also some other harder collabs on there that stick out as well.

    The Chainsmokers and NGHTMRE collab goes pretty hard and it's in the middle of a pretty unlistenable chainsmokers EP.

    [–] BLVD. - Full Send MiddleofCalibrations 9 points ago in trap

    If it was Nitti Gritti why wouldn't he just release it as a Nitti Gritti song? Normally when artists have another project they use it to release stuff that wouldn't fit under their main. Like you wouldn't mistake Virtual Self for Porter Robinson or Plezier for UZ. Wouldn't BLVD sounding like Nitti suggest it's not actually Nitti?

    [–] Trump hosted an exclusive party with Jeffrey Epstein at his Mar-a-Lago estate, a new report claims. It was just the 2 of them and '28 girls' MiddleofCalibrations -3 points ago in conspiracy

    TBH I was surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought I was going to be. Half his posts are about Pokemon so at least he doesn't live and breathe nutjob subreddit's 24/7 and he seems to be supporting Khamala. Maybe just a teenager who has absorbed a few anti-sjw sentiments from YouTube and various subreddit's in much the same way a lot of teenagers (including myself to some degree) became edgy atheists 5 or 6 years ago before growing out of it later on.

    [–] Flosstradamus - Global Warming Triple J Mix Vol. 4 MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in trap

    New DJ Snake & Crankdat collab in this mix. Not sure if this has popped up anywhere else.

    Looking forward to Floss' upcoming EP. Bounce Back reminds me of 2014-2015 trap

    [–] The King of the Monsters And The King of Skull Island VS The Destroyer MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in movies

    Some of the most cerebral and thought-provoking movies ever made are scifi. It's almost blasphemous to say a movie can get away with that stuff because it's just a sci-fi movie. You might then say it's just a kaiju movie but even then several Japanese kaiju movies have carried significant thematic weight and have been critically acclaimed. The characters in the original 1954 Godzilla are beloved almost as much as Godzilla himself.

    No matter how outlandish the genre (ie giant monsters) it is not an excuse for annoying characters, ridiculous dialogue and audience hand-holding, poor character motivations, and no thematic cohesiveness. Why not expect both awesome giant monster fights and a good movie?

    [–] Oski - Ignition Mix for Annie Nightingale - BBC Radio 1 [no watermarks!] MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in trap

    Really dig your frosttop - burn edit (going off of memory so I might have the wrong one). It flows a lot more smoothly. Any chance of an Oski edit pack at some point?

    [–] Epstein sex trafficking charges could shine light on Clinton, Trump. Time for bipartisan revulsion. MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in politics

    Most I've seen seem to believe he distanced himself from Epstein and that his presidency is the reason he was charged. They ignore the Trump quote about Epstein liking women as much as him "many on the younger side" and ignore Trump flying on his plane. Meanwhile when Bill Clinton flies on his plane it's irrefutable evidence he is a child rapist....