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    [–] [Haiku] Goddang Gopher MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in youtubehaiku

    This is actually a species of Hyrax and the real noise it makes is hilarious

    [–] If insects had to introduce themselves. MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in videos

    This would only be funny if you don't know anything about wasps. There are 10s of thousands of species and many perform all sorts of different important ecological roles.

    [–] Official Discussion: Hellboy (2019) [SPOILERS] MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in movies

    He said he wasn't really that involved. At one point he was involved with the script but after being passed on to other writers all that was left was one part of one scene (with the Baba Yaga). They basically used his designs from the comics and consulted him occasionally about small things like which character they should use for a certain part. He also had several phone conversations with David Harbour who had lots of questions about the character. Otherwise he wasn't on set or anything and had only met the director a couple of times. In interviews I've read he hasn't said it was good, he's just said that everything looks like things from the comics which he thought was cool and he also said he won't read any of the reviews.

    [–] Found this guy when I went to chill out on my beanbag. Have named him Barry. #australia MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in australia

    I know this isn't what Jay was implying, but to avoid any confusion yes skinks are also lizards so both names are okay. Blue tongues happen to be skinks though which is surprising to some since most skinks are very slender and fast.

    [–] Found this guy when I went to chill out on my beanbag. Have named him Barry. #australia MiddleofCalibrations 5 points ago in australia

    It is a lizard. Skinks are a family of lizards in the same way that geckos, monitors, and dragons are also lizard families. Blue tongued lizard is okay because it's a common name. Blue tongued skink is also okay. If you called it a blue tongued gecko or monitor or dragon then it would be incorrect.

    [–] Skeler - Lovely MiddleofCalibrations 2 points ago in xTrill

    Try the Mystxrivl Wavemob017 mix and any Deadcrow mixes and of course the classic Mssingno Personal Trainer mix (and also the Mssingno EP). Also check out r/wavepool since you're clearly into wave music :)

    [–] Skeler - Lovely MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in xTrill

    RL has been playing their song Arcadia lately and put two of their songs in the Sable Valley playlist on spotify. Wouldn't be surprised if they got signed on.

    [–] Moore Kismet - TOKYO MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in trap

    Can't believe this kid is like 14/15 years old. Crazy

    [–] NEW REQUEST THREAD MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in xTrill

    Any and all Baauer mixes. Preferably his Essential Mix or Triple J mixes

    [–] Top Pewdiepie Minds unable to understand why Indians dislike racist videos towards Indians. MiddleofCalibrations 73 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    He's been around a while so maybe his fans grew up. Still, he makes me feel old and I'm only 22. His content is pure cringe and when I was younger he was relentlessly made fun of for catering to 9 year olds and unconvincingly overacting being scared while playing games.

    [–] Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested after seven years in Ecuador's embassy in London, UK police say MiddleofCalibrations 36 points ago in worldnews

    If you want a primary source you can read the indictment of Roger Stone which establishes a link between Wikileaks and the Trump campaign. This is not a left wing conspiracy it's reality, and it's in the indictment. I encourage you to read it especially when you're not going to even look at the links I have you.

    [–] Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested after seven years in Ecuador's embassy in London, UK police say MiddleofCalibrations 85 points ago in worldnews

    Assange was coordinating with members of Trump's campaign and timed releases of damaging material on Clinton. Wikileaks has taken a strong pro-Russian stance as of the past year or so as well.

    [–] Any other trans people I could chat to? MiddleofCalibrations 7 points ago in Townsville

    Oh god please I hope not. Townsville doesn't need any anti-trans nazi defenders

    [–] Happy 7th anniversary to Rustie's Essential Mix MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in trap

    Rustie is generally very well appreciated here even by newer fans. That's why you're getting the downvotes.

    [–] Can we compile a list of all DJs that have stopped by in r/Trap? MiddleofCalibrations 24 points ago in trap

    Djemba Djemba commented here a few times but deleted his account a while ago. He offered some interesting accounts of his 'ghost production' for Diplo where he basically explained why it's not ghost producing and that it's more prevalent than a lot of people realise and not as bad as people think.

    Some I can think of off the top of my head: GTA, Ekali, Oski, Hydraulix, Hex Cougar, RL Grime (not a regular), Slumberjack, Ian Munro, Quix, Promnite, Mr Carmack (AFAIK he deleted or lost the account), Benzi, Wildlyf, Oriental Cravings, Rickyxsan (used to at least), Ookay (had a big falling out after r/trap hated his Marshmello collab which all things considered wasn't THAT bad), UZ (surprisingly responsive to fans on the QGR facebook group and always pops up on here when QGR stuff gets posted), Boombox Cartel, YOOKiE, TYNAN, Alison Wonderland (once or twice) and plenty more. Even Chandler Riggs. It's insane how small the gap is between fans and the artists in this genre. Like an AMA is one thing, but having artists like GTA or Ekali or something show up in the comments on one of your posts or chipping in to a discussion on here that wasn't directly related to them is so cool and part of why this is one of the best music subreddits on this website.

    Shoutout to the mods for keeping this place from turning into a toxic wasteland that would push away the creators that make the music we love.

    [–] Why the left hates gamers MiddleofCalibrations 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Is it really censorship if people are calling for the removal of games that feature rape or sexual depictions of children? I don't know what games he has called for the removal of but recent controversial games that were removed from steam featured that content and I think that's totally justified.

    [–] Why the left hates gamers MiddleofCalibrations 3 points ago in The_Donald

    Jim Sterling is more likely to react negatively to a game being too easy than what you said. I don't think you've ever watched any of his videos? He mostly complains about pay to win mechanics and publishers robbing consumers blind.

    [–] [Throwback] JWLS- Lobster Beat MiddleofCalibrations 1 points ago in trap

    Wasn't there new stuff being teased recently? I could be totally wrong though so don't take my word for it