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    [–] Pixel 2 owners who go nude, how's your camera glass holding up? MightyMexiFry 2 points ago in GooglePixel

    I replaced my back glass, it's super easy $8 on Amazon and all you need is a hair dryer

    [–] Worst clothing brands of all time? MightyMexiFry 123 points ago in streetwear

    Ed hardy and ecko unltd. Their cuts and designs are generally disgusting and over branded

    [–] How to adapt to different body types? MightyMexiFry 23 points ago in streetwear

    Look at what things Kanye wears (Not just yeezy stuff) he is by no means a small guy. He know how to work around his body type.

    [–] Kanye No More Parties In LA crewneck. Go now. MightyMexiFry 64 points ago in streetwear

    If you're planning on buying to resell, don't play yourself.

    [–] w2c this hat MightyMexiFry 18 points ago in streetwear

    How to get 50 year old white males to yell at you in public