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    [–] Request From Us All: Please make this sub private MightyMexiFry 1 points ago in FashionReps

    What pissed me off is all these people put here selling these reps as if they were legit. This sub is for people who like clothes but don't feel the need to dish out thousands of dollars buying them. The amount of people coming here to find the closest to 1:1 rep to flip it for a profit is the cancer of this community.

    [–] [LC] Off-White Marble hoodie Legit check MightyMexiFry 1 points ago in FashionReps

    No I was about to thank you so much. So in assuming the receipt he showed me is fake

    [–] Worst clothing brands of all time? MightyMexiFry 120 points ago in streetwear

    Ed hardy and ecko unltd. Their cuts and designs are generally disgusting and over branded

    [–] How to adapt to different body types? MightyMexiFry 23 points ago in streetwear

    Look at what things Kanye wears (Not just yeezy stuff) he is by no means a small guy. He know how to work around his body type.