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    [–] Have you ever been robbed and how did you go about the situation? MikeMoon14 0 points ago in AskNYC

    The police have to do that, so that people don't get away with spending $500 and then reporting their card stolen.

    [–] Where did you get married in the city and how much did you spend? MikeMoon14 2 points ago in AskNYC

    A spectacular yet inexpensive venue is Tir na nOg Times Square. They host a ton of weddings that are quite reasonable in price, and 100+ is nothing for them to handle. My guess is that it would be around $12k for 100 people, plus whatever extras you add, ie band, flowers etc.

    [–] you don’t have to be a dick when thing’s don’t work out MikeMoon14 1 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    The asshat approach to not getting what you wanted is called "sour grapes," and it is at least 2500 years old. It is a pathetic attempt to save face.

    [–] Company called Narcotics to workplace MikeMoon14 6 points ago in legaladvice

    I hope someone has contacted legal counsel. I presume those arrested have. I struggle to believe they had probable cause to search every single car. Even if they got a warrant, this should be easily overturned. This is so bizarre I can hardly believe it is true.

    [–] Company called Narcotics to workplace MikeMoon14 39 points ago in legaladvice

    There should not be any wondering - leave this company as soon as you can. It could have handled this situation in a far more compassionate way, i.e. announcing that local police would be conducting drug tests every week - this would have had the effect of reducing drug use/possession without arresting people. But obviously the owners wanted the arrests.

    [–] How Many Yellow Flags Makes a Red Flag? MikeMoon14 3 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    I agree that the manic response is a classic scammer MO. If a POT. SB said she was feeling uneasy about me, my sole response would be, “So how can I put you at ease?”

    [–] The winning message of today MikeMoon14 1 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    I received a similar one from a SB. We texted for two weeks. She said I am the only decent guy she’s met online, can’t wait to meet me etc. I offered to help her find a better job and get into school at night so she can finish her degree (both of which I am really good at) and cope with some issues she is having. Day before M&G she asked my PPM but said she was totally flexible. I told her I was thinking much bigger picture and gave her a # that is probably mid-range for NYC that I know I can maintain, and said I have other, inconsistent income sources and would share generously when those come in. She pissed all over this, said she had way better offers from lots of other men and this wouldn’t work. I wished her well. I wasn’t actually that surprised as her kind texts used more emoticons than words, and most people who do that are trying to hide what they really want to say.

    [–] My [26M] roommate [25F] attacked me and her 5 female friends corroborate story to deny accusation. MikeMoon14 9 points ago in legaladvice

    If you take this to small claims, forget about the one night's hotel - you have to keep your case as simple as possible - otherwise the judge will do all he or she can to push you to settle by not hearing the case the first or even second time you go to court.

    [–] My [26M] roommate [25F] attacked me and her 5 female friends corroborate story to deny accusation. MikeMoon14 7 points ago in legaladvice

    Then move out, and move on. This is not the last time something like this will happen. It is also pointless to report - it is a big deal to you, it is not a big deal to law enforcement.

    Re: the $700 check, if you are saying that she cashed a check, claims she didn't, and is now suing you for this amount, I suggest that you send her a copy of the cashed check and ask her to withdraw the claim. If she receives this and does not withdraw the claim, she could face serious charges of perjury. Do not blow off any hearings - show up and as soon as you get a chance to talk to the court officer, explain in 25 words or less that you are being sued for not paying her money when you have a cashed check that proves you did. DO NOT bring up the incident in the apartment, which has nothing to do with the small claims case.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex MikeMoon14 3643 points ago in legaladvice

    You must talk to a school counselor, your principal, Child Protective Services, the police - any adult you trust - to get you out of this home and assign an adult to look after your interests.

    Full stop.

    [–] Newbie SB needs help selecting profile pics! MikeMoon14 2 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    It all depends on the image you are trying to project. I would say that I generally tend to see bikini/lingerie photos on woman who are selling a fantasy and looking for quick, transactional encounters, while those more interested in ongoing, supportive relationships tend to project more of the "girl next door" look. I know that intrigues me a lot more. But some others surely feel differently. Also, you can show off your body by wearing athletic clothes, a midriff-baring top, etc. I am happy to weigh in on your photos if you PM me.

    [–] My boyfriend’s mom found out that I sugar. MikeMoon14 0 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    If this doesn't immediately end your relationship with your BF, know that is very likely will in the future, unless he is ready to essentially renounce his mother. She is very unlikely to ever come around on this, particularly since her own daughter was involved as well, and she will always believe that is your fault, because otherwise she has to accept that her daughter did this without being unduly influenced.

    [–] I (24m) think my gf (22f) little sister (15f) had sex with me when I was half passed out. MikeMoon14 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    I don't think that is quite right - I think you must have intentionally had intercourse or other sexual contact. Strict liability goes only to the knowledge of the other person's age, i.e. you think someone is 21 but they are 14 - if you intentionally have sex with them, you're guilty of statutory rape. But if you are raped while sleeping and don't even know it is going on, that cannot be a crime. Of course, whether anyone believes him is another story. I do think that talking to a lawyer is a very good idea. Who knows why this girl did this and whether she plans to bring it up in the future, or will do so if things go awry.

    Indeed, some people have evaded criminal charges for unlawful sexual contact while they were found to be sleepwalking.

    [–] "New" SD wondering how to connect with SBs in everyday life MikeMoon14 2 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    Thank you! I think that is my struggle - back then, 20 somethings were my target - now I suspect I would not get on with them quite as well. Their older sisters will likely be more compatible. My last girlfriend was 46 when we began the relationship, and it was spectacular.

    [–] "New" SD wondering how to connect with SBs in everyday life MikeMoon14 1 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    Thanks for the insight. I set up a full "burner" account on and will see how it goes. It just feels like a tremendous waste of time.

    [–] "New" SD wondering how to connect with SBs in everyday life MikeMoon14 3 points ago in sugarlifestyleforum

    I certainly understand what you are saying. With the first, we had lunch two days after the event, and things clearly turned personal, and only after that did she email me. [Insert all sort of lawyer jokes]. The second one I met at the start of a road race - she just happened to be wearing a law firm shirt, and we struck up a conversation.

    [–] "New" SD wondering how to connect with SBs in everyday life MikeMoon14 1 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in sugarlifestyleforum

    Flip is still ok in my book! And yeah, I guess I walked into that one. Maybe I will go speak on some mentoring panels and wear my user name on my name tag. Thank you for alerting me to "freestyling."