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    [–] Redditor realizes just how bad a Nice Guy he was, gets therapy, and turns it all around MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in bestof

    I'll offer a counter-argument. Everything doesn't need to be either A-okay or see a therapist. Seeing a therapist is still a reach for a lot of people, not just mentally but financially.

    The real thing we need to do is, as parents and mentors and role models, admit our own mistakes and not be afraid to do it publicly. When young folks see the people they look up to say things like "Damn, I really wasn't my best then" or "Wow what a wake up call, I was being an idiot" they realize it's okay to have those moments.

    My father still never admits to making a mistake. When I was a kid I just simply didn't know what that looked like. It was only as I got older (and had kids of my own) that I started to think about what a good person who can have a dramatic moment but pull themselves back looks like.

    We should do less of this "people should just go to therapy it's no big deal" crap. First of all, it's a big deal. Let's stop fooling ourselves. Even aside from the money, you're asking a person who has a hard time admitting they are wrong to go form a relationship with a new person for the sole purpose of talking about what they are doing wrong. Probably not going to happen.

    Instead how about the rest of us who think we've got it figured out just continue to show examples of humility in our everyday lives, so that people will understand it's okay to be wrong.

    (By the way I think this thread actually is a good example of that overall. People are talking about a time when they screwed up, and letting OP know he did the right thing. That certainly helps!)

    [–] Plane trouble MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in nonononoyes

    There's no "no" either. That was totally unconvincing.

    [–] 2.1% Pay Raise, BAH Cuts, Tricare Fee Hikes Approved by Senate MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in army

    Yes but Democrats proposed higher pay increases that Republicans negotiated down.

    [–] Can commercial planes get ticketed for speeding MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Sort of. In the US below 10,000 feet aircraft are restricted to 250 knots, except on military training routes.

    A violator could be reported to the FAA and the pilot in command might lose their license.

    [–] Ex wife MikeOfAllPeople 6 points ago in Military

    Nobody because this is a repost of some made up bullshit.

    [–] State your intentions MikeOfAllPeople 16 points ago in aviation

    I am not a witty guy normally, but I once had to hold short for a jet, and the tower guy said "I'll get you off right after this guy" to which I quickly replied "giggity".

    [–] State your intentions MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in aviation

    Wish I'd asked for the option.

    [–] Rescuing a cat MikeOfAllPeople 25 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Actually, part of air crew water survival training they teach you to put the helmet between your legs to help you float.

    [–] Cheating on the APFT? MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in army

    It's not illegal or anything, but I wouldn't do the pre-workout. The benefits won't outweigh the harm. At best you'll squeeze out a few extra push ups, at worst your heart will explode in the run.

    My personal routine, I wake up at least an hour earlier than normal for PT. I use that extra hour to take a real good shit and loosen up, get fully awake. A good dynamic warm up is not a bad idea. I know it sounds silly but CD1 is actually not bad for this.

    As early in the morning as you can, eat something light. Half a PBJ or a banana or a handful of baby carrots, something like that.

    A small amount of caffeine at this point is okay, but I caution against it. Most people get nervous and a high heart rate before a PT test anyway, there is no need to artificially make it higher.

    Take one Advil right before you start the pushups (adjust based on how long your unit takes to do a pt test). I would never take more than a regular dose on the label, usually do half.

    Do not make the Advil thing a habit, but for a pt test I think it's fine.

    [–] Mattis Orders Military to Allow Transgender Troops to Re-Enlist MikeOfAllPeople 3 points ago in esist

    As a soldier I am legally required to laugh at any and all jokes about genitalia. Well played.

    [–] Mattis Orders Military to Allow Transgender Troops to Re-Enlist MikeOfAllPeople 6 points ago in esist

    There is nothing about teams people that hurts readiness. The only possible argument to make in that regard has to do with how other people react to them. You know what we tend people in the military who can't handle the differences in their peers? "Bye."

    Every problem that supposedly exists with trans people in the military is actually a fair of leadership.

    [–] Mattis Orders Military to Allow Transgender Troops to Re-Enlist MikeOfAllPeople 8 points ago in esist

    Actually that's an oversimplification. The Army has been having big problems with retention in many MOS's. You can't just replace every experienced trans soldier with a brand new private.

    [–] Any advice for my friend's situation? MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in army

    If he is just on hold for another part of his training usually the Guard pulls you back IIRC. He'll just drill like normal but not be MOSQ. It won't affect him too much since he's in a waitlist for training.