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    [–] Twins irl. MikeOfAllPeople -4 points ago in memes

    That's mean. She is an interviewer, she's not asking for herself.

    [–] What is a subtle sign that someone is emotionally mature? MikeOfAllPeople 5 points ago in AskReddit

    They don't say stuff like "I wouldn't be able to stop myself from kicking his ass" or "I'd probably be in jail if someone my kid".

    No you wouldn't.

    [–] Not Duffel Blog: Division Run a 'massive display of American power' MikeOfAllPeople 16 points ago in army

    I'm sure most of them were. The ones doing the fly over were probably the crusty W-4s and -5s.

    [–] Harold showing off his mushroom MikeOfAllPeople 12 points ago in pics

    It's a little selfish, but it's mostly a misunderstanding. Most people can only imagine what it's like to be famous, and they imagine it must be awesome. They are hoping to connect with someone who brought some joy and humor in their life. It's hard to imagine a person not being flattered by that. They literally can't know how many other people have bugged him for the same thing.

    And I imagine sudden fame is hard to get used to. When he says he has accepted it, we read that as him being closed, but it could also be humility.

    Also I think he doesn't speak English or it's not his first language IIRC so there is that.

    That said, I've always thought that if I ever meet a famous person I admire I'll try not to ask for a picture and just offer a handshake and a thank you for your work.

    [–] The military can’t find recruits because everyone is smoking weed and eating Cheetos. MikeOfAllPeople 27 points ago in Military

    I mean this half-jokingly, but maybe they treat arrests as convictions because people with 12 convictions wiped from their record keep coming in to their office.

    I get it, no one will ever convince you that you were anything other than a stellar soldier, and maybe that is true. But on an Army-wide basis they are probably trying to build a force that doesn't include people in your situation. Statistically it has probably saved them some trouble.

    [–] I can’t believe WP just called the NG less effective than the year 2018 MikeOfAllPeople 6 points ago in army

    If it's not about us, then don't compare us. Their point is better made by discussing comparisons to previous years or trends. If I wrote an article in WP that said more people die in car crashes than are killed in schools, everyone would lose their shit.

    But that's because that fact has been true forever. The number of kids shot in schools has been particularly high this year.

    [–] I can’t believe WP just called the NG less effective than the year 2018 MikeOfAllPeople 10 points ago in army

    It's not about you though. Your average American doesn't understand just how many school shootings have happened this year. Just as the number of soldiers that have died in a given year is meaningless without context, do is the number of school children who have died.

    I think most people here are annoyed because they don't like the fact that shootings have increased and there is just no way around that. And they are afraid to admit that easy access to give might have something to do with it.

    [–] The Riddle of The Sphinx is the Crux of the Season MikeOfAllPeople 16 points ago in westworld

    Maev's child is this hybrid baby when she finds her it will be grown already. Possibly it will be the last that is searching for Peter Abernathy.

    Source: all from my wife, she regularly beats me to these insights.

    [–] New twist on water bottle flipping. MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in funny

    Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

    [–] Two gravestones I found today. The dates tell the story. MikeOfAllPeople 6 points ago in MorbidReality

    There was not really a big anti-vax movement in the late 1980s afaik.

    [–] MRW as someone who has never watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine seeing its been canceled and picked up again. MikeOfAllPeople -1 points ago in reactiongifs

    There are two things that usually turn me off to a TV show right away: New York City and police.

    That said if it's as good as Reddit believes I may check it out.

    [–] Bill the Butcher (Daniel Day Lewis) Painting from Gangs of New York (2002) MikeOfAllPeople 105 points ago in movies

    That was based on reality. In fact the flag that says "Native Americans beware of foreign influence" is real too.