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    [–] What is unethical as fuck, but is extremely common practice in the business world? MikeOfAllPeople 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Hiding employee salaries. People act like it is a privacy or courtesy thing but it really just gives employers all the power.

    [–] My Hand - Graphite on Paper - 9x12 MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in Art

    "You can't just use finger guns for a hand study."

    "That's where you're wrong, kiddo."

    [–] I fucked up. MikeOfAllPeople 71 points ago in army

    File your own police report. Ask your command why they don't support you as a victim of domestic violence.

    [–] U.S. nuclear general says would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order MikeOfAllPeople 4 points ago in Military

    I think the point of the hearing had been to clarify something that most people believe but some don't: the fact that a nuclear first strike is inherently a declaration of war. That authority belongs to Congress, but all of the procedural mechanisms to carry it out are established in the military chain of command. So obviously that represents a problem.

    [–] #WokeBae MikeOfAllPeople 19 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Why not? This is Reddit.

    [–] Navy Aircrew MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in Military

    The truth likes somewhere between lying recruiters and scared recruits, usually. It sucks but until training is over, you never really know.

    [–] Roy Moore’s attorney claims MSNBC host is too ‘diverse’ to understand Alabama dating norms MikeOfAllPeople 4 points ago in politics

    I keep seeing posts on Facebook asking us not to bring southern culture in to this fight but it's Roy Moore who is doing that...

    [–] McCain: Military personnel's 100-hour work weeks must stop MikeOfAllPeople 2 points ago in Military

    It definitely exists in the Army in a few select divisions. During the wars leadership really did patrol to make sure people were let go by 1500 in Friday and such. Since about 2014 that shit came to a screening halt and the optempo has gotten much worse.

    [–] Following the EA backlash, arsonbunny explains the psychology of why developers put microtransactions in games to turn players into cash cows MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in bestof

    So imagine if you had a role playing game set in a crime world, where gambling was a part of the storyline. That could blur the lines. Developers have a first amendment rights to include simulations of gambling or things like it in their games. As long as you aren't winning real money, that is.

    [–] My (35f) husband (33m) of 8 years is terrible at his "dream" job. He wants me to be "supportive" but he means just feed him fluff. I want to be honest but he can't handle it. What should I do? MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in relationships

    Being encouraging but realistic is walking a very fine line. It almost always means a mixture of the truth and some lies. Often the best we can hope for is to say supportive things and sprinkle in a little bit of truth as we go.

    But there is a difference between encouragement and support. You can absolutely support your husband without encouraging him. The question is going to be, will your relationship survive that. When he inevitably gets fired from his job, you're going to have to answer for your behavior while he was doing it. Did you simply support him, or did you offer encouragement? It sounds like he specifically asked you to be more encouraging but you were unable to do it?

    In a few months he'll be back at his old job and you'll be a lot happier and probably more encouraging, but will he be happier? He'll probably start to blame you to some degree because of your lack of encouragement.

    The good news, though, is that you can recover. Praise him for taking a risk, and working hard. Try not to blame him, there are few things as depressing in life as getting your dream job only to find out it's not everything you thought it would be. One way you can help is to ask him what he wants to do now that this thing has not worked out. Once he knows, don't just be supportive, encourage him to succeed again.

    [–] I [24f] started with a new counselor [50sF]... these are red flags, right? MikeOfAllPeople 5 points ago in relationships

    Bingo. She sounds unfamiliar with recreational drugs, and video games and such. She may have some good insights, but if OP can't make a connection it won't be fruitful anyway.

    This counselor may be awesome with people closer to her age, but OP ought to look elsewhere.

    [–] Why the hate toward Black Rifle? MikeOfAllPeople 8 points ago in Military

    I guess maybe you had to be following the story a year or so ago when it first came out. The guy acts like he speaks on behalf of all veterans and is some kind of hero for standing up to Starbucks, a company that is already doing more for vets than he ever will. Plus he is a pretentious right-wing doucher and he's not afraid to lose customers over it. That lack of professionalism is off-putting for a lot of people.

    [–] Why the hate toward Black Rifle? MikeOfAllPeople 5 points ago in Military

    You say you read the AMA, but did you somehow skip the most upvoted comment with all the gold that explains exactly why people hate them?

    [–] 2017 Army Christmas Ball QUESTION MikeOfAllPeople 1 points ago in army

    Oh yes. And since it's a military function, this is actually an appropriate occasion for them.

    [–] [UPDATE] I need help MikeOfAllPeople 15 points ago in army

    I 100% am with you on reporting it, but I'm confused about the part where you could get in trouble if you didn't. Did your lawyer say that?