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    [–] North Korea says US must stop defending Israel which is destroying the Middle East MindBody360 0 points ago in conspiracy

    Just a friendly reminder that Jews and the Jewish government are two different things. Most younger Jews are apathetic politically because of the assassination of Rabin, the last israeli politician to support a two state solution, the last bastion of hope for them. It's like when I traveled over the summer,I was asked a lot why the US voted for Trump. I qualified that I did not vote for him, and in fact most people did not. Then I'd give it a go as to why he was elected. It made for some interesting conversations in London, Tokyo and Seoul. So, when people say "Israel", it's like saying "America", there's a lot of division in the two countries.

    [–] This is Geoffrey. He loves cauliflower. Here he is waiting for his cauliflower to finish cooking. MindBody360 1 points ago in aww

    I had a dog that loved broccoli. I figured that it was so healthy, why not? I'd steam it and we'd share it. Go figure. Miss you, Jesse.

    [–] What are some common signs that a person is toxic? MindBody360 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I am not saying that they do it consciously. And, I understand that the behavior is a coping mechanism they developed likely after trauma. I have great empathy for people that are Borderline and I am a fan of Marsha Linehan. It takes a special person to do DBT with an Axis II client, as I am sure you know.

    [–] It's snowing in Rome today MindBody360 1 points ago in pics

    Absolutely beautiful photo! My friend just sent me a text saying that the Vatican is closed because of the weather. Act of G-D to prove global warming is real? Kidding. Not kidding.

    [–] Last night it snowed in Rome MindBody360 2 points ago in pics

    My friend just sent me a text; the Vatican is closed because of the weather! I think this will help to convince non-believers that global warming and climate change is real, and not some political ideology.

    [–] What are some common signs that a person is toxic? MindBody360 5 points ago in AskReddit

    That's a classic symptom of a personality disordered person. I've experienced the same thing as a Social Worker. It's called Splitting.

    [–] What are some common signs that a person is toxic? MindBody360 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I respectfully disagree. This used to be called "gaslighting". There's a movie of the same name. I have a relative that does this. When I said "let's work on this, I'll do anything to better our relationship including family therapy" she said "I'm sorry you feel that therapy is the only way to improve our relationship". WHAT? Not remotely what I said or what I meant. She's as toxic as a box of rat poison.

    [–] Smoothest underwater good boy MindBody360 2 points ago in aww

    Any sloth cousins in his family?

    [–] Has George's mother ever laughed? MindBody360 1 points ago in seinfeldtrivia

    She laughs at George. It's condescending but she laughs.

    [–] Julia Louis-Dreyfus just announced on Twitter that she has breast cancer. Let's give her our full support. MindBody360 3 points ago in seinfeld

    If you have good insurance or a lot of cash, you can get better quality, cutting edge treatment. For example, if a woman gets her healthcare at a county facility or hospital, she's not likely going to get customized cancer treatment because the hospital is not going to have as many kinds of chemo. County can't necessarily match the chemo your sister got to succesfully fight her cancer, even though genetically your chances are better if they could. The variables you mentioned are all correct, however, two women with the exact same variables get diagnosed the same day, one has insurance and is with a well established hospital and the other is on Medicare and goes to county. I think lady number one has the better chance.

    [–] "He's behind me again, isn't he." MindBody360 0 points ago in aww

    Trump/Hillary debate all over again.

    [–] Maybe the most Bay Area shirt of all time MindBody360 1 points ago in bayarea

    "Looking California, feeling Minnesota".

    [–] Tit for Tat MindBody360 1 points ago in funny

    Animal Karma is the best!

    [–] Is it just me, or is Tom Cruise beginning to look like a middle aged lesbian? MindBody360 2 points ago in funny

    No, it's not just you. And I suspect that it is just killing him because of his gigantic ego.

    [–] Todd Frazier fell for the Hidden Ball Trick against the Blue Jays MindBody360 2 points ago in baseball

    I can't blame Todd Frazier for being distracted. I would be too if my foul ball hit a little girl in the head a few days ago.