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    [–] does this looks ok to you? Mineitup1234 3 points ago in galaxys10

    No, any battery life that short with that much SOT is bad. My phone has been having very similar issues. Which model do you have?

    [–] Having bad battery life (S10+) after March Security update. Mineitup1234 7 points ago in galaxys10

    I normally could pull 17 hours of battery with ease. Now I have to monitor it to last till the evening.

    [–] Having bad battery life (S10+) after March Security update. Mineitup1234 9 points ago in galaxys10

    Have put almost every big app into sleep mode, and optimized nearly every app. Still having this bad drain. Is this a bug from the update?

    [–] Galaxy Buds status gone from Samsung Shop app Mineitup1234 1 points ago in galaxybuds

    Mine is having the same issues. Hopefully, it doesn't cancel the order.

    [–] Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron Mineitup1234 45 points ago in JonTron

    Gotta have fast fingers in this community.

    [–] Minecraft Snapshot 18w50a Mineitup1234 11 points ago in Minecraft

    Yes, and the texture matches more in line with the structure block in terms of color.

    [–] Minecraft Snapshot 18w50a Mineitup1234 46 points ago in Minecraft

    The jigsaw block has a new texture

    [–] PERSONA 5 SMASH BROS Mineitup1234 38 points ago in SmashBrosUltimate

    This really shows how open the DLC might be.

    [–] Disgusting Mineitup1234 63 points ago in AfricaByTotoMemes

    Almost downvoted out of instinct, good job.

    [–] This Unit Mineitup1234 10 points ago in Fiveheads

    Ultimate windswept look