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    [–] There’s been a lot of theories on how the Avengers will defeat Thanos in A4, but how do you think he’ll fight back? Minkymink 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Keep in mind I have a severe cold rn so I’m a little stupid.

    I mean hide not in a cowardly way, but since the Avengers got kinda close to getting the gauntlet off of him in IW, maybe Thanos stays back a bit and keeps his location hidden and just farms. He was very hands-on in IW bc he had to be, but now he might not need to.

    Idk, I did admit it was super unlikely and a bit stupid. My post is mostly about my question and not my dumb thoughts. Good thing I’m not a writer.

    [–] What's the best CD by Pentatonix in your opinion. Minkymink 1 points ago in pentatonix

    Top Pop is the one I find myself listening to the most :)

    [–] Who’s out here collecting dusted people’s ashes? Minkymink 17 points ago in marvelstudios

    Hmmm. Maybe to test to find any kind of info on where the dusted people went?

    [–] Spider Man trailer delayed Minkymink 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Still waiting for official confirmation.

    [–] If the Russo brothers' "lied" about the title of Avengers 4, did they also lie about Loki's death? Minkymink 22 points ago in marvelstudios

    As much as I like Loki, I believe them when they say he’s really dead. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be in A4

    [–] Brie Larson @ CCXP Brazil Minkymink 24 points ago in marvelstudios

    I love the earrings!

    [–] You promised. You promised. Minkymink 31 points ago in marvelstudios

    He posted a pic of some suspiciously neon yellow liquid in a cup, but that’s it.

    [–] Competition Theme - Cupid Arrow Minkymink 6 points ago in LoveNikki

    Here’s mine! Styling frilly things isn’t my strong point though lol