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    [–] Favourite movie? MiserableSnow 1 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    On my first watch that was the case, but the movie actually makes so much sense and that’s why I like it so much.

    [–] Mythic movies retold MiserableSnow 0 points ago in MovieSuggestions


    Black Orpheus


    [–] Favourite movie? MiserableSnow 2 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Mulholland Drive

    [–] Rawhead Rex (1986) [1080p] MiserableSnow 7 points ago in fullmoviesonyoutube

    I did. I’ve also been trying to find this movie for a while anyway.

    [–] movies about clones? MiserableSnow 1 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Jet Li’s The One

    Do twins count?. If so then there’s Double Impact

    [–] Comic book Joker fans, were you dissatisfied with The jokers portrayal in Joker 2019 ? MiserableSnow 4 points ago in comicbooks

    I liked it. I had issues with Heath Ledger’s Joker, but I later realized that these are all different versions made to suit different movies so I stoped caring. I don’t need Joker to be cool.