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    [–] Does Batman even need to keep his identity secret anymore? MiserableSnow -4 points ago in comicbooks

    Bruce Wayne probably has protection on and a few gadgets anyway. He can handle himself in a fight till a drone with his other stuff comes.

    [–] Deadline: Source hints Sophia di Martino may portray a female incarnation of Loki in Disney+ series MiserableSnow 10 points ago in television

    Wonder Man is a Marvel character. Loki is a trickster god so this makes sense and in the Norse myths he changes into other people/animals.

    [–] Gal Gadot Shares Her Support for Justice League's Snyder Cut With New Photo MiserableSnow -1 points ago in comicbooks

    But we could see how much worse it would get. I don’t know how much extra of Justice League there is, but I wanted to see how awful everything Snyder wanted to do with Flashpoint, Darkseid and Batman dying.

    [–] Would my friends with no knowledge of Watchmen be completely lost if we started the HBO series? MiserableSnow 3 points ago in comicbooks

    You could all watch the movie beforehand?. It’s arguable to whether or not it’s necessary, but it does give a lot of context.

    [–] Richard Wolff probably wouldn't make for a good debate MiserableSnow 1 points ago in Destiny

    I still think it should be done. Destiny can call him out on backing away from what he really wants and all the commie larpers have to shut up then. Maybe they'll realize there might be flaws in the worldview if people like Wolff who they hold up to be serious academics can't say shit about it. Wolff is most likely going to make some vague claims about how to change things which Destiny can drill down on and pick apart.

    [–] What BILL SIENKIEWICZ Wishes He Could Work On MiserableSnow 3 points ago in comicbooks

    Marvel are putting out a bunch of different Conan books already so that shouldn’t be too hard to set up.

    [–] Hellboy Spin-off reading order MiserableSnow 1 points ago in comicbooks

    To anybody who knows does Hellboy have a larger story running through it or is just a lot of episodic stuff?.