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    [–] "You're my lady butler - My Mrs. Belvedere" MissRockNerd 1 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    According to our new arrival, this guy can FUCK RIGHT OFF...

    [–] New addition MissRockNerd 37 points ago in aww

    “This is our life now “

    [–] Pragmatic Gene MissRockNerd 4 points ago in BobsBurgers

    You’re not a bottom feeder, Bob!

    [–] Good kid shows MissRockNerd 2 points ago in Nanny

    TBH IMO, not quite. But still fun and watchable.

    [–] Good kid shows MissRockNerd 6 points ago in Nanny

    The magic school bus 🚌 rides again for 8-12, on Netflix

    [–] A meerkat desperately trying to stay awake. MissRockNerd 3 points ago in aww

    When you can’t keep your third eyelid open...

    [–] I wouldn't even dare shitting on this MissRockNerd 30 points ago in ATBGE

    Conversely, it hides a myriad of piss stains.

    [–] I present.... the vagina burger. MissRockNerd 19 points ago in ATBGE

    It seems like every tattoo vagina has juice coming out of it that looks like rubber cement or, in this case, wallpaper paste.

    Have any of these people actually seen a wet pussy?

    [–] Playing in the water MissRockNerd 10 points ago in aww

    Poor guy lost his contact...

    [–] Update on 3 y/o girl with anger and trouble obeying.... it’s getting worse. Calling cps? MissRockNerd 6 points ago in Nanny

    That crib with a picture of a hot sauce bottle tacked onto it is one of the most haunting things I’ve seen lately. This child goes to bed every night and wakes up every morning with that Sriracha bottle just waiting for her to mess up.

    OP, I applaud you for having the strength to be in this situation and trying to figure out how to help. Like many others, I think you should contact CPS. Kids are rarely taken away from parents because of just ONE CPS call unless they are in imminent danger. Kids are typically removed from homes because their adults have repeatedly failed to provide them with a safe home environment.

    Praying for you 😢

    [–] The Hakuna Matata Blowjob [NSFW] MissRockNerd 8 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Obligatory “say hello to my little friend”

    [–] Someone served a kid wine in a kids cup. MissRockNerd 11 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Iirc a day care somewhere here in America made national news because a bunch of kids drank bleach water. The staff was in the habit of putting water for snack time in empty milk jugs. They were also in the habit of putting bleach water for cleaning in empty milk jugs...with “bleach water “ written on them in sharpie.

    [–] Someone served a kid wine in a kids cup. MissRockNerd 5 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    “Oh here’s someone’s LEFTOVER cup of Kids apple juice that they BACKWASHED into, let’s give it to that kid who just ordered juice 🥤 “

    [–] So glad I moved back to my home state...NOT MissRockNerd 6 points ago in Nanny

    As in, “I can’t pay the light bill with exposure “? 😂

    [–] Oh, My. MissRockNerd 3 points ago in SuddenlyGay

    Please stand as you are able.

    [–] 2 (very different) cats of mine MissRockNerd 22 points ago in aww

    Thanks for adding this to my world 🌎

    [–] To the people who think the host segments aren't funny.....Exhibit A! MissRockNerd 6 points ago in MST3K

    I completely agree with this. I love Kevin’s Servo, I find Kevin himself hilarious... I can’t deal with Bobo.

    [–] Another semi-crazy post MissRockNerd 2 points ago in Nanny

    Does anyone think that this mom might just feel so guilty about going back to work that this is her way of “not missing anything “ from her child’s day?

    I feel like that’s the most innocent explanation. I also feel like it could be a mom who is ready to micromanage anything that she thinks is wrong in those pictures.