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    [–] Those who have been or currently are in the Foster Care System, what do you wish people knew? MissRockNerd 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m glad to hear that. I haven’t seen my former foster son in two years and I’ve been wondering a lot if he’s okay. It makes me happy that someone who went through a similar thing is doing pretty well.

    [–] Those who have been or currently are in the Foster Care System, what do you wish people knew? MissRockNerd 22 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m just really sorry for all the shit you went through and that nobody was willing or able to stop it. If it means anything from some random lady on Reddit, none of this is your fault. None of it is because of you. All of this was caused by the bad decisions of your mom, your foster parents, and the people who should have been helping you.

    I don’t know how long ago all this happened to you, but I hope you found some healing in your life and some people who love you for everything that you are.

    [–] Body Negativity Workshop MissRockNerd 1 points ago in weightwatchers

    I want to applaud you for walking out on her. You recognized that you didn’t deserve that foolishness. You can definitely report that leader to ww corporate, but if you feel like you don’t want to spend any more time or energy on that leader and her comments, I don’t blame you.

    [–] What happened to the ‘unpopular’ or bullied girl after high school? MissRockNerd 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I got married, and I earned my MS. I'm a nanny, which is neither glamorous nor high profile, but I love it. I'm friends with more people from "school" than you'd expect, even some who bullied me (but not the kids who were relentlessly cruel). I'm not gorgeous but I lost the weight and the bad hair. I've failed at some things but I've accomplished more than I expected.

    I don't really resent the kids who bullied me anymore. I think most of them just got the message somewhere that because they were richer and better looking than me, they had the right to be dicks, and it was funny to watch a fat awkward girl squirm when you insult her.

    I am still mad at the teachers who bullied me, or who failed in really obvious ways to protect me from the bullies. I've worked with kids my whole adult life and have done a lot to be the adult I needed growing up.

    [–] Doctors of reddit , who has been your worst "but I looked it up on web MD" patient ? MissRockNerd 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My husband went to sleep and I had to stand in the shower, dumping conditioner into my hair. The water would hit the coating of hairspray and just roll off. Conditioner, fingers , conditioner, comb, shampoo, comb, shampoo, comb, conditioner, comb. Not to mention that I was still finding Bobby pins in my wet, crusty hair that whole time.

    The only time showering was ever that difficult was after I went to a KISS concert in full makeup.

    [–] Have you ever come across a dead body or injured person? MissRockNerd 3 points ago in TrueCrime

    I hope you take pride and comfort from having done so much good for Mary and her family. As someone else said, her last memories of this world are of someone who cared.

    [–] Saw on Facebook. Hopefully not a repost MissRockNerd 1 points ago in ATBGE

    Even the cat knows nobody sits like that.

    [–] Hello Reddit. It's Officer James Garcia MissRockNerd 3 points ago in Reno911

    “Oh baby oh baby oh baby.”


    [–] I work in a coffee shop and I get some cute customers MissRockNerd 2 points ago in aww

    Spuds McKenzie having a quiet coffee morning in retirement. Less beer and partying nowadays.

    [–] I'm just here for the sunscreen MissRockNerd 4 points ago in Nanny

    10F always sprays her sunscreen on in the garage. It must be 120 degrees in there. I've had to wash my windshield twice because it gets MISTED. All the windshield wipers do to that mess is make it look like my windshield was buttered. I've started throwing an old bedsheet across the windshield when I get there in the morning.

    [–] Gorgeous Misfit MissRockNerd 3 points ago in aww

    More fluffer, less nutter

    [–] TIL that Robert Alda, Alan's dad, played Dr. Anthony Borelli in two episodes MissRockNerd 3 points ago in mash

    I kind of envy you. My dad has become more unpredictable with his drinking. I recently told my husband that once we have kids, they're not sleeping over at my parents' house.

    [–] My names Mookie. I hide in moms purse when I’m nervous. MissRockNerd 25 points ago in aww

    Three seconds before this...

    "Ma'am, only dogs in purses are allowed inside our store."

    [–] Liv Tyler and her father Steven Tyler at her high school graduation, 1995. MissRockNerd 10 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    IIRC she didn't even know Steven was her bio dad until she was like 13. Her mom was living with Todd Rundgren and hooking up with Steven when she got pregnant.