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    [–] Terry Crews MissRockNerd 16 points ago in LadyBoners

    I appreciate his speaking up for #MeToo and sharing his own story so much.

    [–] Worst Christmas gifts from your JNMIL? MissRockNerd 1 points ago in LetterstoJNMIL

    I didn't know they still made those! I told my younger sister about them and she thought they were sadistic! Why would anyone ever buy these?

    [–] Cherry cabinets MissRockNerd 4 points ago in ATBGE

    “How can I make my kitchen look like a cross between a used pad and a Starburst ad from the 90s?”

    [–] We had to call the police and child services on a drunk set of parents MissRockNerd 6 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    I’m a nanny and a foster parent and I just say god bless you and your coworkers for not letting those parents put their kids in the car.

    When I worked retail, we had a mom have a major mental health episode in our store. Her kids were about 8 and 3. The three of them sat in my managers office for hours while the police tried to find someone to pick up the kids, figure out how much of what this lady was saying was accurate and how much was paranoid delusions, and get everything together for mom to go spend some time in the Behavioral Health ward.

    The worst part of that day was the little one wailing MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY over and over again. She just stared blankly, or talked on the phone about how her ex was going to kill her... and the little guy was in her arms, but she was deaf to him.

    [–] Tampon MissRockNerd 14 points ago in Nanny


    [–] scam? MissRockNerd 3 points ago in Nanny

    When I was younger I used to get this exact same thing on “I’m moving to the area soon, I’ll send you a check ahead of time...”

    [–] Wtf is this thing I'm looking at MissRockNerd 197 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Grandparents trying to figure out where to look when Skyping

    [–] Dear Reddit, what is your all-time most embarrassing moment? MissRockNerd 1 points ago in AskReddit

    If you vom and shit at the same time, your body takes a screencap of the food that poisoned you.

    [–] What’s a red flag that you ignored in a significant other, only to realize it was a bigger deal later? MissRockNerd 129 points ago in AskReddit

    I feel like you need to ask yourself, do you want to put up with that for the rest of your life? Or however long your engagement and/or marriage lasts? He's not going to change unless he wants to.

    [–] Hooman are you ok? MissRockNerd 2 points ago in aww

    Bumpus hounds : the early years

    [–] Hooman are you ok? MissRockNerd 2 points ago in aww


    [–] Leatherface Jacket MissRockNerd 2 points ago in ATBGE

    I see pictures like this around the internet (especially Pinterest) proclaiming themselves to be "Ed Gein's apron," etc. Yeah, I'm so sure this hi-res photo is from a real 1950's crime scene.

    [–] Johnny & June 1968 MissRockNerd 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Hotter'n a pepper sprout!

    [–] Enough with this teenybopper shit. Here’s the real Queen of Punk: Wendy O Williams, 1983. MissRockNerd 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    IIRC the network didn't like that her costume showed most of her breasts, so they makeupped them black to go with the leather harness bra she was wearing.

    [–] Um, excuse me? MissRockNerd 2 points ago in WTF

    The poop knife didn't cut it anymore.

    [–] 1992 Skater Girls MissRockNerd 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    The obituary said "died suddenly," which tends to mean suicide or drug-related. He struggled a lot with depression.

    It astonishes me that someone who I was delighted to even be in the same room with him could have died from suicide.

    [–] Today's a snow day so I'm finally watching this MissRockNerd 31 points ago in MST3K

    This is my absolute favorite MST3K of all time. Enjoy.

    [–] 1992 Skater Girls MissRockNerd 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    It definitely wasn’t a fancy trick. But we were eighth graders, and nobody else seemed to be consistently able to jump over a backpack without falling off.