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    [–] No Way Out? Aliens on 'Super-Earth' Planets May Be Trapped by Gravity MittensSlowpaw 41 points ago in space

    Honestly one of my favorite episodes of Voyager but also very sad. He made friends with the skyship and then it left. He died an old man in the same spot it all began.

    [–] Rushed Amazon warehouse staff reportedly pee into bottles as they're afraid of 'time-wasting' because the toilets are far away and they fear getting into trouble for taking long breaks MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in worldnews

    So people are treated like garbage so one man can make loads of money while doing nothing for the economy that matters as he pays no taxes. That and he pays his workers like crap as they are temporary items until he can get the robots functioning fully across the board.

    People then think it will change anything for the workers or that some how the rich assholes money will make it into the system. So basically they are fools because he doesn't care now. Why would he care when he doesn't need you at all?

    Something could be done before it hits that point but the US government sold its soul to corporations a long time ago.

    [–] Giveaway: Limited Edition XBOX One Sea of Thieves controller MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in Seaofthieves

    Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. – Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

    I lack humor. <.<

    [–] Public bathroom LPT MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    And this is yet another reason I avoid public restrooms. Not only are they nasty due to most people being disgusting human beings. I hate the whole experience. The bloody doors shouldn't have a gap at all to see in, better locks and actually go nearly to the floor.

    [–] My 2004 highschool graduation photo, proudly displayed at my parent's house. Mum straightened my hair for me MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in blunderyears

    You only live once and you only get one shot at such things. I give you props for saying fuck it and being you. Now you can look back and be proud you were you instead of what everyone else wanted.

    [–] I asked my boss what kind of designation markers she wanted for the two new bathrooms in the office. She ordered these. MittensSlowpaw 12 points ago in funny

    Once at my first job I was sent in to clean up the bathrooms and the morning shift ignored the handicapped stall. I found out why as literally everything from the front of the toilet back was covered in shit. Like someone had filled a spray foam sprayer with crap instead and went to town on the stall. You could not see anything that was underneath it.

    I decided I did not get paid enough as a teenager to touch that. So I locked the stall and put up some caution tape. It remained that way for three days until the butcher of the store brought in a power washer and took care of it. A brave man was he.

    [–] Oklahoma governor compares teachers to 'a teenage kid that wants a better car' MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    The poor support staff got even less out of the joke bill they passed. Now nobody is talking about them at all. They will likely be passed over all together and continue to make less then mcdonalds workers. =/

    [–] Oklahoma governor compares teachers to 'a teenage kid that wants a better car' MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    That governor is a real piece of shit and she couldn't be deep throating big oil anymore if she tried.

    [–] 'They've given us a raise and nothing for students': Oklahoma teacher walkout shows no sign of ending MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    Do not forget they spit in the face of all the support staff with a wage increase that still leaves all of them making less then mcdonalds staff. Despite doing more at every level.

    [–] Dan Rather knows where we're heading. MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    And a solid reason why one giant corporation should have never been allowed to buyout so many of them.

    [–] USPS Tracking 1) Package has left facility. 2) We have no fucking idea. 3) Package Delivered. MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in funny

    Been there! I asked for a signature for the package and paid for express shipping for Christmas. The guy in my mothers home town delivered it across town to an address that didn't even REMOTELY look like my moms. Then they tried to pass the buck onto anyone else but themselves for not even getting the SIGNATURE!

    Fucking assholes helped to ruin Christmas due to extreme lazyness. It is one thing to make you come get it and another to just drop it off wherever you feel like it!

    [–] Sinclair's script for the local news stations that they own MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in television

    Christ that is scary as fuck and a good reason why I do not watch any mainstream news.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    And they did even less for the support staff in your state. Which includes IT and more. They get paid less then mcdonalds workers.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise MittensSlowpaw 4 points ago in news

    Of course she'd like it. Just like the NJ governor she is terrible. She knows this will divide the teachers among each other as well as from the public. So support becomes split and thus the movement fades away.

    This was nothing but a move by the state of Oklahoma to actually avoid doing anything at all. One year passes and this funding goes away. It is amazing at all support staff can afford to even have a home there and it is sad some teachers are giving up on the strike already.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in news

    Do not forget to support your support staff as well. The IT, Para-aids and general maintenance. They are not just paid less then the private sector but less then people working at a rural mcdonalds.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise MittensSlowpaw 38 points ago in news

    I know from family there of 5 schools that cancelled already. The administration for them is some of the highest paid in the state. They do not want any change to the system at all. Just continue pocketing the cash and let the support staff get paid less then mcdonalds and remain in last place for teachers.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    It is a joke that spits in the face of the state. It solves nothing for this year or the following years. It was purely designed to divide the public and teachers. Which is exactly what it did and now they are not marching in fear.

    So Fallon won. The state is divided, support staff got spit on in the face, schools will remain underfunded and teachers get a pittance.

    Good job being a disappointing state.

    [–] Social anxiety is related to a preoccupation with making mistakes, finds a new study that monitored children’s brain activity. MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in science

    As someone with anxiety.


    [–] Georgia Supreme Court: schools can’t expel for fighting in self-defense MittensSlowpaw 48 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in news

    It should have always been this way. The idea of punishing both has always been stupid and needed to go away just like zero tolerance. I know once in school a bully attacked me and to this day I still do not know why. He just started to throw stuff at me one week in history class and later attacked me waiting on a bus.

    I was a honor roll straight A student with a good track record. Yet they suspended us both even after my friends and others there said I didn't do anything. It really hurt my grades and then after getting back they tacked on a week of lunch duty. I was punished just for existing. It is wrong.

    Edit: Mistake fixed.

    [–] ⚠️ Warning: does not contain bacon MittensSlowpaw -7 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Wrong social media for it. You need to hit up tumblr, youtube, etc. Then you will see it in mass.

    [–] Oklahoma Senate leader says $10,000 pay raise raise for teachers 'very unrealistic' MittensSlowpaw -10 points ago in oklahoma

    And they can go fuck themselves. This should be a view shared by all outside states looking in. Assholes.