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    [–] Alabama racist kicked out of her sorority and expelled from University of Alabama. MittensSlowpaw 9 points ago in JusticeServed

    I had to mute the video and turn down the volume on my TV. I was worried my neighbors or just anyone in the alley might here. Just good lord.

    [–] Take me, my hero! MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in funny

    And now this song is dead to me. I can't believe I waited this long before clicking the lyrics.

    [–] First Look at Nintendo Labo MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I have! There was no greater fun then rolling down a hill with Boxie and being unable to see where I was going. Just the sheer joy of the box roll and speed.

    [–] Why Automation is Different This Time - "there is no sector of the economy left for workers to switch to" MittensSlowpaw 3 points ago in Futurology

    This has always been something I try to point out to people trying to say automation today is the same as in the past. Both in the article and what you have said.

    When you look at the past people had new jobs they could migrate into and it happened slower. Automation actually made things easier and created new jobs at the same time. While taking time to roll out giving people the ability to stay there and train for a new job.

    The above is no longer the case today. Automation happens at a blistering fast pace giving people no time to adjust. That and most of the time automation today creates very few jobs. It is streamlining a process to an extreme.

    Now combine all of the above with the rich just hoarding the wealth since the 80s? And everything is coming to a head very quickly. Wages have stayed the same while everything else has went up in cost. People no longer can afford to be apart of a community anymore while working. They work and go home. It is hurting society as a whole but the rich do not care.

    [–] First Look at Nintendo Labo MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I can relate except my Boxie was a fridge box that ended up in the rain.

    [–] School board president: Everybody wants to take the side of the 'poor little woman' MittensSlowpaw 14 points ago in news

    Exactly! People want to blame him for everything but shit like this has been a standard for years.

    [–] School board president: Everybody wants to take the side of the 'poor little woman' MittensSlowpaw 3 points ago in news

    People watch reality TV because the drama in real life is so bad and so stupid. They need something they can put it against and say well maybe it isn't that bad. Hence reality TV.

    [–] TIL American medicine still runs on fax machines. A 2017 study found that the fax accounts for 75% of the country's medical communications. MittensSlowpaw 7 points ago in todayilearned

    Except when you think of how many people are touching all the paper, putting in the fax numbers and standing around touching everything else waiting for it to go through. Then maybe even having to call and check if it did.

    Rather then you know using a more modern secure system that would require less touching and verify on screen it was sent, etc.

    [–] Vermont Senate legalizes recreational pot MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in news

    I wish my current state wasn't so god damn backward. I could seriously use the stress relief.

    [–] Dunkey's Best of 2017 MittensSlowpaw -2 points ago in videos

    Nah, I got tired of reading subtitles in most things a long time. I'd rather just have a good english dub. Which sadly just seems hard to come by so many times.

    I disagree.

    [–] Dunkey's Best of 2017 MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in videos

    It is a bad mechanic that constantly pulls you out of the gameplay and immersion. The mechanic wasn't even refined enough to last longer or be repairable. People defend it because of the game it is in but if it was this bad in many other games. Well heads would roll.

    I say Mario deserves it more because it is a very refined experience. Pretty much everything just flows perfectly and not once did any mechanic ever pull me out. It is just a very solid experience that I'd like to replay again another day. I cannot say the same for BotW.

    I've spent over 100+ hours in each game I just enjoyed Odyssey more over BotW. I can say time just flew by in it while many hours in BotW were spent grinding out materials to upgrade yet another armor set from the same bloody mob. All while your weapon breaks at the worst moment. That isn't fun it is just grindy.

    [–] It is 4 months until Solo: A Star Wars Story is released and there hasn’t been any promotional material for it at all. MittensSlowpaw -2 points ago in movies

    I actually like the December release dates more to be honest. It allows me to go with family & sit on the movie for awhile. Before making any super rash judgement calls talking to people face to face on it.

    So... I would like a delay.

    [–] GOP senator says she’ll vote to restore net neutrality rules MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in technology

    I will wait on all of them till the actual vote. I don't care what they say I want to see their actual actions.

    [–] Dunkey's Best of 2017 MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in videos

    I loved that Odyssey was on the top of his list over BotW. While that game was good I feel it is really overrated because it is a Zelda title. People are very willing to overlook bad mechanics like weapon breaking or terrible voice acting due to it. Odyssey was a far more deserving and polished game.

    [–] Youtube makes Logan Paul's dead body video number 1 on trending, but removes Ian's comedy gold and give him a strike for a fake dead body. MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in DeFranco

    It honestly is just further proof that YouTube is more concerned with becoming the new cable. Then actually having any real standards or keeping real creators going.

    Prop up the money makers and corporations for advertisements but drop everyone else.

    [–] US Energy agency rejects Trump plan to prop up coal and nuclear power plants with subsidies MittensSlowpaw 4 points ago in Futurology

    I wouldn't mind nuclear if we actually used the best technology out there for it. They chose the worst reactor type steam back then and keep using it even today. Despite the fact there have always been better options.

    That said coal needs to just die already. We should be the leader in renewable energy instead of a laughing stock.

    [–] Teacher Arrested for Asking Why the Superintendent Got a Raise, While Teachers Haven't Gotten a Raise in Years MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    This is par for the course in American schools. I know my old home state paid like garbage and they currently pay support staff less then a person working at McDonalds. Support includes IT and other staff by the way.

    [–] AP NewsBreak: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish MittensSlowpaw 2 points ago in news

    So when is somebody going to hit that old as fuck Sessions piece of garbage with a bus already?

    [–] [~Papercut] Neil deGrasse Tyson gets backlash for acting like a smartass MittensSlowpaw 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I used to like him but over time he just became a giant ass. Sagan would not have approved at all.