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    [–] Tennis Ball Haircut MjrJWPowell 72 points ago in ATBGE

    My guess would be he's going to a tennis tournament.

    [–] The full-rigged ship Garthsnaid in heavy seas, with men working in the rigging (circa1920) MjrJWPowell 10 points ago in HeavySeas

    Sailor gets in from the sea, bag over one shoulder, oar over the other.

    Captain stops him and asks where he's going.

    Sailor says I"'m done with the sea, and I'm gonna just start walking inland"

    "Ok, but why are you taking the oar?"

    "I'm going to walk until somebody asks what it is, and I'm going to stay there."

    [–] Lost dog immediately recognizes his owner in court room. MjrJWPowell 5 points ago in quityourbullshit

    Context is nice, and now I kind of feel bad for the defendant, she bought a dog in good faith and got screwed. So she lost what seems to be a happy, loving dog through no fault of her own. Unless she knew it was stolen, then fuck her.

    [–] Rust Wrapped BMW i8 but why MjrJWPowell 0 points ago in ATBGE

    Looks more like a wood pattern than rust.

    [–] Ohea Smart Bed MjrJWPowell 17 points ago in INEEEEDIT

    Also anchored strings on the pillows.

    [–] Apparently I kidnapped some kids MjrJWPowell 1 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    She was assaulted, then he tried to kidnap the kids; nobody in their right mind would even consider touching charges or a lawsuit.

    [–] Apparently I kidnapped some kids MjrJWPowell 1 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    Good luck with that. Defending the kids in her care from a man who had already assaulted her? Yep, will totally hold up.

    [–] Some pastors stand behind Roy Moore, cite "war on men" MjrJWPowell 7 points ago in nottheonion

    There's a post on pics of a newspaper. It was a quote from a resident of Alabama. "I have to make the choice between a pedophile, and a person who wants abortion."

    [–] [KY] A 7 year old threw a rock at my car while driving through my neighborhood MjrJWPowell 32 points ago in legaladvice

    Eh, include them anyway, and if they get thrown out for not being recoverable then so be it.

    [–] This Polaroid i took of my cat MjrJWPowell 7 points ago in oddlyterrifying

    What number SCP is this, and what are the containment procedures?

    [–] Apparently I kidnapped some kids MjrJWPowell 35 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    Dude was attempting to kidnap 2 young kida, if she had kicked I'm in the nuts nobody would care.

    [–] Top nuclear commander: I wouldn't carry out an 'illegal' nuclear strike order from Trump MjrJWPowell 2 points ago in politics

    Probably changed over ac to the holiday suite.

    "The nuclear weapons. I am a beautiful person."

    Seems they've reverted texts to what it was before.

    [–] Anyone else wish survival skills were taught in school? MjrJWPowell 26 points ago in Survival

    That's what the boy scouts are for. Schools are there to teach fundamentals that apply in the majority of people's lives; critical thinking, math, English, basic physical fitness. Although many schools fail at that. And do you really want somebody who was handed a packet of info, formed by a commitee, and has no first hand experience teaching kids, and teenagers how to start fires with easily available materials?

    [–] A restaurant I go to often just changed their menu and now my favourite dish is gone MjrJWPowell 3 points ago in firstworldproblems

    The local restaurant I go to all the time had a chicken and biscuit special that was delicious and necessary on a cold day on the st lawrence. The special ended but someone asked a while later, and they made it for her.

    [–] Who else belongs to the “wallet in the front pocket” club? MjrJWPowell 1 points ago in AskMenOver30

    Always hated sitting on a walle, and seeing people with huge wallets that they keep in their front pocket baffled me. Like how is that comfortable. With cash becoming obsolete, mostly, I only carry my license, a cc, and a debit card in money clip in my front pocket. I hate receipts because I never look at them so I always through them out, or just leave them.

    [–] Leave me alone MjrJWPowell 4 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    It's nauseating all of the time.