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    [–] 22 GOP Senate seats up for grabs in 2020 election Moral_Anarchist 31 points ago in politics

    100 percent; most of us Gen X losers are solidly on the side of the Millenials over the Boomers. Millenials give me hope; they seem to have a lot more engagement with politics and societal things than our apathetic Gen X asses ever did.

    Here's hoping the Millenials get rid of those old tired narrow-minded racist self-promoting geezers and lead humanity in a better direction. :)

    [–] Russia accuses U.S. of pushing Iran situation to brink of war Moral_Anarchist 8 points ago in worldnews

    Exactly. This whole thing is so stupid; if Iran wanted war they wouldn't be "shooting down a drone", they'd be bombing the fuck out of the US all over the world. Iran does not want a war, the warhawks in the US do. And it's SOOOO obvious

    [–] Steve Irwin's wife falling in love all over again Moral_Anarchist 5 points ago in GirlsMirin

    Seriously, I bet with his last breath he forgave it and blamed himself. He was just that kind of guy

    [–] On the couch Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in jilling

    Insanely hot

    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Concentration Camp Comments: ‘History Will Be Kind to Those Who Stood Up to This Injustice’ Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in politics

    Let me let you in on a little human nature; when you sprinkle facts with repetitive cliche statements, you devalue the facts and indeed your entire message. It is much stronger to say "100 people were killed" than to say "100 people were killed. Oh the humanity!" By putting your emotive accent on something so terrible, you are actually BELITILLING the act in question and undervaluing its message. You are taking something horrible and turning the attention from the act itself onto you and your feelings; suddenly its about the way you feel about it, not about the horrible act in question. It's selfish and misguided, as well as off-putting to many who might otherwise be more receptive to the information

    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Concentration Camp Comments: ‘History Will Be Kind to Those Who Stood Up to This Injustice’ Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in politics

    The way I wanted? It was said in a SHOCK AND AWE way; if I told you about the horrors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, but in the middle of every other sentence I said "and the rain came down", many who didn't know anything about it would be like "wtf, you are telling me about this horrible shit, why do you need to keep saying this alarmist phrase again and again when what you're describing is already fucked up as shit."

    It REEKS of emotional manipulation. And to such an extent that it creates doubt as to the entire narrative, where I would find no doubt without it. When you discuss horrible things, using cheap wordings to add alarm actually takes away from your message; one should let the horrors speak for themselves.

    Slam poetry is going to influence less people than a list of facts. I love slam poetry, but something like this is not the fucking place to do it

    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Concentration Camp Comments: ‘History Will Be Kind to Those Who Stood Up to This Injustice’ Moral_Anarchist -1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in politics

    I have no doubt there are terrible things going on with these camps, but that "don't look away" crap tends to undermine any rational discourse and makes me take everything else that was said with a grain of salt.

    EDIT : I was not commenting on /u/shootsucka's language, I know it's copypasta, I was commenting on the original poster's language...sorry if it came across that I was referencing the above poster personally. And thanks for providing links, IMO that is the most powerful weapon that can be used to get this info out there

    [–] We need a Fallout 3/NV remaster. Who else agrees? Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in Fallout

    Agree 100 percent. If you want a shooter there are many better ones out there than anything in the Fallout universe. If you want a Roleplaying experience, Fallout 4 is the LAST one you should go for.

    [–] I’m crying Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in memes

    10-12 hours a day is half of your pet's life. I don't want to make you feel bad, but your pet's destruction problems are only going to get worse if you keep this up; he's so excited to be out he destroys everything, which forces you to put him up, which means he is even MORE excited next time he finally gets out and so destroys even MORE things...and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I understand if you have no choice and have to work and be gone for such a long time, but it is literal torture for your pup to spend 50 percent of his life in a crate, even a big one. I work with dogs professionally and sometimes encounter dogs who are crated for too long, and these dogs often end up with very serious mental issues and consequently behavioral problems as they get older.

    Hiring a dog walker for at least one walk (preferably two) while you're at work would make a HUGE difference in your pet's destructiveness and his happiness; I guarantee you most of the problem stems from understimulation.

    [–] What is everyone’s favorite episode that doesn’t get enough love and why? Moral_Anarchist 10 points ago in community

    The part where Abed is Don Draper and seduces Annie...LOVED that scene. He was so smooth, Annie was all flustered