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    [–] ACLU: Black man detained while moving into his own home Moral_Anarchist 8 points ago in news

    If you honestly think you're getting downvoted because /r/News is "biased" you're way more delusional than most

    [–] BBC News: Google leads gaming down a perilous path Moral_Anarchist 62 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Games

    Blizzard used to be the go-to for solid gaming; their motto was "we will not release anything until it's ready".

    A decade ago you could guarantee that every single thing Blizzard released would be play-tested and all the kinks worked out (almost all of them anyway)...Blizzard often missed "release dates" but me and my brother would understand, because Blizzard never released sub-par products.

    Now it's like a different company - Blizzard just doesn't care at all anymore it seems. I used to tout the badassness of Blizzard to all my gaming friends as everything a solid gaming company should be. Blizzard is now literal garbage and is indicative of most gaming companies these days.

    EDIT : fixed my shitty spelling

    [–] TIFU by not reading a Tinder Bio Moral_Anarchist 10 points ago in tifu

    Pretty sure he's learned that now

    [–] TIFU by not reading a Tinder Bio Moral_Anarchist 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in tifu

    If my tapes and my CDs just won't sell, I bet my candy will

    EDIT : Not changing it

    [–] The CIA,The FBI and the KGB Moral_Anarchist -7 points ago in Jokes

    Bunch of bullshit. I watched the siege unfolding live; within minutes of the tank knocking down the wall the fire was raging; the audio showed it happened literally within seconds of them launching their grenades

    [–] After 10 Long Years I Quit Using HEROIN COLD TURKEY.. Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in Drugs

    It took so freakin long for me to get clean; my fiancee overdosing and dying was the final catalyst that let me quit for good. You've already done the most important part by realizing you need to quit; the battle won't be easy but the other side is a wonderful amazing place. As long as you keep trying you CAN get there. Best of luck man

    [–] Rocket alerts blare in Tel Aviv, loud explosion reported. Moral_Anarchist -3 points ago in worldnews

    The idea that hospitals and schools are filled with Hamas fighters is bullshit. Where are all the kids learning then? Where are all the sick people at? But sure, kill a bunch of innocent people who had nothing to do with anything because there may be a Hamas fighter nearby. Fucking sick

    [–] Leaked image of the Game of thrones writers trying to fit the ending into 6 episodes. Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in funny

    Hahaha yeah but it'll be sometime like a year or two after it comes out, probably when I'm hanging out with somebody else who wants to see it; the desire to watch the inevitable Hollywood style outcome is lacking

    [–] Leaked image of the Game of thrones writers trying to fit the ending into 6 episodes. Moral_Anarchist 9 points ago in funny

    Absolutely correct...that horrible scene at the frozen lake and the literally epic distances everybody is supposed to have travelled in just a couple of days completely destroyed any desire I had to watch the rest of the series; it's just more bullshit fantasy tropes at this point without any of the earlier realism that made the series famous to begin with. The TV series is dead for me

    [–] Leaked image of the Game of thrones writers trying to fit the ending into 6 episodes. Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in funny

    There are supposed to be 2 more books in the series, one of them was "almost done" several years ago yet still has not appeared. Seriously the last season seemed to squish all of the Ice and Fire story into a rushed mess and I fear this season will be even worse

    [–] This would be more of a relief. Moral_Anarchist 148 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    As a recovering alcoholic/junkie, when I got clean I had to cut ties with a lot of my real life friends because hanging out with them (most were still drinking and drugging) would be a huge risk of me relapsing; because of Facebook I can still talk with them and keep in touch, yet don't have to be tempted by staying sober while watching them get fucked up around me. Helps me feel like I'm still being social without having to put myself at actual risk.