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    [–] Help my player are drug dealers Moral_Anarchist 10 points ago in rpg

    That could be awesome; maybe the necro has a couple of good guy friends who are also trying to help the poor people, and eventually the party has to end up having a showdown against a "good" party as the good guys try to stop the wicked Player Characters. There are a fuckton of amazing directions this could go in, I'm envious of this setup.

    [–] Help my player are drug dealers Moral_Anarchist 24 points ago in rpg

    To build upon this; maybe there's a necromancer who's jealous of the party and runs a "crack house" (read "mumia house") out in the woods where poor addicts can go to sleep on the floor and get high unmolested and sleep when they're broke and need shelter and a place to live while begging or stealing for more money to feed their addiction. As time passes and addicts turn into ghouls, the necromancer takes control of the ghouls and sends them to his secret cave underground to add to his ghoul army.

    Maybe the necromancer can meet the party and become friends with them without exposing who is really is or what he's doing; maybe he's bringing in small caravans of new people to get addicted so the party ends up relying on him for new customers or something...the reveal later on on what he really is could be VERY satisfying.

    This is a golden opportunity to have a lot of fun for all involved before the walls fall in; milk it and enjoy it and remember; nothing lasts forever.

    [–] Turkey leaks photos of Jamal Khashoggi’s dismemberment by Saudi authorities Moral_Anarchist 4 points ago in worldnews

    Maybe not the one guy really in charge, or the oldest veteran...but the grunts? Dime a dozen...and dead hitmen can't ever talk. We already know the Prince has no fucking respect for life, no reason to think that doesn't include his own guys

    [–] Turkey leaks photos of Jamal Khashoggi’s dismemberment by Saudi authorities Moral_Anarchist 3 points ago in worldnews

    I honestly doubt it. Cruel fuckers are a dime a dozen, and getting rid of these people will let the next ones know not to fuck up...and also dead hitmen can tell no tales.

    [–] Taking your girlfriend to meet her celebrity crush Jason Momoa Moral_Anarchist 12 points ago in pics

    Yeah everything I've seen shows what an actual fun and amazing guy he is. If he took my wife I wouldn't be happy, but I would understand

    [–] Bethesda, we KNOW what he want from a Fallout game. Moral_Anarchist 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Fallout

    Sure, but it's the 4th highest post of the last week and still rising, and the only one with any gold at all, much less 3 gold. So yeah, there are a fuckton of actual fans behind this.

    EDIT : over 5k votes and second highest of the week to be precise. And rising.

    EDIT 2 : Almost 9k, 5 Silver, 3 Gold, and it hasn't even been 24 hours. And rising.

    [–] Bethesda, we KNOW what he want from a Fallout game. Moral_Anarchist 16 points ago in Fallout

    Yeah because if anybody is criticizing Bethesda, they're just doing it to be cool...can't possibly be actual dissatisfaction. You've certainly nailed it

    [–] Bethesda, we KNOW what he want from a Fallout game. Moral_Anarchist -2 points ago in Fallout

    Judging from the upvotes and gold, I'd say it speaks for a very large percentage of the fanbase, certainly speaks for me and every single one of the friends I game with...Bethesda ignores this advice at their own peril

    [–] Saudi prosecutor seeks death penalty for five in Khashoggi killing Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in news

    That's what I thought at first too, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced they actually WILL kill some of the real assassins. Good assassins don't get caught, life is cheap to the Prince, and it would stop any potential extra info about the assassination getting out later on if you kill the guys who did it. MBS doesn't give a fuck about these guys or other peoples' lives in general.

    [–] France responds to Trump’s wild Twitter tirade: ‘Common decency would have been appropriate’ Moral_Anarchist 5 points ago in worldnews

    Trump will never leave office voluntarily. Never. His actions are insane and unpredictable, but on this subject I am 100 percent fucking certain.

    [–] Never Forget Moral_Anarchist 5 points ago in funny

    Perhaps he died while carving it

    [–] Trump says Secret Service forced him to miss WWI service in France Moral_Anarchist 1 points ago in worldnews

    Quite possible; he's almost certainly capable of doing it himself at this point, he might just want to spend a little time with his kid and make his kid feel useful

    [–] Hooman do not stop Moral_Anarchist 17 points ago in funny

    Oh you should have subscribed a long time ago...your life will now become much happier :)

    [–] Trippy Rick Moral_Anarchist 2 points ago in rickandmorty

    Totes malotes