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    [–] Hellbell speculation Morgoth333 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in HunterXHunter

    Hellbell appears to have some stinger looking things at the end of its tails, so I think that's probably what it uses to infect people with homicidal desires. My guess is that the stingers inject you with some kind of rage-inducing hormone, and that's what makes Hellbell's victims go crazy with homicidal rage. On top of that, since Hellbell is a snake, the fangs in its mouth probably have some powerful venom in them too, so that's two things to worry about.

    [–] [SPOILERS] Marcy and Simon #6 preview - now with dialogue (FINAL ISSUE) Morgoth333 3 points ago in adventuretime

    We don't actually when that takes place though. This comic might take place before Simon went to visit Prismo and make his wish, or it's possible it might actually be leading up to that moment.

    [–] Do Finn and fire princess get back together Morgoth333 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in adventuretime

    I wouldn't really go so far as to call Huntress Wizard Finn's new "girlfriend". They do tease something between them in the final season, but in the end it doesn't really go anywhere. At this point they're more like friends with benefits.

    [–] i made this green clay pb (i ran out of pink) Morgoth333 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in adventuretime

    More specifically spearmint. That's my favorite flavor of gum.

    [–] Adventure Time’s story arc for humanity is so tragic Morgoth333 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in adventuretime

    There is one ray of hope. If Adventure Time and Pendleton Ward's other series Bravest Warriors are indeed set in the same universe (there are several hints Bravest Warriors that point to this being a likely possibility), the humans on Earth might have eventually just migrated to Mars and formed a colony there with the Martians. In Bravest Warriors, the humans on Mars share many similarities with the humans of Founders Island, particularly in their technology, clothing styles, and architecture. Bravest Warriors starts off in the year 3085, which means it would take place after Adventure Time, given that Adventure Time is meant to take place roughly a thousand years after our time, which would put Finn and Jake's time somewhere around the year 3000. At some point after returning to Ooo, the humans probably realized that Earth in it's already damaged state would not be able to sustain them for long, so they moved on to fin greener pastures on Earth's closest neighbor Mars.

    [–] Adventure Time’s story arc for humanity is so tragic Morgoth333 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in adventuretime

    When you put it that way, it kind of makes you wonder, what was even the point of Finn going through all that trouble to convince the humans of Founders Island to come back to Ooo if they all just end up destroying themselves in the future anyway? If that's the case, they would have just been much better off staying on Founders Island. The humans returning to Ooo was probably the one happy moment Finn got in finale, but he can't even have that now either because none of them survive. So what did Finn even save? In the end he achieved nothing, because not only is he eventually forgotten about by the ravages of time, but all his people die out too. A tragic story indeed.

    [–] Bi-bbline, by NikkiSprinkles Morgoth333 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in adventuretime

    Sorry for what will likely be a long post, but it's necessary to fully explain what I'm talking about. Bisexual erasure can take on many forms, both in fiction and in real life. When it comes to fiction, often times it involves the notion or implication that a bisexual character is just "confused" or "going through a phase", and that they'll eventually "pick one". Even Adventure Time was somewhat guilty of this with how it tried to depict Bubblegum and Marceline's sexuality in the later seasons. Bisexual erasure is defined as the "tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality." I can think of a few instances where this has happened in the show, but the one that sticks out to me the most involves Bubblegum's past relationship with Mr. Creampuff.

    In Slumber Party Panic and The Vault, Bubblegum mentions that she and Mr. Creampuff used to date, saying it in a happy tone and with a smile on her face, hinting that it was something she remembers fondly, but then in Bonnibel Bubblegum the writers tried to completely re-contextualize their relationship by changing it to where Mr. Creampuff was instead forced on her by Gumbald and she didn't really like him at all. Another potential example involving Bubblegum was how later on the show tried to make it seem like she had completely forgotten all about what happened in Too Young, having her pretend like those feelings that had formed between her and Finn just never existed, rather than directly addressing Finn about any lingering feelings he might have to stop them from progressing into what happened in Too Old. By doing that, it basically frames the entire experience of Bubblegum having feelings for Finn as a 13 year old as just a "phase" that she eventually "grew out of" (literally) before settling on being fully lesbian.

    As for Marceline, they didn't really do it much to her in the show, but the comics have tried to re-contextualize her past relationship with Ash by implying that Marceline only got together with him because she wanted to make Bubblegum jealous, and not because she initially liked him. There's also the fact that in the show Marceline used to act very flirtatious in the early seasons, even playfully kissing Finn on the cheek sometimes, but this behavior and personality trait of hers seemed to just disappear in the later seasons, and the show tried to pretend that those flirty things Marceline used to do never happened. There are probably other instances where the writers of the show have tried to backtrack on Bubblegum and Marceline being bisexual, but those are just the major ones that come to mind right now.

    Part of what made Bubblegum and Marceline stand out among cartoon characters was the fact that they were bisexual, which is was a part of the LGBT spectrum that rarely ever gets attention in fiction, but after Pendleton Ward stepped down as show runner it's as if writers then tried to backtrack on that part of their characters and say: "We know they've dated guys before, but they didn't mean to! Bubblegum and Marceline were just confused! They were actually lesbians the whole time and just didn't know it yet!" I hate it when shows do that with bisexual characters. Yes, they've had some bad relationships in the past, but that doesn't suddenly make someone turn gay or lesbian. Instead of trying to erase the fact that these characters were originally bisexual, just let them be bisexual! There's no need to re-contextualize all of their past relationships with someone of the opposite gender just to prove to the audience that Bubblegum and Marceline are more than friends. It's as if the writers thought that the concept of them liking both genders would be too confusing and complicated for the audience to handle, fearing that it would cause them to doubt if Bubbline is real.

    Whether the writers of the later seasons and the comics did it intentionally or unintentionally, it's still technically a form of bisexual erasure. The way I see it, Pendleton Ward viewed Bubblegum and Marceline as being bisexual, based on the way he depicted them in earlier seasons, but the writers for the later seasons did not share that same view and instead wanted them to be full lesbians. I guess they thought Bubblegum and Marceline being bisexual instead of lesbian just wasn't pushing the envelope far enough with how progressive they wanted the show to be, which sort of goes into another come form of bisexual erasure and biphobia that's common among even the LGBT community: the belief that bisexual people somehow aren't "LGBT enough" or aren't "real" LGBT people or that they're just "LGBT Lite".

    [–] Bi-bbline, by NikkiSprinkles Morgoth333 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in adventuretime

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. It always kind of bugged me how the show tried to erase the bisexuality aspect of PB and Marcy's characters in later seasons and instead portray them as being solely lesbian. They were always bisexual, but a lot of the fandom, especially on Tumblr, keeps insisting that they are lesbian instead, as if bisexuality just doesn't exist to them.

    [–] Fern and Huntress Wizard Morgoth333 3 points ago in adventuretime

    It's a shame we never got to see them interact at least once in the show. That would have made for some interesting moments seeing how they react to each other if Finn were to introduce Huntress Wizard to his grass clone Fern.

    [–] Hi guys I have never seen the show but Morgoth333 1 points ago in BravestWarriors

    If you like Adventure Time, you'll like the fact that Bravest Warriors potentially takes place in the same universe as it, just in the future.

    [–] Chip damage is coming back in season 3 Morgoth333 2 points ago in okko

    What article on the wiki is this from?

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 2 points ago in adventuretime

    Omg, same! I hated that Samurai Jack finale too. It seems it left a bad taste in all of our mouths.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 2 points ago in adventuretime

    The fact that Adam Muto has been put into the intro before as a character is what kind of sells it for me that the cloaked person has something to do with him.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    The MA symbol actually also appears in another place too. The MA seen on the telescope somewhat resembles an inverted version of Adam Muto's initials that he often puts at the bottom of a lot of his drawing. For example. It could be that the presence of the MA on the telescope and on the sign is just meant to be an easter egg referencing Adam Muto, as sort of a tribute to him. It seems like the type of self-indulgent thing the crew might do since this is the finale episode. There are other similar instances in the finale, like the adult Sweet P greatly resembling Pendleton Ward, and I've heard that there is a reference to Rebecca Sugar somewhere in there too. I bet if we examine the finale opening more closely we'll find tons of references to the crew.

    The fact that three out of the four times places MA symbol appears (as a tattoo on Pawn Swan, on that shop sign, and in real life as Adam Muto's initials) have nothing to do with Marceline, and the possibility of both the stone duck and telescope being connected to Pawn Swan, seems to point more towards the cloaked person not being Marceline. It be pretty hilarious if hiding underneath that cloak is an animated version of Adam Muto. Adam Muto's likeness has been put into the show before as one of the candy people in the Adventure Time opening, known as Gingerbread Muto, so this could be the same thing with the finale opening. The cloaked person might be Adam Muto's OC or something.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 3 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    Sorry for spamming you with double replies, but I just wanted to apologize if I sounded rude and harsh in my previous reply. I've gone back and watched the parts of the review you mentioned more thoroughly now, and I'll admit that I may have misinterpreted your words and intentions a bit when I watched it the first time and jumped the gun with some of those assumptions I made. Believe me, I'm not like this all the time. I just got a bit heated and carried away is all.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    I have an interesting theory regarding that MA symbol and what it could possibly mean, other than the popular "Marceline Abadeer" theory. So far that symbol appears in three places, on the telescope, on that sign in the ending montage (though upside-down), and as a tattoo on some future character called Pawn Swan that Steve Wolfhard drew. Pawn Swan might be related to Choose Goose in some way, so what if that has something to do with their business? In the future, Choose Goose might have gone on to create a massive trading empire, and the MA could be its logo, possibly standing for Merchant Alliance. That sign that it appears on in the ending montage could be the sign to some sort of shop, which would tie into it. Perhaps this business of theirs eventually grew into a mega corruption, which then ended up polluting Ooo over the centuries and turning it into what we see in the future.

    The MA might not have anything to do with who owns the telescope, but rather who it was purchased from. Whoever that cloaked figure is, they might have bought that telescope from Pawn Swan, which is why it has his logo on it. Looking at Pawn Swan's design, he kind of resembles the stone duck in body shape, so the stone duck might also have something to do with him as well. Maybe the cloaked person got the stone duck from Pawn Swan too. In the future Ooo, there might be a whole race of duck people running around, and they are often used as a mode of transportation, similar to the chocobos from Final Fantasy. It might not be the exact same stone duck from Evicted, but of the same species. Perhaps the ducks have even been enslaved somehow by the people who run the Merchant Alliance. Alternately, that MA could be the symbol for some kind of secret society in Ooo, which both Pawn Swan and the cloaked figure are a part of, and that building with the sign on it is one of their secret lodges. That's some Gravity Falls type stuff right there.

    [–] Takeaways from Uncivilized Elk’s finale review Morgoth333 7 points ago in adventuretime

    Something interesting occurred to me regarding Gumbald. I think it was purposely meant to be ambiguous as to whether or not Gumbald actually changed. We have to remember that Aunt Loly wasn't there in the dream world, so she didn't see or experience the same things Gumbald saw or experienced there. She had no way of knowing about any of it, so as far as she knew, Gumbald was still the same person as before, especially since from her perspective only one second had passed in the real world. Gumbald was probably originally planning on using the dum-dum juice in his pocket on Bubblegum, but after changing in the dream world he never got the chance to take it out before Aunt Loly tripped him, causing him to fall on it and make it appear as though he were planning on still using it, when he might not have been the case. That's the tragedy of it all. We'll never know if Gumbald truly changed or not.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    I guess I can understand why you didn't want to spend too much time on it, since the video was long enough already. That might be a good idea for a potential future video though: "Debunking the Top "X" Complaints About the Adventure Time Finale." You wouldn't have to address every single complaint, just the most common ones that are easiest to disprove. I'd definitely watch it. :)

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    Don't get me wrong, I for one am actually glad that Finn didn't end up with HW in the finale. To tell you the truth, I was never really much of a fan of the Finntress relationship myself, but I can play devil's advocate and see why those who were a fan of it are upset. The main reason I never liked Finntress was how it felt so forced in the final season compared to how natural it was in Flute Spell. At the end of Flute Spell, HW said that she did not want a relationship, but then in the Wild Hunt she randomly shows back up and seems to want one with Finn now, with no explanation as to what promoted this change in her character (maybe that could be an idea for a future video). Instead of them showing rather than telling, we're left to assume way too much about events and character developments that happened off-screen, which is probably what led to so many people getting their hopes so high regarding Finntress.

    The way HW suddenly began acting as though she were a part of the main cast now in the Wild Hunt and Seventeen, despite having so little development of her own beforehand, also made it seem like she was only brought back just to be some token love interest for Finn shoehorned in at the end as a consolation prize from the writers for all of Finn's failed past relationships. I know how much you hated the Jack and Ashi romance from the final season of Samurai Jack, and I did too. One of my biggest fears leading up to the Adventure Time finale was that they were going to basically do the same thing with Finn and HW, but I'm so glad that didn't happen.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in adventuretime

    Then why didn't you say so in the video? If you're going to be a critical reviewer, you have to actually address the complaints people might have with the thing you are reviewing instead of brushing them aside and acting like those who didn't think it was perfect must have something wrong with them. A couple of extreme and exaggerated troll and hate comments off of 4chan is not a good snapshot of how the rest of the people on the internet who didn't like the finale actually think. Not everyone that didn't like the finale was a bunch of bigoted homophobes living in their mom's basement. A lot of them will listen to logic and reason if you present it to them.

    Rather than mocking the people who complained about the finale, wouldn't it have been much more constructive to come up with a logical rebuttal to try to change their opinions on it and make them see your side of things? "You're wrong and here are the reasons why..." is more likely to succeed in getting your point across than "you're wrong because you're wrong and therefore aren't worth listening to." By choosing to ignore all the complaints, it gives off the impression that you just couldn't think of a good counter argument.

    I certainly would be willing to listen and hear your reasoning. In fact, my perspective on many things from the show has changed several times since the finale aired as I have been presented with new evidence and differing opinions that continue to change and inform my own, ever so slightly. The same occurred when watching your finale review. Other than the post-review section at the end, I enjoyed it quite a bit and it helped to change my perspective on a lot of the plot decisions in the finale that I originally did not like.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 0 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in adventuretime

    It becomes harder to justify him saying that about Finn's love life though when you see that Uncivilized Elk has made videos like this in the past specifically discussing Finn's love life and expressing his support of Finntress. For him to then do a complete 180 in the finale review and suddenly act like it's not important anymore kind of makes him look like a hypocrite, so I can see why some people would be upset about him making that statement regarding Finn's love life not mattering anymore when he himself used to think it did.

    [–] Uncivized Elk's Finale Review is Up!!!!! Morgoth333 3 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in adventuretime

    No, it's because that excuse is a lazy argument that completely misses the point. Most of the people complaining about Finn's lack of a resolution for his romantic arc weren't asking to see some sort of concrete resolution like Finn being married and with kids, they just wanted to see something, even a tiny moment that addresses it in some way, shape, or form, but every time someone says anything about it, people always then immediately jump to the logical extreme and say "but Finn's only 17, he's not going to find the love of his life just yet." That's.... not... the.... point.... They're not asking for that!

    Even an off-handed comment from Jake while he and Finn are sitting together at the end would have been enough. Pretty much everyone else got some sort of romantic moment in the finale (PB and Marcy, LSP and Lemongrab, Simon and Betty, Gunter and Turtle Princess, Jake and Lady Rainicorn in the dream world and ending montage), but it's somehow wrong for the main character to get the same after all the emphasis the show had put on it?

    [–] I Had A Rather Vivid and Interesting Dream About What Happens to Gon Next in the Story. Morgoth333 1 points ago in HunterXHunter

    I've surprised to see I'm still getting responses to this so long after I posted it. What were your favorite parts?