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    [–] Yeah, baby! Mormon_Discoball 2 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Oh you poor bastard! It's Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    I am jealous you have never seen it though. I would love to watch it for the first time again.

    [–] Wholesome Story, Choosy Beggar Mormon_Discoball 5 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    How often are you calling yourself a subscriber to this subreddit? Does it come up a lot in conversation?

    [–] What do you believe is 100% true but can't prove? Mormon_Discoball 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah not even just Germans. There's some pretty fucking nice prefabs now a days. Not just double wide sister fuckers any more

    [–] Educational: How to pan for gold like a pro Mormon_Discoball 28 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    I used to work with a guy that did it. He said he was never going to get rich off it. But he found enough that it paid for his gas to go out and do it.

    Finding a hobby that will pay for itself is pretty neat

    [–] Weekly Role Discussion Thread: Support - November 10, 2018 Mormon_Discoball 1 points ago in Overwatch

    Oh that makes sense. I was thinking of their healing abilities. Thank you!

    [–] [Meme] What does the sun sound like Mormon_Discoball 2 points ago in youtubehaiku

    I was guessing this or yelling cowboy Chinamen

    [–] Beverage Delivery Guy Mormon_Discoball 3 points ago in starterpacks

    I used to deliver ice. Pulling our vans or trucks up to the freezers outside gas stations and liquor stores, we'd bust ass to get them loaded since the doors are open and it's 90+ F.

    So many people walking by "boy you've sure got a cool job"

    No asshole, I'm sweating my balls off and all the equipment that makes ice pulls that heat off to the areas we work so no, it's pretty god damn warm.

    [–] [Serious] Medical professionals of reddit: What are some interesting little known facts about how the human body operates that most of us are not aware of? Mormon_Discoball 5 points ago in AskReddit

    When I first started as a CNA in a hospital we had a long term vent area. One of the patients had a bone flap in his head with staples along it. I was still pretty new to the industry. When I go to roll the patient the first time with his nurse she says real casually "oh yeah don't let his head go all the way to your side, it can tear his brain on staples"

    I about shit my pants.

    I didn't tear his brain. I don't think.

    [–] Poach gets it Mormon_Discoball 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    You have your name taking up almost half the screen? That's not a good choice

    [–] April Motorcycle Rallies [2018] Mormon_Discoball 1 points ago in motocamping

    Oh yeah I love finding out about stuff 6 months after it happened

    [–] Welcome To Season 13 Of Competitive Gameplay Mormon_Discoball 11 points ago in Overwatch

    Yeah man I can't get out of silver either. For a game I play so much I wish I was better.

    My goal is to just play comp exclusively. Only play QP with friends that don't wanna do comp

    [–] this is what happens to atheists in Islamic countries Mormon_Discoball 8 points ago in exmuslim

    Oh sorry. I don't actually care. I was just explaining to that person what the person he replied to meant.

    I see how my comment sounds like I am asking for proof

    [–] this is what happens to atheists in Islamic countries Mormon_Discoball 29 points ago in exmuslim

    Its like all the pictures on /r/pics that are just a picture of a bicycle in a living room but the title is 3 sentences of backstory about drug addition and depression and what not. Just asking for proof that these injuries were caused by islamic fundamentalists for religious reasons

    [–] Lesbian farm life Mormon_Discoball 15 points ago in tumblr

    Abigail was my first wife too! Just wanted that big tiddy goth gf and she's easy to please.