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    [–] Left Unity: Syrian Government Threatens to Shoot Down Turkish Warplanes if they Attack YPG In Afrin Moslamach 3 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    He isn't going to do jack shit.

    He's made a big fuss that he'd retaliate against Israel too, but oh look, nothing comes out of it.

    He isn't going to risk Article 5 being invoked over Kurdish fighters that he tolerates due to US intervention.

    [–] Would the difference of Ahmadyia Muslims to mainstream Islam be comparable to Mormons in Christianity? Moslamach 17 points ago in islam

    It would be an apt comparison, but apt in the sense that its origins and beliefs are so distinct and/or strange in comparison to the origins and beliefs of the mainstream religion.

    I'm not too familiar with what makes a Christian a non-Christian based on their beliefs, but Islam has a clear and set standard and that is believing in the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as the last prophet. When you say that there's a prophet after him (especially a prophet who made clearly identifiable false predictions), you've voided one of the central tenets of Islam.

    [–] Protesters in Ahvaz capture a police riot control vehicle Moslamach 7 points ago in syriancivilwar

    I'm willing to bet money on some governmental agency somewhere backing the Pro-Shah protesters. It's got 1953 written all over it.

    There's a part of me that thinks that foreign powers are trying to hijack the actual, organic, widespread anti-government protests in order to hopefully install someone who is friendly to Western interests, namely, the Pahlavi family.

    [–] Just found out Ben Shapiro wrote an awful hit-piece against my own father. Moslamach 61 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    No, Finkelstein wrote a book documenting how conservative Zionist politicians have used the atrocities of the Holocaust to justify their own atrocities against the Palestinians.

    Apparently pointing this out was anti-Semitic on the part of known Semitic individual, Norman Finkelstein.

    [–] Mood😁 Moslamach 48 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I'm sure the dead kids in Yemen and Pakistan would agree with you.

    [–] Updating the /r/SyrianCivilWar Official Translation Volunteer List Moslamach 5 points ago in syriancivilwar

    • /u/Moslamach
    • English, Persian, Arabic
    • Standard, Western, Formal
    • Fluent, Fluent, Reading Only
    • News articles, speeches, whatever needed

    [–] Dumb Questions Tuesday | December 19, 2017 Moslamach 9 points ago in syriancivilwar

    There is no reason to spend $400 on a hookah unless you want to look really gaudy.