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    [–] I don't know... MostPalone2 14 points ago in funny

    It's really not a technically intensive game.

    [–] I don't know... MostPalone2 4 points ago in funny

    Should be more like over 2mil

    [–] A reminder of the importance of qualified scientists MostPalone2 0 points ago in Paleontology

    I'm not talking about smuggling loads of fossils. But even taking a couple small fossils, in national parks, beaches, etc, has been completely criminalized, which is disgusting. They're literally creating criminals out of nowhere.

    But really to your philosophy is doesn't belong to the public, it belongs to the government (aka top .1% fatasses) who gets to decide when and where to sell the land off to. It's like fishing, yeah it's "public" but you take what you catch. Saying its public but at the same time preventing anyone from touching anything doesn't make sense. There's plenty of fossils for everyone if megacorps don't mow down the land. And why don't you bother with them instead of picking on citizens like me and you? So easy to forget the thousands of acres that are just destroyed for private interests, god knows how many fossils that has destroyed.

    [–] A reminder of the importance of qualified scientists MostPalone2 -2 points ago in Paleontology

    They didn't "steal it from literally everyone in the US" thats fucking absurd. Government likes to pretend it owns every inch of land and sea on this planet. He IS the public. Who should enjoy the public fossils if not the public? Mega corporations come in and destroy the land by clear cutting and strip mining. A man simply takes a fossil or two.

    How many megatons of fossils have corporations and businesses stolen from the public? There are untold billions of fossils, minerals, and gems that get destroyed when a company wants to set up a new area for infrastructure but it's so convenient to forget about those right? Let's blame some average joe who has a hobby of god forbid-collecting fossils.

    [–] Phenomenal Tyrannosaurus rex model at the Whiteside Natural History Museum in Seymour, TX. Lips and feathers! MostPalone2 0 points ago in Paleontology

    By "we don't have much evidence" you mean we actually have zero evidence. You use a bad argument. There are tons of examples of character loss in vertebrates. Imagine if we found fossil guppies...according to your logic they'd still be laying eggs "cuz their ancestors did too" derp

    [–] A reminder of the importance of qualified scientists MostPalone2 -3 points ago in Paleontology

    I hope you're talking about something like corporations that clear cut and strip mine thousands of square acres. The one thing that bothers me is the criminalization of hobbyists and casual collectors. God forbid one person brings home a fossil tooth from a national park.

    Seriously what kind of fascist regime do we live in where people are treated as criminals for bringing home a rock or a small fossil. It's the fucking earth, we're treated like serfs tresspassing on a planet owned by the landlords. Meanwhile there's all sorts of heinous crimes, embezzling, destroying major ecosystems on a larger scale that are completely legal.

    [–] First creep wave not drawing aggro should be reverted. MostPalone2 -1 points ago in DotA2

    The whole point of this thread is that valve's solution to offlane pulling (which if you remember, I referred to as "cancer") is bad. So I'm saying they should come up with another better solution to the problem, since both lane pulling and creeps not drawing aggro are horrible gameplaywise.

    [–] Let's be honest MostPalone2 -4 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter're serious?

    [–] Let's be honest MostPalone2 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    You're serious?

    [–] Almost half of US cellphone calls will be scams by next year, says report MostPalone2 3 points ago in technology

    Last time people mentioned killing Ajit Pai, reddit got their panties in a bunch. Believe it or not.

    [–] Really frustrated. Almost feel like going back to consoles. MostPalone2 -2 points ago in buildapc

    im pretty sure you're not punishing anyone, you're just getting what asus should have done in the first place

    and illegal is not an argument for immoral

    [–] ILPT: Full guide on how to make chicken soup MostPalone2 6 points ago in IllegalLifeProTips

    Thanks. ive seen it on various places on the web but this is the simplest one for someone who isn't a chem major to understand.