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    [–] Horn not working MothRatten 1 points ago in klr650

    Split sound bomb is epic. You can just fit the compressor where the original horn sits if you make/bend a little bracket and put the horn wherever you like.

    I startle myself with it sometimes when I hit the horn button instead of the starter.

    [–] What is the best pizza in town? MothRatten 0 points ago in Knoxville

    Al Harb is a true slime ball. Don't eat there.

    Elidios' is excellent.

    [–] What would y’all think about dismemberment and impact wounds in the next installment? MothRatten 8 points ago in Battlefield

    After the player model fades out replace it with dead guy textured terrain. Imagine how it could build up in choke points. The terrain deformation is already there.

    [–] What do you all use for shift knobs? MothRatten 2 points ago in mr2

    I drilled and tapped a mini pool ball. Number 2 of course.

    [–] Gun control bill OK'd by Oregon; 1st since Florida shooting MothRatten 5 points ago in politics

    These people are already banned at the federal level, but considering how garbage the feds are at enforcing the law... Eh.

    [–] WW1 deathclaw anyone? MothRatten 52 points ago in battlefield_one

    Man, fallout would be so fucking sweet with the shooting mechanics of a BF game.

    Fallout built in frostbite... oh man. Building destruction, terrain deformation, bullet drop. And it might even be slightly less buggy!

    [–] Broken Clutch lever quick fixes MothRatten 1 points ago in klr650

    The left one looks like you could grind on it a bit to make a temp fix if you're just needing to get it home. Remove the old stump and compare it. Couldn't hurt to take a Dremel with you to see if you could make it work.

    I would rather spend 20 min making a temp fix than riding without a clutch and killing the engine at every stop.

    You have a pic of what's left of it?

    [–] Known Performance Issues with BF1 Apocalypse Release – Update Coming MothRatten 9 points ago in battlefield_one

    That's what I picked up too. That's some good community managering there, if true.

    [–] I thought I was having a stroke MothRatten 1 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    If that bothers you, take a closer look.

    The letters are not evenly spaced, the A is way too low and the last U is tilted... It's, infuriating.

    [–] Apocalypse weapon challenges MothRatten 1 points ago in Battlefield

    Try not to get buried under all the salt you will get for a comment like this...

    [–] [BF1] No Sights on hellriegel defensive after update MothRatten 9 points ago in Battlefield

    And ban existing users with more than 1 service star with it...

    [–] TIFU by lighting a jar of peanut butter on fire MothRatten 1 points ago in tifu

    Op should throw in a cup of easy Mac without water... Show those sheltered kids a real crisis...

    [–] Can we talk about for a second how Bungie was willing to completely shred Eververse with Crimson Days? MothRatten 3 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    The entire bright engram thing exists to force you to look at what you can buy with real money and condition you to use the vendor even though you're not using real money, yet.

    Taking a couple weeks to increase your rewards for visiting the vendor is a cheap way to placate the complainers while further conditioning users to visit the real money store and build positive associations with it.

    It's a very intelligent and low effort move, and they deserve no praise for it.

    [–] Australia's response under a conservative government following the death of 35 people during the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996. MothRatten 1 points ago in pics

    American that knows a lot of Aussies and their gun laws and homicide rates here. It "worked" there, and had no effect on homicide rates apart from a brief spike.

    [–] Anyone else afraid for Battlefield 2018? MothRatten 2 points ago in Battlefield

    "random" deviation is something I would like to see go, but only if the can make it so the bullets fly in the actual direction of the sights.

    It's entirely unrealistic and immersion breaking to aim at a wall about 10' away and fire an lmg, watch your sights recoil and deviate by about 3" at the wall but your bullets hit randomly at the edge of a 3 foot circle.

    I honestly wouldn't take the loss of random deviation too hard after thousands of deaths at close-mid range because my shots were missing even though my sights were perfectly aligned with each shot.

    [–] The 'absolute balance' in PvE is one of the worst things about it MothRatten 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in DestinyTheGame

    Friend of mine has over 1500 kills on his crimson days emblem. I've played a few rounds with him and it's fucking miserable and not at all fun. It's just a more distilled version of what sucks. Just nuts to butts and fight over the heavy ammo, and he just curses and moans the entire time. I just don't understand it.