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    [–] Went exploring. Found a AW11 greenhouse MothRatten 1 points ago in mr2

    Shit, I've never seen a perfect set that "cheap".

    [–] You might drag knee but get on my level of skating MothRatten 2 points ago in motorcycles

    This Shit's why I don't ride/drive the Dragon, even though I'm pretty close.

    [–] For a 15-minute period during my flight back to Canada yesterday, there were no clouds blocking the view over Greenland's glaciers and icebergs [3264x1754] [OC] MothRatten 7 points ago in EarthPorn

    Everyone should add a lightweight waterproof green laser pointer to their survival/backpacking kit. They are noticeable by the high flying airline pilots and they will record/report it.

    Will get you arrested in urban areas, save your ass out in the wild.

    [–] First woodworking project I've ever actually liked the result of: epoxy filled live edge bathroom countertop. MothRatten 20 points ago in woodworking

    It will eventually get pretty nasty in there if you leave it like that.

    Maybe fill over most of the rocks but leave the top layer open so you can take them out and clean easily?

    What specific epoxy did you use? How many pours? Looks very clear.

    [–] #combloc #squad MothRatten 8 points ago in ak47

    Was probably a cheap AR15 with a 37mm launcher and "agricultural" grenades. Totally legal.

    [–] Essential confirms $300M funding, Amazon and Best Buy retail availability MothRatten 1 points ago in Android

    I really want this thing, but it's just not quite there at that price.

    I guess I'll hold out to see what the rumored upcoming bezel less lg and Sony phones are all about. If they're not so great the price on this one will probably be down a bit by then.