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    [–] Happy Thursday from a Texan pup! Mourning_Aftermath 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in labrador

    It’s called a prong collar. It doesn’t poke, it pinches the scruff when the dog pulls. They shouldnt be used long term, but I’ve been told they are very effective when training large dogs.

    [–] Just got this little guy, he’s amazing and pretty much potty trained already. Mourning_Aftermath 4 points ago in labrador

    I prefer the thrower (I think mine is a chuck-it) and the rubber balls. Many years ago I read that the felt on tennis balls is bad for the dog’s teeth. The rubber balls hold up better over time too.

    Very handsome dog!! Looks like he has plenty of room to run.

    [–] BEAUTIFUL day for some #trashtag Mourning_Aftermath 2 points ago in pics

    Very popular in the southeast too.

    [–] When buying a used car, always get a prepurchase inspection! Mourning_Aftermath 7 points ago in personalfinance

    You pay a fee to list on autotrader based on certain options (length of time to run the ad, number of pictures, whether it’s sponsored or pushed to the top of searches). The list and/or sales person price of the vehicle is irrelevant.

    [–] Quinn’s shirts Mourning_Aftermath 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Dexter

    Is this the shirt she complained about? I’m on mobile and can’t tell if the picture is high quality enough to zoom in on the tag. You might be able to ask the seller what the brand is.

    [–] Court claimed I failed to appear but I did Mourning_Aftermath 3 points ago in legaladvice

    Fair enough. That is the way it should be. In my state we only have court reporters for circuit courts and above. Magistrate (county courts in my jurisdiction) and municipal courts exclusively use digital recording.

    I had to deal with an appeal from a multi-day criminal trial in municipal court. The charge carried a maximum of 3 years. Audio recordings were the only record. At one pint the judge forgot to restart it for a few hours after a break. One of the issues on appeal involved that witness’ testimony. It was a nightmare.

    The state Supreme Court has even hinted that they have at least thought about going to recordings in all state courts. No court reporters at all. It would be an absolute disaster.

    [–] What is a basic etiquette everyone should know but not everyone follows? Mourning_Aftermath 9 points ago in AskReddit

    But...’’Only really good friends show up early. Ergo de facto, show up early, become a really good friend.” /s

    [–] Court claimed I failed to appear but I did Mourning_Aftermath 29 points ago in legaladvice

    It is exceedingly unlikely that there would actually be a court reporter in traffic court. Typically lower level courts like this one only have digital recording, if anything. Then you have to hope they were recording and actually picked up the pertinent parts of what was said.

    [–] Unwritten town ordinances Mourning_Aftermath 3 points ago in Ask_Lawyers

    Check online as well if you have not already. My city has all of the ordinances accessible via (but also has hardcopies available for review at city hall).

    [–] Finally a win against noisy neighbors. Mourning_Aftermath 3 points ago in audiophile

    OP gets mad at neighbor for being loud. OP makes up a revenge fantasy about taking the neighbor to court and boasts about results that are legal impossibilities. Don’t bother waisting your time.

    [–] Finally a win against noisy neighbors. Mourning_Aftermath 20 points ago in audiophile

    I didn’t ask you to provide evidence. I wasn’t even directing the comment at you, moreso towards people who are unfamiliar with the legal system. I even conceded that you could have left out pertinent information that would have made this incredibly far fetched story at least plausible. I do believe you probably dealt with a noisy neighbor, but this reads like some sort of revenge fantasy. Your comments in the thread suggest it as well.

    All I said was that you either left out a lot of information or you made up what happened in the legal system. Honestly I don’t care either way, but personally I believe it’s the latter.

    [–] Finally a win against noisy neighbors. Mourning_Aftermath 26 points ago in audiophile

    None of this makes even the slightest of sense from a legal perspective. Either OP left out a lot of information (which is possible) or the whole thing is made up. This is not how the legal system works.

    [–] False testimony and "white lies" Mourning_Aftermath 8 points ago in Ask_Lawyers

    Remember that DUI doesn’t necessarily mean under the influence of alcohol, the driver could be driving under the influence of anything, including lawfully prescribed medication. In my jurisdiction the only requirement is that a person’s faculties to operate a motor vehicle are materially and appreciably impaired.

    If a person blows a 0.0 but can’t stand up and badly and obviously fails field sobriety tests, then a DUI arrest is probably warranted (and would likely result in a urine or blood sample being taken). If the person isn’t obviously intoxicated then I agree with you that it is wrong on so many levels.

    [–] Georgia’s GOP House Speaker is reportedly running a lucrative racket with his criminal law practice and elected office—getting all his cases continued indefinitely (on account of his legislative duties) and keeping his clients out, pretrial, for years. Mourning_Aftermath 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in law

    No. An elected school board official does not have the same statutory protections (or responsibilities/mandatory out of town meetings/time requirements) as a state legislator. Not to mention a PD will continue to have cases come in during the interim and would get further buried by their case load.

    FWIW, in my jurisdiction, PD’s are typically very well prepared for their trials. The main issue is that they don’t know a ton about the case until the case gets set for trial. Remember the vast majority of criminal cases end up in plea deals.

    [–] Georgia’s GOP House Speaker is reportedly running a lucrative racket with his criminal law practice and elected office—getting all his cases continued indefinitely (on account of his legislative duties) and keeping his clients out, pretrial, for years. Mourning_Aftermath 12 points ago in law

    It’s not just to avoid consequences, even the Supreme Court has acknowledged that delaying a trial is a common defense tactic (in the context of analyzing a defendant’s right to a speedy trial). The longer a case goes on the more likely that witnesses’ memories fade or they move away, police officers leave the department or get caught doing something that calls their credibility into question, or evidence spoils or gets misplaced (by far the least likely).

    It’s a valid strategy for defense attorneys, but a prosecutor should be able to move the case if they really wanted to. You can’t tell me that this guy can’t find one week in the next 6 months where he doesn’t have conflicting legislative duties. The prosecutor should move the court to have the case placed for a date certain trial at a mutually agreed upon date in the future. To be sure, 10 years is ridiculous. The worst I have seen has been a shade over three years and involved some pretty unique circumstances (awaiting the conclusion of a DOJ investigation into the incident, which included an officer involved shooting).

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Mourning_Aftermath 1094 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    This is typically not an issue unless the patient is being actively treated for something. Even then you simply provide them notice that the patient relationship is being terminated and give them a set amount of time to find a new physician (generally 30-90 days in my area). It’s also advisable to document the reason for the termination.

    * this is not legal advice

    [–] Pot o' Gold Mourning_Aftermath 1 points ago in Sneakers

    Somebody call Jordan Brand and tell them they need to drop indigo 1’s.

    [–] Pot o' Gold Mourning_Aftermath 14 points ago in Sneakers

    Roy G. Biv. Well done.

    [–] Rediscovering MiniDisc Mourning_Aftermath 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in audiophile

    I feel like you’re moving the goalposts. I never said it was the optimal media for sound quality, distribution, and marketing purposes. I only disagreed that releasing on MD was ‘bad for exposure.’ You saying that the money and effort could have been put to ‘far better use using any other modern format’ is pure speculation. They can still release the music on vinyl, cd, cassette tape, 8-track, digitally, or however they want. If they hadn’t released music on MD I (and I’m sure a few others here) would never have heard of the label.

    Would we even be talking about this label in this thread if they had released their music on one of your other modern formats?

    ETA: The label sells its music digitally, on vinyl, cassette, MD, and CD. All three releases on MD are sold out.

    [–] Rediscovering MiniDisc Mourning_Aftermath 5 points ago in audiophile

    Right, but at worst it’s just a marketing cost, at best they turn a small profit. I just don’t see how it could be bad for exposure like the other commenter said. I may never have heard of My Pet Flamingo if they didn’t put out music on MD and end up being discussed in this post. Just because they release it on MD doesn’t mean they aren’t releasing it digitally, on vinyl, etc. Formats are not mutually exclusive.

    [–] Rediscovering MiniDisc Mourning_Aftermath 7 points ago in audiophile

    Why would it be a bad idea? It’s not like they are only releasing music on MD. I’m sure it’s all available digitally and on other forms of media as well. It’s definitely unique and memorable. I had never heard of My Pet Flamingo before this post, but I’m about to check it out now-100% because they recently released music on MD.