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    [–] Do you take good looks into consideration when choosing (male) friends? Explain Mozz_Sticks96 1 points ago in AskMen

    Not conscientiously but I'm pretty sure it's been studied a lot and people tend to trust more attractive people. So if you're attractive, you'll likely have more friends

    [–] Tom Brady sees the end of his career coming 'sooner, rather than later' Mozz_Sticks96 11 points ago in nfl

    Yeah the bandwagoners are annoying and give us a bad rep. Happens to every good team tho

    [–] Tom Brady sees the end of his career coming 'sooner, rather than later' Mozz_Sticks96 62 points ago in nfl

    Yeah we just kinda embrace it. Between the Steelers and the Penguins we get a lot of hate in Pittsburgh

    [–] Do kids still say Kobe when they shoot their ball of paper in the trash? Or do they say Curry now? Mozz_Sticks96 20 points ago in nba

    I feel like it's just become a common phrase. It's not gonna change based off who's playing. Some people probably say it and don't even follow the NBA at all

    [–] Report: Suns to explore No. 1 pick for Kawhi Leonard Mozz_Sticks96 3 points ago in nba

    If Kawhi is a guaranteed re-sign this would be a good trade for both teams

    [–] If Klay began next season wearing #69 would that be the best selling jersey of all time? Mozz_Sticks96 53 points ago in nba

    Reddit is pretty anti-greek life because alot of redditors hate when other people have fun without inviting them

    [–] [Legs] at the Philadelphia Zoo and i just passed LeBron and his family getting a private tour Mozz_Sticks96 2 points ago in nba

    How would you even get a private tour of a zoo? Does he mean that they just paid for a zookeper to tell them stuff about the animals?

    [–] Some 1 game 'Goals' the Warriors should strive for next year. Mozz_Sticks96 2 points ago in nba

    Flip the rotation. Have the bench guys be the starters and play starter minutes. The death lineup has to win the game only playing 10-15 minutes