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    [–] Dundee 1-1 Rangers MrBlack_79 -7 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Well lafferty did score and that would have changed the game as Dundee wouldn't have been able to sit with everyone behind the ball. Also should have had a penalty too.

    That said, we flung in countless crosses rather than mix it up and hit some shots.

    [–] Kilmarnock 2-0 Livingston MrBlack_79 6 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Bet you wish you'd given big lee more time.

    Seriously expected hearts, hibs and Aberdeen to be very tight at the top with killie being mid table this season but you've actually improved from an impressive previous season.

    [–] Quite possible the most mental call ever on Clyde 1 SSB MrBlack_79 10 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Has to be a wind up. We've had folk sent off for nothing this season and red cards rescinded.

    [–] Heart of Midlothian 1-2 Rangers MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Or sent off the hearts player for a studs up foul on coulibaly when he didn't even get booked. Rangers were worthy winners and the offside wasn't even picked up by any of the hearts players. We've been on the end of a few wrong decisions this season be it goals disallowed, wrong offside calls or players being sent off incorrectly so its nice to get one our way from time to time.

    [–] Rangers 0-0 Villarreal MrBlack_79 5 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Mcgregor definitely earned his wages in this one but we had a few really good chances to win it too.

    Big ask to go over there and win but it in our own hands.

    [–] Seren 0.1.13 - New Guide Post READ! Added LambdaScrapers :) MrBlack_79 8 points ago in Addons4Kodi

    Because paid are much more reliable and people will get a better experience from nix's new addon. He's clearly wanted it to be as close a Netflix/prime experience as he can and he's done a bloody great job of it.

    Real debrid costs about 14 quid for 6 months. Its hardly breaking the bank.

    [–] Dave Kings AGM 2018 Speech MrBlack_79 7 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Ashley has done little to help Newcastle so was going to do even less for us. The retail deals and continued court battles show he was no friend of the club.

    [–] Rangers 2-0 Livingston - Alfredo Morelos 83' MrBlack_79 11 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Aberdeen will see the game against us as their cup final, which is ironic since they are in the league cup final. I'd expect celtic to hammer them then for them to suddenly find motivation against us.

    [–] Motherwell 3-0 Aberdeen: FT MrBlack_79 14 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Very surprised as motherwell were rank when we hammered them before the break. Aberdeen, hearts and hibs would all have been expected to win today.

    [–] FULL-TIME Rangers 3 - 0 Livingston | Great start after break. WATP! MrBlack_79 4 points ago in rangersfc

    Ref inconsistent, arfield booked for high feet but livi player did exactly same on goldson and got spoken too.

    [–] FULL-TIME Rangers 3 - 0 Livingston | Great start after break. WATP! MrBlack_79 2 points ago in rangersfc

    He's more important to us against hibs, hearts and celtic than against dundee. He would be picking up a booking at somepoint so better he misses Dundee than any of them

    [–] FULL-TIME Rangers 3 - 0 Livingston | Great start after break. WATP! MrBlack_79 7 points ago in rangersfc

    Dundee away game, 2 weeks tomorrow. Great tactical booking given we've got hibs twice, hearts and celtic this month.

    [–] Weekend Match Megathread (Sat 24 Nov - Sun 25 Nov) MrBlack_79 8 points ago in ScottishFootball

    6 spfl games on saturday, wonder when that last happened?

    [–] Seren - Love from Nixgates MrBlack_79 2 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in Addons4Kodi

    That's the only issue I've had so far. Got movies and TC shows in thumbnail view just now but would prefer movies in the fan art poster view, as that shows synopsis, runtime and rating. I can select it in the sidebar but nothing from the tools menu matches up.

    Edit - using Xonfluence as my skin

    [–] Seren - Love from Nixgates MrBlack_79 2 points ago in Addons4Kodi

    Great job u/nixgates Got it installed and playing around with it now and it seems very quick. Worth the wait

    [–] Scotland [2]-1 Israel - James Forrest 43' MrBlack_79 5 points ago in ScottishFootball

    What a difference it makes when we play the in form players rather than just sticking with a regular 11 cause they've done OK.

    [–] If you are gonna get red carded, make it a good one MrBlack_79 7 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Does this mean wee Willie will be down another division next week?

    [–] Christophe Berra returns to training three months ahead of schedule MrBlack_79 19 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in ScottishFootball

    Marvin 100% did this. Injured then missed one game but declared himself fit and continued playing and won the league that season.

    [–] Scottish Cup Broadcasting Deals Announced | Scottish Cup MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    I read that the guy who ran setanta is the same as the guy that runs premier. Surely that can't be true?