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    [–] Celtic trying to get the fans onside by showing the contract details for Turnbull MrBlack_79 2 points ago in ScottishFootball

    I don't think you'll have to many rangers fans slating celtic unless in jest, well not for the amount offered. The statement celtic came out with is poor though and stinks of sour grapes.

    10-12k for a guy with one season behind him is great money. Brown was the hibs captain, an international and was wanted by a few clubs at the time - including rangers - so celtic paid a big wage.

    Perhaps the player could have asked for 10-12 then asked for guarantees of wage increases with performances/goals etc so that he's closer to what he wants.

    That article says he would be on more than VVD was when he signed, again he was an established player.

    Perhaps celtic are concerned that he is another Scott Allan, as he was on something similar to what Turnbull wants and was a spectacular waste of money.

    [–] Lee Wallace signs for QPR MrBlack_79 2 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Good signings although Wallace looked so off the pace in the few games he was involved last season.

    [–] Wtf is wrong with some kids? MrBlack_79 2 points ago in Edinburgh

    Can only crack down if people report stuff. St Leonard's also has very few police officers in it other than a few community cops and lots of bosses.

    [–] Turnbull’s Celtic transfer could be OFF as agents hawk Motherwell star round England MrBlack_79 21 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Sounds like the agent is just trying to squeeze more money and hoping celtic will panic and chuck another few grand about.

    His wages at motherwell can't be much. I'd imagine celtic will be offering 8-10k+ since they value him at 3m.

    If he does sign and plays well there is nothing to say that they then can't negotiate an increase and longer deal, similar to what we did with morelos.

    [–] David Turnbull completes Celtic medical, move to be announced imminently MrBlack_79 2 points ago in ScottishFootball

    How many were from open play and how many from penalties? Had a look but can't seem to find it.

    Celtic aren't spending 3m to have him sitting on the bench or going on loan straight from the off. Should work out to be a good signing, if he continues to progress.

    [–] Margaret Fleming trial: Carers guilty of murdering missing teenager MrBlack_79 8 points ago in Scotland

    Glad the jury weren't swayed by the defence lawyers. Horrible individuals and unfortunately it does sound like we'll never find out when she was killed or where she is.

    [–] Vile moment pervert in Rangers top exposes himself to schoolgirl after telling her ‘I want to f*** you’ despite being told ‘I’m only 15’ MrBlack_79 3 points ago in Scotland

    I would like to think they reported it to police before or shortly after putting it online. Police appealing for information suggests they've been made aware however if the girls involved had spoken to police then there would be enough to arrest and charge the beast.

    [–] Celtic Stranglehold?! MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Celtic aren't doing it on anywhere near the scale of Chelsea or man city. Everyone that they've signed has been given a shot straight off bar a few exceptions - Christie being one that springs to mind. A few of them had some time around the first team but weren't quote good enough - gms for example but were good enough for smaller clubs.

    Christie was quite an interesting one as he signed then was loaned straight back to ict then Aberdeen. Everyone thought he'd made a mistake but he came back and actually looked good in the celtic midfield before he got injured, so the 2 extra years away from celtic actually benefitted him as he wasn't good enough at that point to be a regular.

    [–] Celtic agree fee with Motherwell for David Turnbull MrBlack_79 5 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Good to see motherwell holding out for the fee they wanted. A good amount for a guy with one full season but plenty of potential.

    Ntcham will be away for any decent fee. rogic is a pain in the arse with his goals against us but he's inconsistent a lot and can't last a full game. Brown has to be getting phased out next season.

    Can see Turnbull, macgregor and Christie being the regular 3.

    [–] Ex-MP Natalie McGarry freed ahead of fraud appeal bid MrBlack_79 2 points ago in Scotland

    Many convicted criminals may suffer from poor mental health or pose small risk but still get jailed, she is hardly unique.

    Fact that she spent it on rent, holidays etc shows that she knew exactly what she was doing. Hope the appeal fails and she returns.

    [–] Sheriff court public viewing gallery? MrBlack_79 2 points ago in Edinburgh

    Just turn up. Most courts will be open to the public, including the high court although for certain cases then they mat be closed off to the public.

    High court probably a little more interesting/depressing

    [–] Match Thread: Scotland vs Cyprus [European Championship Qualifying] MrBlack_79 3 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Motherwell did this years ago and surely it must have attracted more fans than normal. Fans that buy food, drink, programmes

    [–] Match Thread: Scotland vs Cyprus [European Championship Qualifying] MrBlack_79 10 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Not going to get carried away but we're definitely beating Belgium in their own midden on Tuesday.

    Hazzard wishes he could do a Burke and assist himself for a goal.

    [–] Match Thread: Scotland vs Cyprus [European Championship Qualifying] MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Steady yourself mate, 5 min injury time and this is Scotland - the hibs of international football

    [–] Match Thread: Scotland vs Cyprus [European Championship Qualifying] MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Always impressed me seeing him at hibs. The fact that he's went to Italy and dine really well but can't make this squad is baffling.

    [–] Match Thread: Scotland vs Cyprus [European Championship Qualifying] MrBlack_79 2 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Was just going to say exactly the same thing. Easy pass to make but ran into a tackle. Definitely not got a footballing brain

    [–] Motherwell have rejected two bids from Celtic and Barnsley - one of £2m - for David Turnbull. MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    It's possibly so that the player tells the selling club that he really wants to go to celtic/rangers and nobody else and the selling club is then left with a bit of a dilemma as to whether to accept a lesser offer, try and convince them to up their bid or just accept their highest bid rather than keep an unsettled player.

    Celtic thought john mcginn would hold out for them but good on the guy for not forcing hibs to take a lesser fee and getting a more challenging move down south and he's going to be in the EPL next season. If he impresses at that level then he could well get a move to a top 10 side and even more money.