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    [–] RDR2 is it too expensive? MrBlack_79 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Not sure on PS, on Xbox you can/could buy from other stores

    [–] RDR2 is it too expensive? MrBlack_79 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    38 quid from Argentinian Xbox store for the special edition

    [–] Celtic 4 - 2 Hibernian MrBlack_79 -1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Impressive result in a game many thought Celtic might slip up in. Some great finishes but some terrible hibs defending too.

    Mad that hibs have went from 2nd and potential to go top to mid table.

    [–] Cup Semi and Final Ticketing MrBlack_79 5 points ago in ScottishFootball

    No easy answer that will please all. I'm all for it being neutral but even if we left it as it was with rangers selling 20k plus tickets and aberdeen selling 10k then there is still double the amount of fans for rangers so more noise and not balanced anyway.

    [–] Aberdeen reportedly getting ticket allocation cut due to low ticket sales MrBlack_79 9 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Didn't think they could as the way Aberdeen had sold them were the better seats from various sections rather selling out a whole section (with restricted views) first.

    Can't understand why they aren't able to sell their allocation out. Should surely be able to get enough fair weather fans to come down for a semi final.

    If they do reach the final then the sales now should be taken into account when deciding on splits

    [–] Hearts set to miss Souttar and Ikpeazu for 5 months MrBlack_79 4 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Big blow for hearts to lose two top players. Will be interesting to see how they cope.

    [–] Scotland squad update. Mulgrew, Snodgrass, Souttar, & Tierney OUT. Christie, Devlin, & GMS IN MrBlack_79 4 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Has Christie even been playing? Fair enough when he was on loan at aberdeen but didn't think he was getting a game. Our squad strength in depth really is shite

    [–] Rangers 3-1 Hearts MrBlack_79 6 points ago in ScottishFootball

    How not to play an offside trap

    [–] Rangers 3-1 Hearts MrBlack_79 11 points ago in ScottishFootball

    We just need the first half from today and the second half from rapid Vienna and then combine them into one game

    [–] Squad V Hearts announced MrBlack_79 2 points ago in rangersfc

    Can only guess that barisic is injured given he didn't make the bench. Happy with the team, hopefully jack gets a bit of game time

    [–] Hibernian 6-0 Hamilton MrBlack_79 14 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Heard a comment on the radio saying Hamilton were lucky it was only 6-0.

    Very strong league this year with both Edinburgh teams doing well. At this rate they won't be looking just to split the old firm but finish above them both!


    The time to be "brave" was 4 years ago and the majority of those that turned up voted no. It was a once in a generation vote (although seems to have been forgotten) so please move on.

    If yes had won then what would you have been saying to the no voters who wanted another? Probably something along the lines of tough luck and the people have spoken?

    Oh and the organisers estimated 100k while council and police estimated 20k.

    [–] Predictions for this weekend MrBlack_79 1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Aberdeen vs St Mirren 2-0

    Hibs vs Hamilton 3-0

    Motherwell vs Livingston 1-2

    Dundee vs Kilmarnock 0-1

    Rangers vs Hearts 2-2

    St Johnstone vs Celtic 1-2

    [–] Man 'who threw coin at linesman' banned from football grounds MrBlack_79 13 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Solicitor will almost always say to plead not guilty at this stage. Gives them time to study evidence and decide what if any defence to run with. You could also add that they will pick up more fees so it's in their interest to string it out.

    Provided the person pleads before the trial starts (could be 5 mins) then it counts as early plea and they still get the discount reflected in any punishment.

    [–] Club Statement: Betfred Cup Semi Final | Heart Of Midlothian Football Club MrBlack_79 4 points ago in ScottishFootball

    After 4-6-0 , I never thought I'd like the man again but by God he's playing a blinder this year on his zero fucks given tour. The comment at the end about lawnmowers is comedy gold.

    [–] Day 1 patches? MrBlack_79 4 points ago in gaming

    Games are produced onto disc in advance of release however developers keep doing updates to them after this point.

    [–] David Moyes admits Celtic and Rangers jobs would both interest him MrBlack_79 6 points ago in ScottishFootball

    You're right, he shouldn't have said about managing both clubs. He played with you guys so you have him.

    [–] Livingston 1-0 Rangers - Dolly Menga 34' MrBlack_79 2 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Ranger, celtic, hearts, hibs, livi, killie although not necessarily that order! Think Aberdeen will struggle to get to 6 on current form of everyone

    [–] Livingston 1-0 Rangers - Dolly Menga 34' MrBlack_79 18 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Their goal scorer looks like a rugby player, absolute tank

    [–] Celtic 1-0 Aberdeen MrBlack_79 -1 points ago in ScottishFootball

    Cause the stats say only 3 on target each and it only being a 1-0 win so they could have nicked a draw.

    [–] Celtic 1-0 Aberdeen MrBlack_79 22 points ago in ScottishFootball

    It would be amazing if it said "Brendan bleaches his teeth "