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    [–] On the internet, everything gets a mashup eventually MrENTP 3 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in WTF


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    [–] Donald Trump doesn't care about the deaths of American citizens. MrENTP 2 points ago in worldpolitics

    There are significantly more centrists and progressives (of all colors) than there are conservatives. The democratic party is much larger than the republican party. Thats what happens when you force centrists and leftists into the same party. I suppose you think all white people are conservative? I'm not sure if you're pretending to be stupid or...

    Either way, the majority of conservative voters are elders and this virus is killing more elders than young people.

    I get that you're expressing some kind of genocidal fantasy, but like I said earlier, this virus is going to do no one any favors and will not help either party.

    You really need to grow up, embrace reality, and stop escaping into racist fantasies. After looking through your profile, its clear that you have depression and you're trying to cope. Talk to someone.

    [–] Donald Trump doesn't care about the deaths of American citizens. MrENTP 3 points ago in worldpolitics

    The point, which you've clearly missed, is that this virus doesn't care about political affiliation and is doing no one any favors.

    Learn to keep your juvenile hatred in check. It makes you look like an edgy teen.

    [–] Donald Trump doesn't care about the deaths of American citizens. MrENTP 4 points ago in worldpolitics

    This virus is also clearing out red towns full of old conservatives.

    [–] The pope just proposed a universal basic income. MrENTP 11 points ago in worldnews

    Everything the pope has preached is in line with Jesus' teachings. I think you're mad because you're realizing that Jesus wasn't a conservative.

    [–] It is time MrENTP 3 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    Look around. We're already in hell.

    [–] Bernie suspends campaign MrENTP 2 points ago in OurPresident

    no one has been a shithead to you. you're just mad people don't agree with you. Thats incredibly petty.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 0 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    just a set of moral principles

    I'd disagree. Centrists have no moral principles. Example: Before 2015, most people were on the fence about gay marriage, thought conversion therapy was a solution, and thought homosexuality might be a choice. Now, today (at least in the west) they will swear up and down that they were all for gay rights and equality the whole time.

    People with principles always believed that gays were just the same as anyone else and deserved the same rights. Their morals don't change according to mainstream thought. Centrists do.

    Bernie has been supporting black rights, women right, trans rights, and gay rights since before he started his political career. He's proven he has moral principles.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 8 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    I hear you, but I don't care if my side appears dirty or has the moral high ground. What I'm interested in is reforms that will stop everyone from falling into poverty. If mud-slinging gets the job done, then by all means, I accept that I'm toxic. But playing dirty is what has allowed republicans to take over the entire government. Playing "clean" is why moderates keep losing. I prefer results over optics.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 54 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    I agree. I think what upsets me about it is that they won't take the risk to improve life for others even despite there being so much suffering around them. Humanity doesn't have enough empathy for each other. Its probably why we're on the path to extinction.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 3 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    I'm not a centrist and have no interest in compromising my beliefs or dignity to appeal to your sensibilities.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 10 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    Calling all democratic moderates "establishment"

    people want to return to the status quo

    Moderate literally means centrist.

    The status quo is literally what the establishment enforces.

    You're saying a lot of words that keep proving me right. Your argument basically boils down to "if you keep hurting people's feelings or if you appear toxic, they won't join you." Yes, thats literally what I've been saying. I said most people are centrists who have no political ideology and thus, go with how they feel. When you stand for nothing, then you are easily manipulated. Thus, centrists go along with whatever the Corporate news media tells them. Oligarchs know this, which is why they've bought up all mainstream media like fox news, cnn, msnbc, and so on.

    Anyway, let me tell you whats going to happen. Joe Biden will win the nomination, but he will fail to inspire people to go out and vote. Trump will win again, thats almost certain. The stock market is currently crashing, Trump has exhausted all measures to stop it, which means we're heading into a global recession. We have no way to recover, which means the economy for the middle and lower class is about to head into a free fall. With a shit economy and with Trump at the helm, fascism is going to make a huge comeback. There will be more genocide and war.

    Do you know how I know this? History. Centrists like you always vote according to your feelings and not the facts. You allow psychopaths who wear a suit and have a nice smile to mislead you all because they make you feel good. I have absolutely no faith in you all, nor do I believe things will play out any differently from the past. The US empire is showing all red flags of a collapsing society - social degradation through the rise of racism and sexism, and political degradation because the government is no longer following its own rules and is becoming increasingly authoritarian.

    I've already packed my bags and have prepared for the future. You continue to live your life based on aesthetics and feelings, and I'll live according to reason. Best of luck to you stranger.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 21 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    Again, caring about aesthetics over policy is a very centrist behavior. I wouldn't care if Bernie got and stage and called Joe a fucking idiot. I vote based on the vision and ideology of a candidate, not whether or not they run a "clean" campaign. And its politics; Being surprised by any amount of mud-slinging is absurd. Politicians will attack each other's policy - thats what they're supposed to do. Joe and Bernie are competing, so I wouldn't be surprised if either of them started amplifying their attacks on the other.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 13 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    Honestly couldn't give a damn if you like me or not. I've had bernie supporters insult me. It didn't stop me from voting for what I believe in. If you refuse to vote for any candidate because of the way their supporters behave and not because you disagree with the ideology, then you are, indeed, a centrist sheep.

    Nice talk.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 53 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    turned off all the boomers from voting for him.

    Thus proving my point that they have no political ideology. If a few mean comments on the internet stopped you from voting for certain policies, then you never stood for anything to begin with.

    Again, thank you for making my case very clear.

    [–] You were my brother Yangakin, I loved you MrENTP 459 points ago in PresidentialRaceMemes

    Except most people are centrists with no political ideology of their own and will simply do what the establishment or their choice candidate tells them to do. They're called sheep for a reason.

    [–] Genius... MrENTP 9 points ago in worldpolitics

    cynicism makes you look cool and not like another edgy teen.