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    [–] TIL when Microsoft started manufacturing the Xbox 360, 68% of them were defective right out of the line. The main processor of the console had an 84% defect rate out of the line. MrJoyless 7 points ago in todayilearned

    Um, the 360 significantly out sold the ps3 for basically the whole console generation. It literally took until the home stretch before the ps3 caught up (tho that is debatable). I'd say selling a console for $600 hurt the ps3 more than anything, and as soon as the price dropped it became competitive. Additionally it is hard to actually know the exact ps3 console sales because Sony started to hide those sales in the final years of that console generation.

    [–] You're paying for Trump to promote his golf courses MrJoyless 1 points ago in politics

    Account 5m old -99 karma... Yea dude you're awesome.

    [–] You're paying for Trump to promote his golf courses MrJoyless 1 points ago in politics

    He subs to TheDonald so he must love the taste of hooker piss and Putin jizz.

    [–] Princes Charles and William refused to meet Trump MrJoyless 5 points ago in politics

    Goddamn that was great, she's gotta be like 100 lb lighter and 18" shorter than him.

    [–] Princes Charles and William refused to meet Trump MrJoyless 6 points ago in politics

    They would probably not leave that room as well. Believe it or not if the SS, sigh what a bad abbrev, started shooting with the queen in the room, I'd give it 50/50 that every Royal guard in the building would wreck the secret service.

    [–] American democracy’s built-in bias towards rural Republicans MrJoyless 17 points ago in politics

    I'd say DC, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico should have representation. It's absolutely rediculous that tens of millions of people who are affected by US policy, sign up and die in our militaries, and pay taxes, aren't represented in Congress.

    Edit: Represented by voting Congressional members, I know that there are non voting representatives.

    [–] There are not enough baby hippos in this sub. MrJoyless 1 points ago in aww

    Yea yes cute now, but in a few years it'll still be cute, but also a murder machine.

    [–] Ms Luna turned 2! MrJoyless 2 points ago in aww


    [–] PTSD rate among prison employees equals that of war veterans - Prison employees experience PTSD on par with Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, finds a new study. Working conditions in prison can include regular exposure to violence and trauma, and threats of harm to the workers and their families. MrJoyless 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in science

    Funny enough there are more rules of engagement for soldiers than police officers. And if a soldier shoots a civvy in the wrong his ass is getting disciplined possibly jailed, unlike most cops.

    Edit: So we just had a nuh uh guy post and delete so I'll put my response in the edit.

    Standard ROE for military, respond with equal force and only when fired upon. Unless otherwise specified, ie area denial exclusion zones etc.

    Standard ROE for police, I was scared for my life, shoot them. If they have a knife, shoot them. If you think they have a gun, shoot them. If they run from you, say you thought they had a gun, and shoot them.

    You are full of it bud.

    [–] Local body shops? MrJoyless -2 points ago in Columbus

    I've used 3C for all my bodywork. Not mom and pop but locally owned and operated.

    [–] Democrats Seek to Outlaw ‘Gay Panic’ Defence Across the US MrJoyless 11 points ago in politics

    How did the prosecutor not point out that a moment of insanity would account for the first punch or two or a single gunshot etc., now could you explain why you robbed him and tied him to a fence, because those do not take "a moment"...

    [–] Ex-CIA director: Americans will be named in future indictments MrJoyless 2 points ago in politics

    I can't believe Lynch met with Bill Clinton, of all of the bad looks, that has been one of the absolutely worst decisions made in '16.

    [–] The hardest choice to achieve perfect balance. MrJoyless 9 points ago in thanosdidnothingwrong

    I imagine if Pepper got snapped, Tony would do anything to bring her back.

    [–] On the Eve of His Meeting with Putin, Trump Blames Obama for Russian Meddling MrJoyless 2 points ago in politics

    Mother Jones,

    I'll fix your title for you, because it's framing this like it has some truth to it.

    "On the Eve of His Meeting with Putin, Trump Lies About Obama's Responsibility for Russian Meddling"

    Call a lie, a lie.

    [–] Ex-CIA director: Americans will be named in future indictments MrJoyless 1 points ago in politics

    Or they could have just told everyone about the Trump campaign's investigation as well... But that wouldn't have been fair to Hillary.

    [–] Would Republicans Vote For Hitler On A GOP Ticket? MrJoyless 10 points ago in politics

    There have been some pretty bad Popes, like crusade/slavery genocide kinda Popes. But those were non Catholic brown people, easily forgotten. Also some Greek Orthodox Christians tossed in for some extra sugar on the crusade cake.

    [–] Wait till it returns.... MrJoyless 1 points ago in Unexpected

    clickety click