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    [–] Tattoos are permanent MrKleenish 6 points ago in memes

    Elbow or knee?

    [–] I teach high school English and this is my go to: MrKleenish 4 points ago in dadjokes

    In college that would be hilarious, but the children may actually need help with their writing haha

    [–] AITA for not focusing on my wife’s nephew? MrKleenish 7 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA, I’m the same way with my littlest cousins. We didn’t grow up together like my other cousins, I see them once per year/every 2 years, and they’re wild toddlers so it makes it really hard. I have been trying to play with them a bit when I see them after everyone else has exhausted their ridiculous baby voices. so they’ll at least know who I am and remember having fun with me. It’s much easier to bond with a youngin after all the other people are tired of playing with them

    [–] Brake width question MrKleenish 1 points ago in skiing

    Yeahh I also wouldn’t want them to break at the heel like the 2017/18’s did.. I’m leaning toward to jester pro

    [–] skiing for the first time; need advice MrKleenish 1 points ago in skiing

    Pioneer sports in frisco has good prices. Renting anywhere near a resort will cost a decent bit more

    [–] Brake width question MrKleenish 1 points ago in skiing

    Right on thanks. When you say not a lot of clearance do you mean it’s just a close fit or are they making contact/rubbing the ski?

    [–] Brake width question MrKleenish 1 points ago in skiing

    I appreciate the maths that paints a good picture, but I’m curious if that quarter of an inch is something anyone has owned or ridden before and if they noticed any issues. Someone downvoted you and didn’t leave their opinion I’m confused lol

    [–] Anyone feel terrible and left out? MrKleenish 1 points ago in socialanxiety

    I pass on things sometimes even after telling myself I’ll regret it. I’ll miss moments with people that I’ll never forgive myself for, but I still pass anyway. I hate it, and I’m always so glad when I break away from it and get the fuck out and enjoy life. Sometimes it’s like jumping in cold water and I’m glad I went, but sometimes I still can’t seem to feel myself and regret not just staying home. Kind of a lose-lose. But I try to remember not to exclude myself from groups, or from joy

    [–] ErgoDash mini added to the family MrKleenish 4 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    Looks rad. What is something like that used for?