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    [–] I’m the creator of an imaginary game that isn’t imaginary to its players... MrKleenish 1 points ago in confession

    That’s exactly the problem, it’s only a game to OP. For anyone else involved this could end up changing their perception and/or trajectory of their lives. Butterfly effect and what not. That’s all secondary to the fact that manipulation of that magnitude is the real issue, and this game is more harmful to his own mental health going forward than any of the actual participants

    [–] Wife asking me to get circumcised - advice? MrKleenish 5 points ago in relationship_advice

    Some still regret that shit man, lol. I didn’t get a say

    [–] This guy sits with me in math - anything goes... MrKleenish 2 points ago in RoastMe

    Those ducks in rain coats from gif have more sense of style

    [–] Why do islamic terrorists hate the us? MrKleenish 6 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Google what they’ve done/did in the Middle East...

    [–] We are filming and recording a podcast, Roast us nice and good. MrKleenish 22 points ago in RoastMe

    I’ll go out on a limb and say the real roast could start if you link that podcast

    [–] Roast My Friend MrKleenish 1 points ago in RoastMe

    You look like you grew up in a place with a lot of wind chimes

    [–] she tried MrKleenish 54 points ago in Tinder

    He must follow rules 1 and 2

    [–] [PS4] [NA] I need a team (REPOST) MrKleenish 1 points ago in RocketLeagueFriends

    Yo add my discord Angry_Wildebeest#4450

    [–] Sold my i7/1070 desktop, this is what I'm using now. Yes, this is an Optiplex. MrKleenish 7 points ago in battlestations

    I saw an intriguing post scrolling new, but now all I see is a fedora. The thumbnail is the same size as the imgur post so.. got ya?

    Tis you who’s affended, good day to you m’goodboy

    [–] Sold my i7/1070 desktop, this is what I'm using now. Yes, this is an Optiplex. MrKleenish 13 points ago in battlestations

    You are, are there’s a difference between hiding it and posting porn I didn’t ask to see. Im not one to shame or anything like that but it’s the same as any other lifestyle or sexual orientation where it becomes the whole identity instead of a part. If you said hey how’s your day going to a gay dude, and he replied yeah I like DICK WHATS IT TO YOU?! You’d get my point

    Very brony-esque, like trump supporters and incels

    [–] Trying to have a nice lunch during an impromptu drag show MrKleenish 5 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Looks like he’s hiding a half chub behind transparent disapproval

    [–] Hand slapping when excited about something? MrKleenish 1 points ago in ADHD

    Just do you brah. A lot of people don’t feel capable of excitement

    [–] This sick picture of a performer . MrKleenish 0 points ago in pics

    Some vape douche photo bombing an awesome picture

    [–] How can I deal with an obnoxious drunk roommate? MrKleenish 3 points ago in AskMen

    Don’t be such a square come party man?! HAHAHA WHY DO YOU SLEEP WITH LIGHTS OFF INCOMING