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    [–] XDeeDeeDee MrPineAppleMan 256 points ago in dankmemes

    Parody account btw

    [–] memes still funny? MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Half the effort, 2x the karma. I applaud you

    [–] So... I just did this: MrPineAppleMan 5 points ago in Paladins

    This has been a big since around OB45

    [–] Evie the Summer witch by Seishiru MrPineAppleMan 2 points ago in Paladins

    Reminds me, when they released the major lava skin, didn’t they say they were gonna do something similar for the other characters too?

    [–] that was quick MrPineAppleMan 15 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] Hi-Rez, are you ever planning on giving us our owed champion chests? MrPineAppleMan 2 points ago in Paladins

    I wouldn’t mind the chests at all tbh, when the system first released I spent all my converted essence and gold (couple million) all on radiant chests thinking “hey they’re rewarding vets in a way I guess) but now I have 3 cards above level 7 and one legendary at level 9. I jumped on my smurf for a week and at the end I had 4 max level cards for one champion due to the champion chests for mastery as well as some radiant chests. Keep in mind I had EVERY SINGLE CARD before the new system. Edit: every card on my main that is

    TL;DR I would really bloody appreciate my earned champion chests for my main where every character (except 3) is at me 11 or higher

    [–] Hi-Rez, are you ever planning on giving us our owed champion chests? MrPineAppleMan 2 points ago in Paladins

    As an Aussie player too, I hope so, but I feel like the player base will stay the same but now everyone’s just gonna be in the new mode. I mean I’d even accept the really bad people like a lot of them here already are just to get games faster

    [–] How HATED are snipers to this community? MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in Paladins

    Edit: I realise I’ve written out a fucking essay and I’m sorry for that, you don’t need to read half it anyway, the last little bit is basically my final thoughts on things overall

    In a fight between a strix and a Kinessa, kin has an advantage in her mobility but a lack in shot damage/time strix can get a good 1200 damage off before a kin can charge to 1k plus. So I’d say it’s a dead draw in outcomes between the 2 if both on the same skill level. Don’t forget that a strix can have map knowledge too, meaning he can predict your teleport given the maps aren’t optimised for snipers.

    Honestly forgot about open season.

    I’m not dumbing down flanks for strix and not kin, I’m dumbing them down for both for comparisons sake. A strix doesn’t need to be scoped to watch his flair as he has a bolt sniper rifle meaning he isn’t restricted to tunnel vision like Kinessa is. Flanks can work around the invisibility yes. But it’s hard for them to work around a spazzing strix pistol that basically deletes the flank. Kin has her carbine which is nice, but is definitely slower than a strix pistol by a landslide.

    Yes a strix can be countered easier than a mobile Kinessa but a strix’s role isn’t to be mobile, he’s a staple in the backline he fights there until death, getting damage done. Kinessa moves around getting damage done constantly avoiding a flank as her kit doesn’t really allow for close range engagements (it does in cases)

    I looked at your account and the stats are fairly similar except for the 30hour ish playtime I have over you but You’re right, I never used kin to her full potential as I barely used her carbine when I figured it was more efficient using the rifle even against flanks as I’m a flick aimer not a tracker.

    I think Kin definitely scales higher mechanically with her scope jumping and what not but I think strix scales higher competitively due to him able to get more damage done.

    I’m a huge fan of the mechanical aspect of the game as you might be able to tell from my most played champs. I love Kinessa as I’ve had almost 100 hours of experience with her. But she just isn’t as viable as strix in higher levels, her teleporter is far more predictable as it has a little saucer that flies to the tp spot, the heal is affected by caut and she wastes critical moments charging for a full shot

    Overall: Mechanics - Kin Damage - strix Fun - Kin Best ult - Kin Pro recommendation - strix Adjustability - strix

    Dead heat 3/3 I favour Kin but who’s more likely to win games? It’s a strix.

    BTW if the game had proper hit boxes Kin would win in a landslide with her eagle eye legendary. But until that happens I believe strix is stronger

    [–] Forgive me father MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in memes

    You know it’s a repost when OP doesn’t link the source

    [–] How HATED are snipers to this community? MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in Paladins

    I definitely see what you’re saying, but neither scale too well in higher levels as the flanks scale higher than snipers do anyway.

    But let’s say a player is equally as good on strix as they are kinessa, playing timber mill the preferred sniper map. Kinessa has mines to the left and right so she has awareness to flanks. She hits a shot as the flanks come in from across the map, the flank hides and heals the kin prepares for another shot but doesn’t know where the flank will come from due to the amount of cover on the flank routes. Her teleport then becomes a panic button either when the flank is on you or you already used it in predicting the flanks position. 7/10 times the flank will win this fight if they are on the same skill level.

    On the other hand, there’s strix, gets a shot across the map, can reveal the hiding flank so he knows which way they will attempt to flank from and prepares for that side, he’s then either able to get another cheeky shot off while with a quickscope or can just reveal again and wait for the flank, he then pops invis, hits a shot and can then pistol whip an already half health flank. 1/10 times a flank will win this fight if they are on the same skill level.

    I’m not saying Kinessa doesn’t scale higher than strix because she definitely does and she’s far better with a supporting team than what strix is, but in just comparing the 2 stand alone snipers, my opinion is that strix is far better. I got my Kinessa to mr 20 within a few days as I played her non-stop because I loved her. But then strix was released a few patches after and I got flamed every game even if I had 40 Elias and 0 deaths just because I didn’t pick strix, got tired of it and chose strix a few times, only ended up getting him me 5 because yes he’s stronger but he isn’t fun, he feels cheap, being able to do so much damage without even being seen is just so scummy. But this is my opinion and I have no reason to devalue yours.

    [–] How HATED are snipers to this community? MrPineAppleMan 2 points ago in Paladins

    Former kin main here (not anymore because of being flamed) Kinessa is just not as good as strix, she’s a good sniper sure, her carbine can be useful but not that good for a push as you can make a team fight a 4v5 by tapping an opposing damage for half their health.

    Strix is better as he deals better damage, he is definitely a quick scope sniper and he’s stronger in the fact he has invisibility meaning a flank can lose him instantly, he can 2 shot almost any flank and if not he has an extremely strong pistol to make up for lack of skill

    [–] Paladins Streamers and Loooow Quality? MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in Paladins

    They do it to get max frames they can get, more of a quality of life thing

    [–] Can we pick a bot difficulty for Training? MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in Paladins

    The bot difficulty changes for you? The boys are always just non existent for me

    [–] The opposite of an assassin is MrPineAppleMan 43 points ago in Jokes

    [insert “the real joke is in the comments” comment here]

    [–] Bold and Brash MrPineAppleMan 4 points ago in SnapLenses

    How are people making these?

    [–] That was his genius plan all along MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in dankmemes

    TwItTeR ScReEnShOtS aReN’t mEmEs

    [–] Hi-Rez Expo 2018 Live Thread MrPineAppleMan 1 points ago in Paladins

    in game > store > account > redeem codes

    [–] W O W MrPineAppleMan 8 points ago in dankmemes

    Fuck, you right

    [–] W O W MrPineAppleMan 8 points ago in dankmemes

    Filthy casual yOu NeEd MaStEr YoDa tO aBsOrB yOuR TaSEr

    [–] This is why Parties need to be removed from Casual. A team of tryhards who just spawncamp and troll the enemy team. Entire team are Master-Levels. MrPineAppleMan 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago) in Paladins

    This is oce right? I play against these guys and non of them are even that good solo except maybe vecro and paragon. Parties should be maxed at 3 for casual or just have a party queue by itself. Also fairly sure this is mechanical wizards, probably backed out of a scrim or something, has happened with Kanga a few times to me as well