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    [–] Batman kid MrSquigles 15 points ago in ChildrenFallingOver

    What in the actual fuck is this? Is this seriously being upvoted on reddit? And nobody mentioning the crap surrounding the video?

    What happened to shit being downvoted for black bars/dead space or uncropped GUI or emojis or a title in the image/video or a lazy title?
    This has all of them!

    [–] MarvelxLotr MrSquigles 44 points ago in lotrmemes

    But elves are easier to find.

    [–] Cat Vape MrSquigles 185 points ago in tumblr

    Thirty-two, but your infliction goes up in shock and horror as you say it?

    [–] It's-a me! MrSquigles 2 points ago in combinedgifs

    One thing I've learnt from backpacking: Never stand on a drain in Asia.

    [–] I hope you agree MrSquigles 21 points ago in PrequelMemes

    It's called machete order and it's pretty famous. The problem is everybody has either seen or at least know the jist of the whole of Star Wars.

    [–] oh god. oh fuck. MrSquigles 43 points ago in tumblr

    I mean, fish eat fish too.

    [–] That’s not how the character arcs work! MrSquigles 5 points ago in SequelMemes

    Anybody reading the top text before commenting or just me?

    [–] What about Sam's Club MrSquigles 0 points ago in tumblr

    Can somebody translate this into British?

    [–] Gold meme MrSquigles 5 points ago in StarWars

    OP, you accidentally added a G into your title.

    [–] Dammit, Donald! MrSquigles 296 points ago in facepalm

    "Those fucking disgusting horrible savages on the left thrive on hate. Those bastards! I HATE THEM!"

    [–] Thanks, I hate Luigi's pea MrSquigles 13 points ago in TIHI

    Oh, that's how love works. Now I get it.

    [–] You spend your life collecting guests for your own funeral. Your family is your starter pack. MrSquigles 14 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I doubt that. Like, if you could sacrifice yourself to save the world would you be like "What's the point, though?"

    [–] Ireland? Your thoughts? MrSquigles 3 points ago in AskABrit

    They're just like us but they talk funny and hate us.

    [–] Didn’t realize she was also a captain (obvious) MrSquigles 12 points ago in ThatsHowThingsWork

    I still don't. Like treating depression by painting? Or anxiety by making pottery? That kind of thing?