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    [–] It's Not What it Looks Like! MrWeiner 6 points ago in funny

    Hi, my name's Zach Weinersmith, and I drew the comic about the sad man and the dissolution of his sham marriage. For more comics in a similar spirit, please visit my website here:

    [–] Eat the Apple MrWeiner 231 points ago in funny

    Hi, my name's Zach Weinersmith. I drew the above comic about how I can't draw snakes very well. You can see more badly drawn animals on a regular basis here:

    [–] Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A Sample MrWeiner 3 points ago in SMBCComics

    Nah, check your patreon account - my comic was posted before that :)

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 36 points ago in funny

    There was a chapter in The Sports Gene (which was a great book!) about a sledding dog who did extremely well in the Iditarod. The interesting thing is the dog seems to have some sort of gene for sledding behavior. Like, even after retirement it just keeps pulling sleds around compulsively.

    I think I'm sort of like that, but for dick jokes.

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 14 points ago in funny

    How many EXPs do I get?

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 24 points ago in funny

    Consult the DM and demand more points of some sort.

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 479 points ago in funny

    I'm really more into I'm tired of reddit only being ten percent 14-year-old fascists.

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 40 points ago in funny


    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 108 points ago in funny

    I choose to step away from the light.

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 241 points ago in funny

    Nah. It was drawn a while before that (in fact, patreon subscribers got it yesterday morning). I actually didn't even know about it until my brother read the joke and pointed it out.

    [–] A Sample MrWeiner 1143 points ago in funny

    Hi, my name's Zach Weinersmith, and I drew the thing about the sad man and his poop. You can read more similar comics by going here:

    [–] Seized another from SMBC MrWeiner 32 points ago in FULLCOMMUNISM

    points equally distributed

    [–] A radical view MrWeiner 3 points ago in wow


    [–] Office Tag MrWeiner 18 points ago in funny

    The man in the comic is desolated by sorrow, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE! Enjoy SMBC Comics every day right here: