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    [–] Hair MrWeiner 3 points ago in funny

    Hi, I'm the guy who drew the comic, and you can also see more comics here at

    [–] BAHFest! MrWeiner 1 points ago in HoustonEvents

    If you bought one, you should've received an email saying you can hold it or get a refund. If not, please email us.

    [–] Faster, Papa! MrWeiner 29 points ago in funny

    So far, the elves have given me a mysterious sack that always produces money when reached into.

    [–] Faster, Papa! MrWeiner 147 points ago in funny

    You cannot borrow or lend karma. It can only be earned by posting nudes or amusing observations about cats or anxiety.

    [–] Faster, Papa! MrWeiner 151 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in funny

    EDIT: WE DID IT. I will now take your questions.

    Hi, I'm Zach, and I drew the comic.

    Listen. If this gets upvoted anywhere near the front page I'll have a million karma. Few of us knows what lies beyond that event horizon. If I achieve my goal, I will attempt to communicate with you from the other side.

    Edit: PS, come see me at bahfest:

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 6 points ago in funny

    Weird, right?

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 14 points ago in funny

    Releasing two more books this winter!

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 48 points ago in funny

    How about I stop working AND stay profitable?

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 170 points ago in funny

    Hold on, calling my business guy to tell him to make 7% more stuff this quarter.

    [–] Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 54 points ago in comics

    Ladies and gentlemen of /comics, I want to say to you that today, together, we have proven that it is still possible to get a comic in the top ten of /comics without having a direct image link or making an observation about dogs.

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 173 points ago in funny

    These are good points and thankyou, you fucking observant person.

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 467 points ago in funny

    Hi, my name's Zach Weinersmith and I did the comic that's still better than every Superman movie except that one with Richard Pryor.

    Please go to my website here:

    [–] The Real Supervillain MrWeiner 426 points ago in funny

    It's Bizarro you fucking philistine.