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    [–] I don't buy Joel being a villain. Mr_Nobody0 90 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    Joel is not a villain, because in the world of The Last Of Us there are no innocent souls left, everyone are villains, they just won't accept it.

    [–] Removed PS5 product page: System update required for PS4 back-compat Mr_Nobody0 27 points ago in GamingLeaksAndRumours

    Pretty sure it will be at launch, but what concerning is "supported ps4 games", feels like it will be not fully back-compatable with a certain amount of games (which I know will surely be more than 100 games).

    [–] Who is Nora huh Mr_Nobody0 2 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    It is not the end, even the leaked footage confirms that.

    [–] Who is Nora huh Mr_Nobody0 3 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    That wasn't leaked, so who knows. I really hope she does, Ellie deserves it, Joel too.

    [–] Who is Nora huh Mr_Nobody0 17 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    One of the people that helped Abby hunt down Joel, looks like Ellie bout to hunt down "Every last one of them"

    [–] Can someone explain the outrage? (Spoilers) Mr_Nobody0 -3 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    They are up in arms over these three things.

    [–] I can't help but feel excited for this character, i wonder what role he plays in the game.. Mr_Nobody0 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    I believe I saw one clip of Abbies gameplay and it told that WLF is Abbies group, he looks different, pretty sure he will be someone new like cannibals were in Winter chapter.

    [–] Brick or Bottle? Mr_Nobody0 7 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    Brick for sure, you can kill with it, bottle just stuns.

    [–] Interesting... Mr_Nobody0 2 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    It is confirmed that title screen will change as you progress the game, yet is this a legit one? Looks too large of an area to be true.

    [–] Wait.. WTF??? Mr_Nobody0 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    It isn't, Ellie goes on to find her once again and then it cuts to Abby and that asian kid most likely months later since the fight. I hope there is alot more to that, and I bet there is.

    [–] Abby's Sex Scene Mr_Nobody0 34 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    The one that cuts when the guy gets his shirt off? Can't really call that a sex scene.

    [–] FUCK YOU NEIL CUCKMAN!! Mr_Nobody0 3 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    Joel dying is the thing we all knew that will happen, hell, he nearly bit the dust in the first game, it was always known that Ellie or Joel are not safe. It is not the reason to bash Cuckman, but the way he does die and the fact we will be forced to sympathise his killer by playing as her is bullshit.

    [–] Wait a minute.... Mr_Nobody0 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    I can see Abby dying in The Last Of Us 2, that leaked ending setting up the sequel just seems to really off. Since first Uncharted, Naughty Dog never ended their game on a cliffhanger in such style, the cycle of revenge has to end in this game.

    [–] I look forward to the day that. Mr_Nobody0 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    I believe they told that it will be the largest one they have done, so atleast 20 hours can be expected.

    [–] Silent Hill PS5 details Mr_Nobody0 15 points ago in GamingLeaksAndRumours

    It is not important if it will be exclusive or not, new Silent Hill game being a thing alone already puts a smile on my face.

    [–] Don't trust anyone, even yourself. (Definitive Edition) Mr_Nobody0 23 points ago in MafiaTheGame

    I believe that Hangar 13 fully dedicated themselves to Mafia Remake after the last story dlc was released, as Mafia 2 remaster was done by another studio, so I believe the latest patch of Mafia 3. I guess that after the bad reception and after how Mafia 3 was rushed and cut down, they just wanted to forget about it and win back the fans with Mafia remake. I too don't know what to think of it, but I am positive for now, atleast till the first gameplay footage will be shown in june.

    [–] Mafia III re-release Mr_Nobody0 5 points ago in MafiaTheGame

    People acting like they deserve a remake for free.