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    [–] Looking for a job - help Mr_anchovy 2 points ago in Switzerland

    Does that mean I can register at an administrative authority and they give me a permit to stay while I show effort to get a job?

    Basically, yes. Under the link I posted, go to the factsheets page and read the pdf "Residing in Switzerland without gainful activity". As I understand it, if you're in the country longer than 3 months while job seeking, you can register for a short term permit, which can be extended further provided you are actively searching for a job and have sufficient finances to support your stay in the country.

    I'm not an EU citizen and I don't know the details the matter since none of it is applicable to me.

    [–] Looking for a job - help Mr_anchovy 4 points ago in Switzerland

    Since you're an EU citizen, there's a bit more flexibility in terms of getting residency permits, etc. Here's some info on your residency options while looking for a job.

    I don't have much to suggest for finding jobs other than use the standard online sites (linkedin, monster, etc). There probably are job placement services in Zurich that can help, especially if you get a jobseeker permit.

    [–] What to do in Portugal Mr_anchovy 3 points ago in travel

    I'd say Sintra is pretty much mandatory if you're in Lisbon. Cabo da Roca is beautiful too, but Sintra is really unique. I wouldn't try combining both of those into a single day, though, there's just too much to see in Sintra. I think Cascais is forgettable.

    [–] Hiking from Kronberg, AI to Schwägalp, AR [OC] [5000x3360] Mr_anchovy 1 points ago in schweiz

    share some of the pictures i've taken during my visits

    The more the merrier! This sub needs more people and contributions...

    [–] Moon Hill - Yangshuo, China [OC] [5451 x 3622] Mr_anchovy 139 points ago in EarthPorn

    If you ever travel around Asia

    At this point, it's not if so much as when. Hopefully sooner, rather than later...

    [–] Waterfalls flowing from Logan Pass - Glacier National Park, MT [OC][2500x3500] Mr_anchovy 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Well, this trip was only a couple weeks after I bought my first DSLR. I was still learning how to use that thing so most of the others were pretty subpar. This one holds up though, I think.