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    [–] Autumn colors in the Swiss Alps - Evionnaz, Switzerland [OC][2048x1152] Mr_anchovy 7 points ago in EarthPorn

    Yep, they're European Larches. Most conifers are evergreen, but these are one of the exceptions.

    [–] The lighthouse on the cliffs of Cabo da Roca, Portugal - The westernmost point in continental Europe [OC] Mr_anchovy 3 points ago in travel

    I would say definitely, assuming you're already around Sintra (which is a must-see) and assuming you want to do more than just walk to the overlook, snap a pic, and leave. It's pretty easy to get to, especially if you have a car (though it looked like the public transport is probably a decent option if you can stick to the timetable). I'd recommend going later in the afternoon/evening, as the light is coming from a better direction, and you'll be less likely to be stuck around tour buses. The groups just stick to the overlook, so if you take one of the trails along the edge, a few of which go down to small rocky beaches below the cliffs, it's really nice.

    [–] Summer snow on the Hörnli Ridge of the Matterhorn - Even when most of the mountain is covered in clouds, it can still be pretty dramatic (Zermatt, Switzerland) [OC] Mr_anchovy 2 points ago in travel

    A couple more:

    The Gorner Gorge is neat, especially if the weather or clouds at higher elevations are not ideal.

    Also, find and walk down Hinterdorfstrasse. It's a small side street sort of hidden in the middle of the village, but it's got a cluster of wooden buildings/barns/storehouses in the traditional mountain style most of which have been there 300-500 years old and are still in use. Pretty cool, and they're tucked away just a street away from the big modern hotels.

    Have a great trip!