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    [–] An extremely creative lego wedding cake! Mrappleton1 1 points ago in pics

    This is my mum's manager's wedding cake

    [–] UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Almost Takes Conan O’Brien’s Head Off With Spin Kick Mrappleton1 1 points ago in television

    I see that Connor's shoes were on the table, but I'm not sure if they are new shoes but if so that is bad luck

    [–] Lobby Not Joinable//Invite Failed Mrappleton1 1 points ago in blackops3

    I found that because i was using a Opendns i had to use the default network settings

    [–] 3 hours into Destiny. Really enjoying it so far! Mrappleton1 1 points ago in gaming

    I found changing the the dns to an open dns increased the speed

    [–] Quick 2 hour giveaway, M4A1-S Basilisk Mrappleton1 1 points ago in randomactsofcsgo

    No puns :(

    I guess i cant say "blue you away"

    But killer blue

    [–] I couldn't stop. Mrappleton1 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Is this a common thing to do because my friend did this a while back

    [–] Felt an itch on my neck while trying to sleep. I'm no longer sleepy. Mrappleton1 4 points ago in WTF

    I think they just pulled it from behind their ear whilst they were back there

    [–] faceswap worked quite nicely Mrappleton1 5 points ago in funny

    He looks so pleased with his new face