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    [–] [gen8] Got this lil dragon boy in a raid, my heart stopped Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in ShinyPokemon

    Awesome thanks for the answer, I couldn’t find any info on this anywhere and was getting anxious every time I did a raid lol

    [–] [gen8] Got this lil dragon boy in a raid, my heart stopped Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in ShinyPokemon

    Does it appear shiny in the raid or do you have to catch it to see if it’s shiny?

    [–] [8] Say Hi to Peppermint. First Shiny of Galar for me Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in ShinyPokemon

    Those are all pretty great ones too, I was trying to get a shiny impidimp but decided to give up until I got the shiny charm

    [–] "Review" of Pokemon Shield by my girlfriend who has only played Let's Go Munch-Me-Later 0 points ago in pokemon

    Or maybe they actually explored a little instead of rushing through the gym leaders?

    [–] "Review" of Pokemon Shield by my girlfriend who has only played Let's Go Munch-Me-Later 2 points ago in pokemon

    You’re making it sound like a criticism of the game when it’s actually a criticism of the series as a whole

    [–] How rare are the yellow-glowing full IV Pokémon? Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in PokemonSwordAndShield

    That would make sense, I was targeting the little flappy fellas on that route

    [–] Important News for the Shiny Hunting Community Munch-Me-Later 7 points ago in pokemon

    The ëgg moves being passed to already hatched mons is if there’s two of the same species in the daycare together, one of them knows and egg move and the other only knows between 1-3 moves, the egg move will be transferred over to the mon with a missing move. This one was shown in an official trailer too so it’s not something that is just speculated from leaks or anything like that

    [–] Please voice your concerns to Nintendo! They want to hear from us! Munch-Me-Later 5 points ago in pokemon

    Could you imagine if gamefreak still had to deal with all that though? I doubt Pokémon would still be a thing at this point if they did

    [–] Sound control now requires a key item Munch-Me-Later 14 points ago in pokemon

    You can always adjust the volume of the switch itself to counteract that if it’s a problem

    [–] More confirmation that S/S are using the same models Munch-Me-Later 14 points ago in pokemon

    Now would have been the PERFECT time to delay the game given that the anime isn’t set in the new region and is instead exploring all the past regions alongside the new. This would have been great if the anime came out 6 months before the games, given them extra development time while also building up to the new region through the anime, maybe even including gen 8 Pokémon along the way to get people hyped up for the games kind of like what they’ve done in the past with gen 2 and gen 4 mons

    [–] They forgot to add music in the battle with the box legendary. Munch-Me-Later 8 points ago in pokemon

    It sounds like it needs to be played at half speed, then it would be alright

    [–] Is there anything that hurts your cause worse than assholes sending people in charge death threats? Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    This is my post you reposted, and you’ve made it more misleading than it should have been. There have been no documented threats towards anyone at gamefreak recently. The only reason I mentioned it in the post is because the comments section of the tweet from TPC were filled with speculation about there being threats. Don’t use this to try to denounce anyone’s cause because it’s extremely scummy.

    [–] Do you think Gamefreak will include some kind of lore explaining why most Pokémon aren’t obtainable in the Galar region? Or will they just pretend nothing happened? Munch-Me-Later 2 points ago in pokemon

    Then why didn’t they say that? Why do they keep using different excuses every time they’re asked that are easily disproven each and every time? Why is the dex number only 400 when they have 151 they could use from gen one and 80+ brand new mons, leaving less than 200 to be brought over from all the other gens? It’s cause there’s no good reason for it