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    [–] Shiny Yellow Cat Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in pokemontrades

    Haha free shinies go Brrrrrrr

    [–] Pokemans Munch-Me-Later 12 points ago in greentext

    I also have that card, such a beaut

    [–] Unpopular opinion: Joe needs to move to a shitty little town and live in a studio apartment for a year to get back in touch with reality. Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    I don’t think him saying that he feels better after a sauna and therefore if others did the same to make themselves feel better and be less stressed is the same as saying it prevents corona.

    [–] I wonder if I still smell good.. Munch-Me-Later 6 points ago in dankmemes

    Hold on to that, you’re only gonna get 1 more of those in your life. 2 tops.

    [–] Ain’t That The Truth Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Probably his dementia too

    [–] Bright Blue Bee! Munch-Me-Later 12 points ago in RealLifeShinies

    I kept seeing comments in other subs being repeated 4 or more times and thought it was weird. Maybe that’s just a coincidence but maybe something was going on with reddit for a couple of minutes

    [–] Bright Blue Bee! Munch-Me-Later 26 points ago in RealLifeShinies

    My bad. It never told me it posted, I kept getting error messages saying it couldn’t be posted, so I clicked it a few times to see if it would work again but it kept saying there was an error.

    [–] As an european, Americans look like a bunch of 5 yr olds Munch-Me-Later 4 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Well they seem to be protesting quite a bit in the past few years too

    [–] What is a movie you find terrible but critics seem to love? Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Birdman. I really disliked it in the moment, but then finding out that people LOVE the movie and think it’s one of the best in recent times made me absolutely hate it for some reason. Shit was boring as hell, the ending was garbage, the characters were annoying. Hate it. And I don’t give a fuck about the “all in one take” aspect, that doesn’t add anything to me.

    [–] You lot have never had CoD so good (I’m a millennial, not a boomer) Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in modernwarfare

    Just because you’re a cry baby doesn’t mean I have anything to do with infinityward lmao

    [–] Every damn time... Munch-Me-Later 1 points ago in gaming

    Bought a copy of Green in japan for $30