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    [–] me_irl Mushroomer 1 points ago in me_irl

    Remember when everyone on this site hated Vine for some reason, then Vine shut down and suddenly everybody loved it as a unique form of comedy that birthed dozens of great memes?

    Just saying.

    [–] Netflix's Hyperdrive could be awesome with a new edit. Mushroomer 1 points ago in television

    It got popular on a small cable channel that mostly sustained itself on COPS reruns. Success is relative. Sustaining an audience on network TV during the summer means fitting more of the mold of popular reality TV. Plus, the original Ninja Warrior was largely a totally different format. Basically a one-night event where 100 competitors raced to the end of a multi-stage course. ANW's a full season-long competition show, complete with regional sub-competitions. They've evolved on the premise substantially.

    And I feel like even when Overdrive shifts focus to the drivers, it's still primarily about cars. The whole segment on South Africa is saccharine, but still serves as an interesting look into a car culture that rarely gets considered in the West. Watching 12 6-minute runs of the same course in every episode with zero insight into the drivers may be interesting to some, but not to most.

    [–] EA walks among us... Mushroomer 0 points ago in apexlegends

    The evidence was

    • It was a new account

    • It disagreed with OP

    That was about it.

    [–] EA walks among us... Mushroomer -7 points ago in apexlegends

    Baselessly accusing people of being shills for EA isn't really better than baselessly claiming science is on the side of loot box mechanics.

    [–] The Giant Beastcast: Episode 222 Mushroomer 4 points ago in giantbomb

    Given how long it would take to fully complete DK64, shipping the thing to Antarctica is definitely the more affordable choice for corporate.

    [–] Me_irl Mushroomer 8 points ago in meirl

    This can have consequences, though. There's been multiple cases of parents accidentally left their children in the car all day, claiming that they forgot to drop them off at daycare and that muscle memory took them the rest of the way to work & through the day.

    [–] me_irl Mushroomer 1 points ago in me_irl

    Except they never remodeled Splash Mountain to include Zootopia characters, and Zootopia is set entirely in a city instead of a mountain.

    At this point, Splash Mountain is popular enough to exist on its own. It's like Space Mountain or the Matterhorn - the ride is the IP.

    [–] Top post on r/Greece. A club-pita-gyro-sandwitch with a lit potato instead of a plain birthday cake. As requested by you, dear Europeans Mushroomer 1 points ago in shittyfoodporn

    Is feta not a typical gyro thing? Feels very common on the West coast of the US to have a crumbling of feta cheese in a gyro wrap, alongside the meat, tzatziki, onion, and tomato.

    [–] Top post on r/Greece. A club-pita-gyro-sandwitch with a lit potato instead of a plain birthday cake. As requested by you, dear Europeans Mushroomer 3 points ago in shittyfoodporn

    It's a bit heavy on the tzatziki - but conceptually I think this could be pretty tasty. Do a lighter spread, plenty of gyro meat & feta cheese between each layer, dice up the tomatoes & onions on top a bit more - you'd have a pretty tasty slice of gyro casserole. Maybe some fried potatoes in the middle layer instead of another pita?

    [–] [Other] People say Disney are playing Monopoly this summer, but where's their competition? Mushroomer 3 points ago in boxoffice

    Those were isolated highlights in a wider field of underperforming films, though. They weren't going to be sustainable with just the occasional big hit.

    The fundamental problem is that most of their tentpole franchises stopped drawing audiences & audiences stopped going to theaters for the smaller scale films.

    I think had 20th Century Fox just sold their big names off to other players & kept going as a smaller prestige studio with an eye for streaming - they could've been fine.

    [–] [Other] People say Disney are playing Monopoly this summer, but where's their competition? Mushroomer 7 points ago in boxoffice

    Joker seems like it'll either play extremely hot or extremely cold. If it's good, I think you'll see a lot of audiences come out for it over a long period of time. Essentially legs throughout the entirety of Oscar season.

    But if it's not great, I think casual audiences will not hesitate to skip it entirely.

    [–] [US] Alita: Battle Angel opened in first on the Combined DVD and Blu-ray Sales Chart, with 1.5x the sales of second-placed Hellboy's debut, according to estimates. Mushroomer 7 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in boxoffice

    Or it just indicates a fanbase more likely to purchase the home version. Considering how hard the team behind to the film pushed for people to buy the Blu-Ray - this result doesn't really seem to indicate any growth in interest for the franchise. Just an easily exploitable fanbase.

    [–] Netflix's Hyperdrive could be awesome with a new edit. Mushroomer 3 points ago in television

    Honestly, I don't mind the story interstitials. You need to make these drivers into characters, and the personal tidbits do just enough to establish each as a personality worth rooting for/against. They also edit it well, spreading the backstory between each contestant's most pivotal run - rather than frontloading it.

    It also may not help that I've spent the past week binging the latest season of American Ninja Warrior, and thus have started to find the cheesy character segments a little bit charming.

    What I could do without is the cliffhanger endings. I get the appeal of just slipping into a new episode, but it's just so blatant and robs each episode of closure.

    [–] Punch Up the Jam 84 - Hotel California PART ONE (w/Miel's Dad) Mushroomer 2 points ago in Earwolf

    Two months ago, Demi announced he was quitting the show and didn't even have time to record an announcement about it in the studio with Miel, and instead had to handle everything separately. Apparently, he did this basically simultaneously with a sudden move across the world to New Zealand.

    That's what was abrupt.

    [–] Punch Up the Jam 84 - Hotel California PART ONE (w/Miel's Dad) Mushroomer 4 points ago in Earwolf

    They explain that the episodes that came out since the announcement had been pre-recorded and stockpiled. So him actually announcing his departure from the show was probably right after the taping of the previous episode. All the time in between has just been Miel releasing already recorded episodes.

    They've got two more episodes together (live shows at festivals in Seattle & Portland), then Demi is off the show for good.

    All in all, it does seem like it was extremely abrupt on Demi's part - and Miel took it pretty harshly (as would most people).

    [–] Damn greedy corporations Mushroomer 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Eh, you can push merch while still being cinematically irrelevant. At a point in time, Spider-Man was an unparalleled box office sensation. Then, Sony released three abysmal movies in a row - and suddenly even Homecoming, the big return-to-Marvel event flick - can't even pass a billion globally. It took the entirety of Disney's contract for them to build the character back into somebody capable of leading a billion-dollar solo movie.

    And can you honestly say that if Sony hadn't made the MCU deal, that Spider-Man would be in a great place right now? Presumably after a third Amazing Spider-Man film & the teased Sinister Six spin-off?

    [–] Damn greedy corporations Mushroomer -1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Honestly, Spider-Man 3 & TASM nearly drove the character into total irrelevance. It took them giving Peter Parker to the MCU that forced them to make Spider-Verse (the best Spider-Man movie by a country mile), and Venom (a fucking absurd film that is objectively stupid, but also supremely enjoyable).

    Creativity is born of restrictions. Which frankly, is why this might actually result in some fascinating storytelling on the end of the MCU. If they actually lose Spider-Man at this moment in his arc, after clearly establishing him as the new centerpiece of the franchise - that's a hell of a problem that might inspire creative solutions.

    [–] Damn greedy corporations Mushroomer 4 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Eh, assuming Variety's source is legitimate (and isn't just a Disney executive trying to skew the deal) - Sony literally didn't even make a counteroffer to try and negotiate.

    So both sides kinda come off as egotistical dicks in this case.

    Honestly, the solution should just be that the deal stays the same as it is now - but Sony gets to include Spider-Man in their whole Venom universe via Some Multi-Verse Bullshit. Sony now gets their own billion-dollar Spider-Man movies, MCU keeps on chugging, everybody's happy.

    [–] Threedom - The Pretzel Gang Mushroomer 3 points ago in Earwolf

    I think the six next episodes will only be on Stitcher Premium, but when they start on the next "season" (probably in 2020), those will end up on the free stream after a period of time.

    It's unintentionally confusing, but that's really Stitcher Premium's whole brand identity, so...