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    [–] To protest homophobia Mushroomer 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    You could make the case that by bringing eyes to the issue and using the platform to advocate for LGBT rights, she negates whatever donation the owners make towards hate groups.

    Somebody's going to headline the same show and bring just as much money. Doing it while also advocating equality makes the best of a bad situation.

    All that said, I don't think Grande deserves a ton of praise just for waving a flag. That's what's expected of her as a pop star of this generation, with her following. If she wanted to make a pointed statement specifically against the festival's owners (of which only the tweet in the OP seems to suggest she was doing) - she should back that display up with direct financial support of an LGBT charity, or an explicit call to action against the owner's actions.

    [–] "Video game music is the best music" starter pack Mushroomer 8 points ago in starterpacks

    To clarify, this meme isn't about the music itself. Tons of great VG music out there, and a lot that I personally adore.

    This is about the fans of that music, specifically the ones that are so devoted that they declare it the best form of music - and make it the only thing they listen to.

    In my experience, those people don't actually know a goddamn thing about what makes music good & interesting, despite coming off as similar to music students and other individuals who get into extremely technically proficient music. As a result, I mock their fandom.

    [–] "Video game music is the best music" starter pack Mushroomer 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in starterpacks

    Some of the mixes on DJ Hero 1/2 still slap harder than just about any other electronic music I've ever heard.

    For any doubters.

    [–] "Video game music is the best music" starter pack Mushroomer 5 points ago in starterpacks

    Yep. All genres have fans that make the rest of the people who like that genre a little embarrassed. Be it the girl at the country show who is covered in camo & howls at every song, the dude at a hard rock show that hasn't bathed in two weeks, the squealing pack of preteens at a pop concert, or the disengaged hipsters at a folk performance - you're always going to find somebody like you that sucks.

    The key is being able to embrace that slightly stereotypical part of yourself, and do the same for other people. Being able to laugh at your own fandom is healthy.

    [–] "Video game music is the best music" starter pack Mushroomer 108 points ago in starterpacks

    These people are a fascinating breed - because it's the same mentality you see in a lot of people who get extremely elitest about classical & other instrumental music (favoring performance over lyrics, looking down on contemporary pop songwriting structure, boiling every other genre down to a stereotype) - except they don't actually know a goddamn thing about music. Like, if you're going to lecture me on why you love Tool because of their use of nontraditional time signatures, I'll at least appreciate that argument more than somebody who says the Undertale soundtrack is the most emotional work of music ever composed.

    This is at least from my experience. Maybe there are VG music people who know their shit. But I've only ever seen this obsession among people who can't separate familiarity from quality.

    [–] ‘Saturday Night Live’ Ratings Hit Near Series-Lows With Emma Stone & BTS Mushroomer 1 points ago in television

    It's also notable that they only did a few stadium shows in the US. So you had a lot of extremely enthusiastic fans traveling long distances for one show. It's not like they're Taylor Swift, and selling out dozens of stadiums across North America.

    [–] [NA] SHAZAM!'s 10 day total of $95M doesn't put it in great company Mushroomer 15 points ago in boxoffice

    Yep. A sequel is a sure thing.

    What I may worry about though, is how much of the creative team that made Shazam great will get invited back. The movie is a great time, strictly because it feels so small scale & human compared to past DCEU films.

    If you're at WB and know that a Shazam sequel is going to need to put The Rock at the center of marketing to boost audience turnout - what else do you change in the process?

    [–] [WW] Captain Marvel has finally passed the MCU Phase Three average gross! Mushroomer 33 points ago in boxoffice

    Very curious if Far From Home keeps up the streak. The performances of Ant Man and The Wasp & Homecoming have me questioning if the film will have the same trajectory.

    [–] ‘Fleabag’ creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge hired to liven up new Bond film script on request of Daniel Craig Mushroomer 34 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in movies

    Yeah, Reddit has a bad habit of believing that perfect movies are made the moment a script is finished, and any adjustments made after the fact by the studio will only worsen the product. It's a flaw of auteur theory, believing that there's one creative soul responsible for the whole enterprise.

    In reality, most movies usually benefit from some level of studio input. Reshoots are a perfectly normal part of the process. Script consultants come in fairly regularly, benefitting the end product 99% of the time. Films are collaborative products.

    [–] Robert Downey Jr's 'Doctor Dolittle' Reboot Getting Major Reshoots, Budget Currently at $175M Mushroomer 164 points ago in movies


    Though this does highlight a bit of a problem for the studio. For a lot of moviegoers, the name Dr. Dolittle is pretty strictly tied to the idea of an Eddie Murphy slapstick kid's comedy.

    Overcoming that perception is going to be an uphill battle.

    [–] Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ To Officially Blast Off At The Cannes Film Festival Mushroomer 34 points ago in movies

    Yeah, I think having the original artist involved will actually give this an authenticity that Bohemian was never going to be able to cover. BR was Queen's story of Freddy Mercury, and it sanitized the parts that made them look bad. This is Elton John's story of Elton John, and that may make this all the more enjoyable.

    [–] CAT ᶜᵃᵗ Mushroomer 132 points ago in aww

    Agreed. @Caglecats is a source of neverending joy in the hateful void that is Twitter. The woman who runs it (Mary Cagle, @cubewatermelon) is also an entertaining follow in her own right.

    [–] Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Mushroomer 2 points ago in StarWars

    The Skywalkers are also the lead characters of the first two trilogies. Unsurprisingly, the saga's main themes are communicated through them.

    [–] Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Mushroomer 1 points ago in StarWars

    The point is that what people assumed to be firm rules about the universe of Star Wars weren't part of the plot. They were just rules that the audience believed because they assumed that the saga was a solved problem. The first two acts build the notion that parentage is always reflective of a character's destiny. Now in the third act, the story forces us to reflect on that assumption.

    [–] Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Mushroomer 1 points ago in StarWars

    It's impressive, because it builds on assumptions the viewer has made about this universe for eight films without ever really being explicitly stated. Every fan assumed Rey was a Skywalker because the Skywalkers are ALWAYS the center of the story. Parents are the most important part of a character's origin - Luke's entire arc is about overcoming the path set forward for him by his father. Not revealing that in TFA was a perfectly packaged mystery for fans to dissect, and they took the bait.

    Meanwhile, Kylo's motivation in TLJ is to break down these preconceived notions about the Force. To break free from the rules that not only bind him to a life of evil, but that bind this entire franchise to an assumable outcome. So his ultimate move is to reveal to Rey - and the audience as a whole - that everything they've assumed can be tossed in the trash. He resets the playing field - and leaves it up to Rey if she wants to continue down a path born in false assumptions.

    It's the sort of move that can only happen on a massive, 30-year scale. Everyone KNOWS what Star Wars is. TLJ proves that we don't.

    [–] MGM Starts Climb Toward ‘Tomb Raider 2,’ Amy Jump To Write Script Mushroomer 0 points ago in movies

    Started watching Bad Times At The El Royale, and just got mad at it. Extremely mediocre script, given an absurd amount of star power to play with.

    It's like if a team of A-listers decided to do a production of a Screenwriting 102 final project.

    [–] Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Mushroomer 0 points ago in StarWars

    That doesn't mean there wasn't a consistent plan in the lore from day one. Rey's parentage being built up as a mystery in TFA only to be dismissed in TLJ isn't a retcon - it's impressive storytelling.

    There's no reason to believe that Abrams & Kennedy didn't work out a basic plan for the trilogy early on, and then allow different creatives to interpret it in different ways.

    [–] Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Mushroomer 3 points ago in StarWars

    It aligns her with Anakin. A user of the Force capable of changing the galaxy, born not of noble parentage but of the galaxy itself knowing that balance needed to be restored.

    Which is why I think understanding the conception of Anakin is going to be a major part of this movie. Conclude the Skywalker saga by exploring where it began.

    [–] When you’re watching the Episode 9 trailer and you hear the Senate Mushroomer 3 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Precisely. To me, there are two ways to interpret the title.

    1. Rey vows to pick up Luke's failed quest to create a new generation of Force users, chosing to abandon both the Sith and the Jedi in favor of a new clan - the Skywalkers.

    2. In Rey's search to understand her origins, she searches to understand the origins of a similar powerful Force user who seemed to come from nowhere - Anakin Skywalker.

    Of course, both of these storylines could also play out simultaneously. Or neither could.

    [–] When you’re watching the Episode 9 trailer and you hear the Senate Mushroomer 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Steven Colbert hosted the panel, and asked Daisy Ridley if there were any new force powers in the film (akin to how Force projection was something we hadn't seen prior to TLJ). Ridley said that was more of a question for Abrams, who then danced around the question in a way that very clearly indicated new stuff was on the table.

    [–] When you’re watching the Episode 9 trailer and you hear the Senate Mushroomer 43 points ago in PrequelMemes

    • Sith ghosts exist
    • Confirmation of 'new force skills' during the panel
    • Anakin's origin still an unanswered question
    • Film is a conclusion of the Skywalker arc despite all of them being dead
    • Literally called Rise of Skywalker
    • Rey's parentage isn't relevant

    Rey is Anakin's Mom. Accept it. You know it in your heart to be true.

    [–] When you’re watching the Episode 9 trailer and you hear the Senate Mushroomer 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    What if that's just an excellent misdirect? So what, they brought out Palpatine's actor to end the panel? Who says that directly reflects the casting of the film?

    (He's almost definitely in it, but I'm just saying. Nothing's guaranteed.)

    [–] When you’re watching the Episode 9 trailer and you hear the Senate Mushroomer 24 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Or Rey ends up manipulating the nature of midichlorians outside the bounds of time in such a way that Anakin is created.