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    [–] Positive Reminder: Steven Universe is not ending (post by love-takes-work) Musicman3003 6 points ago in stevenuniverse

    I think that so long as SU avoids having relationship drama such as with Star Vs, then fans aren't going to jump ship anytime soon.

    [–] Disappointed by final episode (spoilers) Musicman3003 3 points ago in adventuretime

    I feel like there was no real way to make the Gumbald stuff satisfying. If Gumbald had actually made peace with PB, it would have gone against all the evidence beforehand of him just being a selfish, shitty person (such as in "Bonnibel Bubblegum"). If they had wanted to go that route, then they would have had to establish some sense of him being misunderstood or insecure to make such a rapid change even remotely feasible, and even then I'm not sure it would have worked.

    They definitely should not have made Gumbald tripping so ambiguous (which was dumb), but I feel like the most important part of the entire arc, where Finn is able to stand up to PB and stop the war instead of using violence and PB realizing the errors of her ways via nightmarish empathy to be willing to stand down, was actually done pretty well, which I happen to care about way more than whatever they ended up doing with Gumbald (especially with how lame he had been up to this point).

    [–] Season 4 Rewatch - The New Crystal Gems / Storm in the Room Musicman3003 20 points ago in stevenuniverse

    I think the best thing about "The New Crystal Gems" is how there is a clear parallel between Connie calling out Lapis and Peridot as being super-powered children and Steven making that witty comeback and directing White's child remark back at her. Personally, no amount of foreshadowing is going to redeem an episode if it's boring or has bad writing, but the parallel drawn here is effective in hindsight and does bring this episode up a little. However, the episode on the whole is really just boring as hell and creates a really bland plot out of a pretty good premise. It makes me sad how little I care for Peridot, Lapis, and Connie at this point when they should still be interesting characters. 4/10

    "Storm in the Room" is emotional in a way I think is earned and does a remarkable job progressing Steven's character arc in regards to his identity. I think it manages to create an emotional conflict which matches Steven's current state of being and is supported by stakes and complexity which merits such emotions. The quiet introspective nature of the first half complements the torrential second half quite nicely, and the further questioning of Rose's motives and continuing to tear down that original image of her being perfect is very effective. Also, I gotta mention just how gorgeous this show can be, such as with Steven's confrontation with "Rose". Steven's arc, aside from a few individual episodes, is by far the most compelling part of Season 4, and this episode is a great showcase for his struggle and uncertainty. If there's anything that bothers me, it's probably that the PD twist (for how excellent it and its episode "A Single Pale Rose" were) managed to make Rose a less interesting and compelling character. I'll save that conversation for later, though, for this episode continues to be one of the best from Season 4. 8.5/10

    [–] Season 1 Rewatch! Episodes 11/12 - Wizard/Evicted! Musicman3003 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in adventuretime

    I very much agree. "Evicted" is such a great episode where pretty much everything works. The writing, music, acting, pacing: All of it is top notch stuff. This is the sort of episode which makes me miss what the show used to be, particularly with Marceline. It feels like the show lost like a fourth of its soul when Muto started running things; episodes can feel a little off at times, and that original magic is never quite recaptured in the later seasons. But then the show retained about 3/4 fourths of its soul, thankfully with Finn and Jake intact, and gained an utterly astonishing amount of experimentation which really pushed the limits of what it could do, considerably moreso than the earlier seasons (and much of it, to me, actually works). This creativity and growth in its writing make the later seasons some of my favorites, especially Season 8 and the best parts of Seasons 5/6, but rewatching episodes like "Evicted" also make me remember why I fell in love with the show in the first place.

    [–] What did you guys think of the ending? Musicman3003 2 points ago in samuraijack

    Well, one thing is that Aku's death was really anti-climatic and rushed. I know that past Aku was already weak, but Jack basically chops him up in like 30 seconds and then there's a bunch of random explosions and stuff. Compared to, say, the graveyard fight with Aku in Season 3 (with the zombies) and considering how this moment was the climax of Jack's entire journey along with returning the to past, everything felt really off and underwhelming. It just didn't feel like Samurai Jack to me.

    [–] What did you guys think of the ending? Musicman3003 5 points ago in samuraijack

    Basically everything you just said, but the opposite of that. I couldn't watch Samurai Jack for a good while after the finale, but eventually I got back to watching it since it's still such a good show.

    [–] What did you all think of Season 5 as a whole? Musicman3003 3 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Look, I'm sorry if my comment personally attacked you, but I was referring to the community in general, and I wasn't calling you a bad person. I'm glad that Steven Universe makes you happy, and I'm sorry if I offended you.

    [–] What did you all think of Season 5 as a whole? Musicman3003 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Unfortunately, there are a few people on this sub who try to downplay the criticism as much as possible, even if it means bringing down the other person to discredit them. Of course, some criticism really is shit and boils down to a bunch of aimless complaining, but some people are sensitive enough where bingo cards are made about bad SU criticism, sometimes regardless of whether said criticism is actually well written and makes good points. Yes, there have been way too many videos which complain about SU, but those sort of posts which try to downplay criticism still come across the wrong way.

    I mean, I know that I've gotten overly negative on the show at times, but there's also been many times where people ignore what I'm saying and basically just state I'm wrong for holding such an opinion. That one conversation I had on the DiamondDaze sub in regards to the Diamonds (on an essay I wrote) comes to mind, not in terms of the other person being rude but just not being able to have an actual dialogue about the show.

    There's a lot of good people in this community, but there enough people who are gatekeeping the show where it can be uncomfortable to even say anything bad about it.

    [–] What did you all think of Season 5 as a whole? Musicman3003 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    I'm not sure if you're joking with this, but the commenter above often uses hyperboles to describe Steven Universe and is usually genuine.

    [–] Storyboard Artist Style Guide for Finn - Vol. 1 Musicman3003 20 points ago in adventuretime

    You did a good job. These seem pretty accurate. The only thing missing are those lines under the eyes which Sugar uses to express Emotion. Also, does Steve Wolfhard often use that expression for Finn?

    [–] What did you all think of Season 5 as a whole? Musicman3003 4 points ago in stevenuniverse

    But wasn't the original story supposed to be 5 seasons long? I know seasons can be interpreted as 26 or 52 episodes, but it feels like with the 3 act structure of Steven's story that what we got was only slightly more rushed than what the crew intended.

    [–] “Slime Central” Reviewed! Musicman3003 3 points ago in adventuretime

    It's a fun episode and definitely not bad. I just don't think it's quite as good as others in the miniseries.

    [–] Happy birthday Finn Mertens! Musicman3003 5 points ago in adventuretime

    It's weird but cool to know that my birthday is literally the day before Finn's birthday.

    [–] “Slime Central” Reviewed! Musicman3003 2 points ago in adventuretime

    Probably one of the weaker episodes of "Elements" but still pretty good.

    [–] How anticlimactic Musicman3003 20 points ago in stevenuniverse

    More time was spent fighting the Diamond Mech than changing White Diamond's mind.

    The resolution of Steven's identity crisis was great since they built it up well over the course of the show and tied it together with one of its main themes of loving yourself and beautiful James Baxter animation.

    The sloppy, half-assed nature of the Diamond Redemption (for IT IS Redemption considering how they uncorrupted their own enemies and are allowing fusion on Homeworld) was not only rushed (which coincides with being anticlimatic) but had so little time put to the Diamond's character growth (not to mention Blue and Yellow forgetting that White had controlled their minds like 5 minutes ago) that it's close to being offensive as well as a major flaw in the series on the whole. And no, waiting to see what they do with the story next will not make up for the mistakes in the finale, for the Diamonds needed to have dealt with a lot of their shit like Peridot before even coming close to doing what they did at the end of the episode. I respect if you liked the episode, for there was also some very good material in it, but I just couldn't buy into what they ended up doing here.

    [–] Anyone else think Season 1 is the best season? Musicman3003 6 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Season 1 is a little too rough in spots for me to see it as the best season, but Steven's development throughout is excellent and episodes "Lion 3: Straight to Video" to "Jailbreak" is one of if not the best stretches of episodes in the show and contains its best arc in the Homeworld Invasion (along with Peridot arc in Season 2 of course).

    [–] Season 4 Rewatch - The Zoo / That Will Be All Musicman3003 7 points ago in stevenuniverse

    "The Zoo" is kinda meh, but there is some pretty interesting social issues and science material in the episode if you do some digging. I like the subversion with the Quartz Guards with them caring about the Zoomans. Really though, it was just too bland for my liking with a pretty predictable and boring plot concerning the rescue of Greg. 5/10

    "That Will Be All" is a solid cap to the arc, the Diamond scene being the obvious highlight. "What's the Use of Feeling, Blue?" is great at conveying multiple meanings in regards to both the Diamonds' grief for Pink as well as their roles as dictators; it's something which I wish we got to see much more of before "Change Your Mind". There's also some good fakeouts regarding the Famethysts and beating the crap out of Holly Blue (it was satisfying stuff). However, everything still feels too easy and lacking tension considering that Steven and the Gems are essentially in enemy territory. The humor's good and balances well with the tone, but there are little stakes in what is going on, and not much really comes from this whole 5 episode arc aside from rescuing Greg, a little lore, and one much needed scene with the Diamonds. Steven's "mistake" is not really much of anything considering how contrived it was for Garnet to not just tell him about Blue Diamond, and there are no consequences regarding his actions since the other events of the show would play out nearly the same if they had never gone through with this adventure in the first place. I guess it just feels a little pointless when it doesn't feel like the characters really experienced development/conflict and nothing comes of the arc. This is still a good episode with a few great scenes, but to me the arc is too airless for its own good and is just okay. 8/10

    Zoo Kidnapping Arc: 6/10

    [–] US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson Sentences Paul Manafort to 73 months Musicman3003 1 points ago in politics

    I wonder if Trump will try to pardon Manafort anyway in spite of this light sentence.

    [–] Q and A Highlights From Early Finale Screening Musicman3003 5 points ago in adventuretime

    You see, this is why I'm glad Jake didn't die in the finale, despite all the potential foreshadowing to his death. Could you imagine the show ending with everyone getting all these happy endings but Finn crying over the death of his brother? They should have done more with their relationship in the finale regardless (it's a significant flaw), but Finn dealing with this loss would likely be the ultimate fuck you to his character ever, with the happiness of the others working as a conga line of shit being poured over his person. I'll take the death of the treehouse over the death of Jake.

    I do wonder why I'm not more upset over Finn and Jake not getting more attention in the finale, for it really is the heart of the show. I knew upon first viewing that what they got wasn't enough, but I didn't get worked up over it. Regardless, I still really like the finale, but it feels like we're missing 11 minutes of material to give closure on their characters and their relationship.