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    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account 1 points ago in announcements

    I like that you can somehow read emotions and thoughts through text, you should patent that.

    Next time try and be less boring with your reply.

    [–] TIL that Mark Knopfler agreed to allow Weird Al to parody "Money For Nothing" on the condition that Knopfler play the lead guitar on the track to add "authenticity." My_Thursday_Account -21 points ago in todayilearned

    Sorry buddy, music creation has been dead for a while.

    Nearly every popular song you've heard in the last 20 years was either built entirely out of samples of other songs or was a flat-out cover.

    Original music is a bloated and rotten corpse. It's way easier to take a song from 1973 that your listeners have never heard and either clip out 15 seconds or just speed the whole thing up by 1.5 and put a couple lame rap verses or some lyrics about being sad on top.

    [–] Don't Objectify Your Healer! My_Thursday_Account 1 points ago in apexlegends

    You can ping the bot after you deploy it.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Lol and Epic is 40% owned by the largest fucking game developer in the entire world, dipshit, it's not some rusty shack.

    Epic has bigger dollars behind it than Steam could even imagine.

    You clearly aren't very upskilled (which isn't a fucking word) on real life.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Ok so here's a hypothetical for you.

    You're a burglar. You can either rob 5 different small houses with varying locks and security systems, or you can rob one big house with one set of locks and one security system. It has just as much if not more money than the other 5 houses combined. Sure, there's a chance one or two of the small houses have shit security and you get an easy score, but it will be nowhere near the amount you'd get from the big house and there's always the possibility all 5 houses have the exact same security and locks that the big house does (because security standards do exist even if they aren't implemented uniformly).

    Which do you pick?

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account -1 points ago in announcements

    Oh I have no doubt that there will always be people too lazy to look for content on their own and need it to be spoon-fed to them in a convenient newsfeed, but that's not everyone. Reddit also doesn't offer nearly the amount of fresh content it used to unless you spend absolutely insane amounts of time curating your newsfeed and searching for niches to explore. You'd have better luck re-installing Stumbleupon if you want to find new and interesting things.

    Reddit is also very easy to replace, the only reason they haven't seen a serious competitor yet is because it's difficult to monetize. There's not nearly the amount of barriers holding back competition as there is for something like Youtube, which would literally require millions of dollars in startup money to even have a remote chance of competing based on technological demands alone.

    People keep coming back because it's familiar and convenient, but Digg was familiar and convenient at one time, too. So was MySpace, so was Friendster, so was Geocities, so was NeoPets, so were thousands and thousands of other communities that people once flocked to by the million. Do you know anyone who even remembers what the fuck a BBS is?

    Reddit's chasing it's own tail trying to keep the cash flow going while simultaneously trying to please their advertisers and not piss off a critical mass of people to the point where they abandon the platform. That's tough to do and you've been seeing the effects for a couple of years now. I don't think they're ever going to get it right.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I would argue that centralizing information into a single platform like Steam makes it a larger and more lucrative target for people who want it acquire your data legally or otherwise.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    The address you type in when you place an order is stored with your card information, which, for any respectable company, is in a form that would be inaccessible to anyone even if there was a data breach. Neither Valve nor Epic is selling your address or making it available to anyone.

    As for the SSN and tax info that only becomes an issue if you want to sell on the platform, which is how it works on any platform. Anytime you sell something you have to make yourself vulnerable in some way. This information is also stored with similar security to credit card numbers and wouldn't be accessible to partners.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    However you're having to maintain another account and give up more of your privacy/data to another company which you have to trust

    It's an email address and a credit card number. Almost all major credit cards let you use virtual card numbers for online purchases now that can be instantly locked or destroyed, your email address is meaningless with even moderate spam filters. Use a throwaway email if it matters to you. You know you don't actually have to fill out the profile, right? And if it's "required", you can totally just lie.
    I know there's a field that asks for your favorite colors and what your penis looks like but you don't have to put the truth there.

    Not to mention as someone who exclusively plays video games with friends, that means we have to coordinate friends list

    This is actually an argument in favor of platform exclusivity. It's easier to coordinate your friends list if the game is only offered on one platform. So this doesn't apply to this situation.

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account -3 points ago in announcements

    Because I've been here over 10 years and I want to witness this place burning to the ground with my own eyes.

    I stopped giving a shit a long time ago, which is why I only use these alt accounts now and why I essentially treat everyone here like I would the people on 4/8chan. I'm literally just here to see how long it takes for everyone to finally get so fed up with the bullshit that they just go do something else.

    People like to forget that there's not a lot of content actually on Reddit. It's a content aggregator. The entire purpose is to post content from other places. Eventually people will just start going directly to those places. Forums are eventually going to make a resurgence as people remember there's lots of places they can post about their interests and many of those sites have karma/points systems as well to satisfy their dopamine needs.

    It's going to eventually crumble down, which is why they're scrambling to monetize the shit out of it as quick as they can and pull in the Facebook crowd. If they don't start making hard profit soon and keep ahead of user loss they're fucked.

    [–] Still the best platform! My_Thursday_Account 0 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Also this whole argument falls apart when you realize that the only defense someone has against using platforms other than Steam is that they don't feel like installing another program.
    EPIC only launching their games on their platform in no way prevents anybody from buying them. They aren't placing any barricades in anyone's way. It's not like Target is the only store selling the game and if you don't live near one you literally can't have it. It's right there, all you have to do is install the god damn launcher. And if you're so data poor or your internet is so shit that downloading a program that's less than 35MB is unfeasible then I don't understand how you think you're going to successfully download full games from any platform.

    In an age where you can get a terabyte of storage for less than the price of a brand new game, most computers have more RAM than they need, and processors have never been faster, people are seriously bitching about installing a program that essentially stops existing once you launch the game.

    Fucking kill yourselves. You people are absolute garbage.

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account -22 points ago in announcements

    How do those boots taste, faggot?

    Just keep accepting everything you read at face value, retard.

    "Hurrr durr he said a bunch of lawyers wrote it so it's the truth"

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account 4 points ago in announcements

    Also, just accept these facts because Spez says so even though he refuses to put forth any evidence at all.

    This thread is gross. It's like we all keep conveniently forgetting what a piece of shit Spez is.

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) My_Thursday_Account 6 points ago in announcements

    Which wrecks the claims of the "Reddit hates free speech" crowd.

    Assuming you just take everything Spez says at face value.

    He has posted LITERALLY no proof whatsoever.

    [–] You will never look as badass as this K9 unit My_Thursday_Account 114 points ago in pics

    Secondary reminder that drug dogs are literally less reliable than a coin flip and are basically just probable cause machines.

    [–] Woot woot My_Thursday_Account 0 points ago in wholesomememes

    Because you were implying it was one and not the other.

    If you agree it can be both there was no need to make the distinction. The fact that you did implies you think it's one or the other.

    [–] Woot woot My_Thursday_Account -1 points ago in wholesomememes

    The two are in no way mutually exclusive.

    It can be both.

    [–] Woot woot My_Thursday_Account 0 points ago in wholesomememes

    No. They're domestic terrorism.

    Don't whitewash this bullshit with semantics.

    [–] Woot woot My_Thursday_Account -4 points ago in wholesomememes

    Terrorist attacks are only going down if you refuse to count white nationalists murdering people as terrorism.

    [–] Woot woot My_Thursday_Account 45 points ago in wholesomememes

    Because this is /r/wholesomememes and if you bring too much reality in here people accuse you of being a Grouchy Gus who is incapable of letting people be happy.

    You could easily remake this image with a bunch of terrible things that are increasing (government censorship, nationwide surveillance, terrorist attacks, instability in the Middle East, Russian influence and war-mongering, measles, wage stagnation, freshwater scarcity, rainforest depletion, deaths from police shootings, the list goes on and on) but it makes people feel better to focus on the "nice" stuff like this picture.

    It's just like those posts you see on /r/pics of police dogs doing whacky stuff. If you go against the grain and talk about anything other than how cute the puppy is, like how they are essentially just probable cause generators used to conduct warrant-less searches and multiple studies have found them less reliable than a coin-flip, people just say you're a miserable asshole.

    [–] Enough said. My_Thursday_Account 3 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Lol yeah because the dude who changes your oil is the same as people who have to literally pull bullets out of childrens' skulls you obtuse piece of shit.