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    [–] When you take the isolationist trait Very seriously NATIK001 22 points ago in Stellaris

    It's basically the spacer planet Solaria from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

    The people on that world considered anyone existing inside a few dozen kilometers of them to be an invasion of their personal space. Each person lived alone in a giant robotic compound and only communicated with other people when circumstances forced this to be necessary.

    [–] Path of Exile: Bestiary League Official Trailer NATIK001 3 points ago in pathofexile

    An entire league for people with shit builds is going to be the most hated league ever made.

    I am really not enthusiastic about this league. The mechanics look absolutely out of place in the game, but I am prepared to be surprised.

    [–] Prince Henrik of Denmark, has passed away, at the age of 83. Rest In Peace. NATIK001 4 points ago in europe

    The existence of them is an insult to all people who fought for free world after millennia's of self-proclaimed monarchs making everyone submit themselves to them, through war, death and rape.

    No, their existance is an insult to people who like to be insulted. In Denmark no one fought against the royals because they granted us a "free world (country)" without needing a fight. There are no Danish freedom-fighters to dishonor or insult.

    We have a free democratic country under a loved monarchy, we are not oppressed and the historical oppression of the past is just that, of the past, we are not prone to hand wringing over things centuries past.

    If you want to get mad about oppression the Danish monarchy is one of the most retarded places to look for oppression to fight.

    [–] With Abyss ending soon, how many Liches did you kill? NATIK001 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Almost at 40/40 challenges. Killed 6.

    Severely disappointed with the prevalence of this league mechanic.

    I played less Harbinger and got way more Beachheads.

    [–] Burger King made a video explaining Net Neutrality with Whoppers NATIK001 1 points ago in pcgaming

    Burger King in Denmark is okay, it's not high quality but it's not as bottom tier as it sounds like it is in USA. I prefer Burger King over McDonalds any time there is a choice, though if I have a real choice I go Carls Jr over either of those.

    [–] Comet Sighted! (as seen by a machine empire...) NATIK001 7 points ago in Stellaris

    Using Seven as an example either way is problematic.

    First of all, I am talking about pre-Queen Borg and Seven is completely post-Queen introduction.

    Secondly Seven was in the special position of being assimilated early in her life. Various other freed drones show that people assimilated later in life revert to their original personalities rather than stay in a Borg personality, and they adapt to loss of the Collective easier.

    Thirdly, Seven was confirmed to be a special case drone like Locutus, she was picked out by the Queen/Collective and adapted to serve the function of communications link to the Voyager crew when she was sent there.

    Basically, Seven was both more dependent on the Collective than many drones and yet allowed to have more 'individuality'.

    In all of this I am ignoring the whole Borg rebel stuff where a subset of sleeping drones go to some paradise planet with their subconscious minds plot. But if I were to say much about it, it only shows that the individual minds of drones have no control of the drone bodies and that the drones are 100% under the control of the Collective mind, even if the individual mind exists. The rebelling drones had to have the Voyager crew disrupt the Collective to allow the rebelling drones to assert some measure of control while awake.

    [–] Comet Sighted! (as seen by a machine empire...) NATIK001 45 points ago in Stellaris

    Even before the Queen was added the Borg had a collective mind. They could be communicated with and they knew that communication had merit at least in one direction (thus their turning Picard into Locutus).

    However the Borg operated on scales and terms completely alien to the Federation. The Federation had nothing to offer via communication to the Borg that the Borg could not more fruitfully gain by direct assimilation.

    Perhaps a Queen-less Borg would have eventually come to find two way communication with the Federation necessary, had the Federation continued to repel all Borg assaults over a very long time period, but during the time period which the Queen-less Borg existed in Trek there was no way they could have come to that realization yet.

    Comparing the Borg to plants or natural events like landslides is a mistake as those things do not have minds, just instinct (vines) or deterministic outcomes (landslides), the Borg have a mind and can be communicated with, they are just so alien and determined that communication becomes one directional and fruitless for anyone else.

    An individual Borg drone may not have had any kind of motivation or mind, but as a collective they are far more than mindless mechanical zombies.

    [–] Places of interest worth visiting that's aren't Copenhagen? NATIK001 1 points ago in Denmark

    Also it's in a place you are moving past anyways going to see other things. As a 5-15 minute side trip during other events it's hard to call it not worth doing.

    Just don't make it a trip on its own.

    [–] Denmark man carrying 1,000 joints gets into police car, mistaking it for a taxi NATIK001 0 points ago in europe

    They have 'visitation zones' which are limited areas where they can search anyone they wish to. Much of central Copenhagen are visitation zones. But outside that they do have to follow normal rules.

    [–] Meanwhile in Skyrim... NATIK001 17 points ago in gaming

    Yeah, it kills skilled playing, stops the ability to manually dodge (except for hits that wouldn't kill you anyways) and makes melee defenses way too unreliable until the very endgame.

    Turning off the instant killcams is pretty much required for any melee playthrough in my opinion.

    [–] Streamer gives pizza delivery girl a $1000 tip from charity stream NATIK001 2 points ago in gaming

    He says during the video that he told the people donating that he would give the money to the pizza delivery person.

    There is nothing in the video suggesting he deceived anyone.

    [–] Share of Europeans who have travelled at least once outside the EU NATIK001 2 points ago in europe

    America and Canada is probably more like Denmark and Norway or Denmark and Sweden. In those cases the languages are linguistically almost the same and are mutually intelligible, and the cultures and histories are closely intertwined.

    Denmark and the Netherlands are more distantly related, Danish and Dutch are not mutually intelligible they just sound like they should be. Hearing Dutch to me triggers some weird sense in my brain that says "I should understand this, so why don't I?", whereas I just understand Swedish and Norwegian when hearing it.

    [–] Share of Europeans who have travelled at least once outside the EU NATIK001 45 points ago in europe

    As a Dane, coming to the Netherlands is like going to a slightly warped version of home. Everything is similar but strangely just a little bit off. Even the language feels like it could almost be Danish at times but then just misses the mark.

    [–] Zizaran rank 16 RIP NATIK001 11 points ago in pathofexile

    Lockstep keeps you force synced to the server so you know all actions you see happen have happened. Can cause stutter during play.

    Predictive tries to predict what the server state is. This gives smoother play but sometimes cause "out of sync" issues. Rubberbanding etc.

    [–] Scientists want in on humanity's next big space station - Space agencies are planning a Deep Space Gateway to orbit the Moon. NATIK001 7 points ago in space

    Season 1 sets up the entire universe and then the next 4 seasons is just constant payoff. Those "weak" stories all have significant results later, it's the kind of show where you rewatch it and go "holy shit" at how well it builds up what is to come.

    It's easily the best written Scifi TV show ever made in my book.

    [–] Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit NATIK001 6 points ago in worldnews

    Decisions and laws can be changed in a democracy. Just because it was democratically decided at one point to carry out a course of action does not mean the country is bound to that decision for the rest of existence.

    If new information shows that a decision was bad, then it's not undemocratic to go "let's reconsider", as long as that decision to reconsider is made with a democratic basis.

    At this point a reversal of brexit would almost certainly have to involve a second referendum, but considering how much of a clusterfuck brexit has been that isn't a horrible idea. Especially since there exists little consensus on what brexit should mean (soft/hard/burn all bridges are all options in play).

    [–] How ‘Justice League’ Became a ‘Frankenstein’ (Exclusive) NATIK001 10 points ago in movies

    I'm just saying Captain America was known by people who didn't read comic books.

    But not on nearly the same level, which is what matters and what the OPs original point was.

    [–] How ‘Justice League’ Became a ‘Frankenstein’ (Exclusive) NATIK001 15 points ago in movies

    Captain America was vaguely known outside of comic book fan circles and Iron Man only elicited a "Who?" reply from non-comic book fans.

    The fact that these two had some popularity in the comic book scene says nothing about their mainstream appeal or their level of mainstream fame.

    Spider-Man and the X-Men have had extensive treatments in movies, animated TV shows and pop culture for decades. Captain America and Iron Man were just popular among comic book geeks. There was a huge difference between Spider-Man and Captain America before the MCU got going.

    [–] How ‘Justice League’ Became a ‘Frankenstein’ (Exclusive) NATIK001 22 points ago in movies

    Spider-Man and the X-Men weren't part of establishing the MCU, which is what the post was about.

    The Avengers also only happened after the MCU had gotten traction, it was where the MCU blew up and became huge, but it was well established at that point.

    MCU was established by the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies (counting out the Hulk movie since everyone always forgets that it is an MCU movie, so it didn't do much establishing). None of the superheroes in those three movies have the same kind of brand recognition that Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine or such have.

    The MCU was 100% established on characters that weren't cultural icons or mainstream famous.

    [–] Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Trailer NATIK001 61 points ago in movies

    If the stone is in Wakanda, my bet is that it arrived there via the Vibranium carrying asteroid and that it is where the Wakandan religion gets its powers from. Basically that the Panther God is a manifestation of a soul in the Soul Gem.

    [–] Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer NATIK001 15 points ago in marvelstudios

    Perhaps explaining the whole Panther God powers of Black Panther.

    Vibranium asteroid contained the Soul Stone, and the Wakandans found it, set it into a statue or relic and channel its powers through their religion?

    [–] 17-year-old ISIS-inspired Danish girl jailed for planning bomb attacks on schools NATIK001 16 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah. She conspired to commit terrorism, but she did not get to carry out any attacks.

    The only reason, in the Danish system, that she should have gotten a higher sentence was due to her not being willing to admit that what she conspired to do was wrong, which among other things suggest an unbalanced mind that needs treatment.

    Afaik there are guys and girls in Denmark that aren't ethnically Danish that have gone and actually fought and killed for ISIS that didn't get 8 year sentences.

    [–] 17-year-old ISIS-inspired Danish girl jailed for planning bomb attacks on schools NATIK001 23 points ago in worldnews

    She got 8 years in jail, which is a high sentence in Denmark. She did not get some "white girl" get out of jail free card.

    [–] Most Unrealistic Part of Skyrim NATIK001 1 points ago in gaming

    If you are 18 or above you get money for going to high school, trade school or university in Denmark.

    The amount of money depends on your personal status (kids or handicaps), your age, and your parents income. But you always get some of you are above 18 and studying.

    [–] Denmark builds giant spy station to capture Russian intelligence NATIK001 24 points ago in worldnews

    0.06 is Nyhavn in Copenhagen. The rest of the stuff in the video is drawn based on Copenhagen as well.

    Flensborg/Flensburg is an old Danish town, not that surprising it shares similar features with the capital of Denmark.