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    [–] 'Trump is ours!': Russian state TV celebrates Trump's suggestion that Crimea is part of Russia NATIK001 34 points ago in worldnews

    European members of NATO are pretty certain they will back each other even now. The only really doubtful members at the moment are Turkey and USA.

    Even without Turkish or American support, the rest of NATO could definitely hold off Russia. It would be a stupid war with no one side holding a great dominance position though, however if European countries geared for war there is no way Russia could keep up with that, no matter how much wishful thinking they employ. But again, stupid and bloody war for no point, neither side really wants it, it's just blustering to tell each other how costly such a chain of events would be.

    [–] Bex - "I think this might be the happiest I’ve ever seen the @pathofexile community and it honestly warms my heart. I’m so proud of my team!" NATIK001 1 points ago in pathofexile

    A friend of mine did Fireball as a league starter. He was clearing Incursions with 30-40 seconds left while leveling? Almost as fast as I did them on Arc Totems.

    Fireball is fine for Incursions and Temple.

    [–] Jesus Christ, those whispers coming for hours after items sold.. PLS FIX!!!!!! NATIK001 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in pathofexile

    Well they could at least speak out on the issue, if they say "We acknowledge there are issues with trading in Incursion, after examining our systems we are confident the problem isn't at our end, however we have reached out to the parties we believe are responsible in the hopes of getting the issue fixed."

    That would be a lot better than radio silence.

    [–] Jesus Christ, those whispers coming for hours after items sold.. PLS FIX!!!!!! NATIK001 13 points ago in pathofexile

    There are reports it affects the official site as well, maybe less so though. Either way, GGG should be concerned because it affects their users experience.

    Even if a player never uses and only uses the official trading site, they are still going to get spammed with whispers for their items long after they are sold, which gets annoying really fast on popular items.

    [–] Russia warns Norway of ‘consequences’ after it invites in more US Marines NATIK001 1 points ago in worldnews

    Russia isn't that old of a country. China is old but Russia was a bunch of states and peoples until a few centuries ago.

    [–] Trump Told World Leaders Crimea Is Russian Because Everyone There Speaks Russian NATIK001 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in worldnews

    It's not true. If anyone had rights by way of language it would be the Icelandics or Faroese for speaking the closest to old Norse.

    Danish and Swedish are eastern Nordic languages while Norwegian and Icelandic are western Nordic languages. However Norwegian has been so influenced by Danish that outside of regional dialects there is almost nothing west Nordic left in the language.

    Danish and Swedish diverged from each other later than the divergence from old Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese and are thus technically closest to each other, but neither can claim the other be a descendant.

    One could describe Norwegian, Danish and Swedish as all belonging to a common Scandinavian language, and being 3 dialect groups of it, but then you couldn't say the language had any nationality attached, because outside of the Kalmar Union there hasn't been a single nation attached to the region in which the language developed over time.

    If one goes by the Kalmar Union (which would be wrong due to the Kalmar Union coming after Norse diverged from Germanic) then Danish would be the core nationality, as the Kalmar Union had Danish as its primary nationality, which is what led the Swedish to rebel and detach from it.

    [–] 'I was born in Denmark, but my post-Brexit Danish citizenship application was rejected' NATIK001 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in europe

    Dual citizenship wasn't possible except in fringe cases for Danish citizens until a few years ago. Before almost anyone applying for Danish citizenship or being granted Danish citizenship, in any form, would have been forced to give up their other citizenships as a requirement for their Danish citizenship.

    When this man was born his parents would have been forced to pick either British or Danish and could not have picked both.

    And Danish nationality law being what it is, the man is treated as any Brit having lived in Denmark would be. He must prove he belongs in Denmark on the same level as a immigrant worker from Britain would if they decided to apply after a few years of living here and maybe finding a wife.

    Danish immigration law is incredibly strict and rigid, there is no wiggle room and the laws are carried out to the letter with no care for the humans involved. I think our immigration law and system is too harsh, but the rest of the population seems to disagree. He should be able to get a citizenship though if he goes by the normal route though and don't apply for dispensations.

    [–] Iran tells North Korea Trump could cancel deal before getting home NATIK001 5 points ago in worldnews

    Any information not actively accessed and stored will eventually go away, even digital information.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago in worldnews

    If we decreased our military expenditure by 50% Europe wouldn't bat an eye? lol, you're delusional. Putin would love to roll through Ukraine.

    United States military is sized to not only fight 2,5 full scale wars against any other military in the world, but also to have thousands of operational bases around the world. Neither is needed to act as deterrent against anyone (except the US bases in South Korea against North Korea). The idea that Russia will invade Europe if not for the brave Americans stationed there is stupid as hell and pure propaganda.

    Russia isn't held out of Ukraine by the US military being massively oversized, especially since USA failed to upheld its defense treaty with Ukraine once already. Why should they care about a military held by someone that has shown themselves too timid to honor their agreements?

    I'm not mad...I'm just saying that if you're going to benefit from it, acknowledging that fact and a thank you would be nice. You will never say thank you...ok, fine. I can't argue someone into having class.

    I don't thank people for acting in their own self-interest even if it benefits me. It's not about class or lack of it, it's about properly attributing intent. USA is not holding an oversized military to protect Europe, that is pure American propaganda, Europe can defend itself against anyone but America. America has an oversized military as diplomatic leverage and a replacement welfare state.

    Incidentally we also don't thank military members over here unless they actually provably carried out a praiseworthy act, just being in uniform isn't praiseworthy. There is nothing honorable or good about a military in of itself or about being a service man. It is an American delusion that the military is a great and glorious institution which must be thanked and kept great or the world descends into chaos.

    [–] Fallout 76 will be online only with no way to turn off PvP NATIK001 2 points ago in Steam

    Of course you can play this solo.

    But "Fallout 76 is entirely online"

    You can choose to play solo, but you are still online and meeting people.

    So you can spin up a local server, lock it, and play by yourself.

    Not necessarily, that depends on how private servers are set up whether its a feasible solution. He said they would be dedicated servers and that you would never see a server list as well.

    They can chose to only let partners of theirs host servers, they can chose to require the servers to be dedicated, they can chose to require the servers to be publicly available, if by no other means than not providing a means to password protect them, etc, etc.

    We don't know how the server hosting functions atm.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in worldnews

    America's "interests" are similar enough to western Europe's that you guys can basically sit back while we do the heavy lifting on defense spending and use your more of your money for benefits that our young people don't receive.

    Your choice not ours, don't get mad at us for a choice you made. America is free to cut spending on the military and spend it anywhere else, I am sure European nations will pick up any slack they actually think needs picking up, however the general attitude is that USA could cut its military spending by 50% and Europe wouldn't even bat an eye, approach 75% and European nations might start increasing spending to offset it.

    But, I suppose you'll probably now tell me why the Trump/Kim summit isn't significant, that Obama deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, and so on.

    No, but I guess straw-manning is the only way out of this arguement that you can see?

    I disagree with Trump on most things...but his actions with North Korea and his "telling it like it is" attitude with most of our allies (whose youth have enjoyed the fruits of our sacrifice to at the very least some degree) is fairly accurate in my opinion.

    If Trump had any influence on North Korea it was due to his inherent insanity spooking them. As for telling it like it is to allies, Trump does not tell it how it is, Trump doesn't even know how it is, the man is deluded and has drunk all the American kool-aid.

    I'm not the only one by the way. I went to uni in the UK for a's widely taught (at least acknowledged) in economics classes that USA military expenditures allow many smaller countries to focus on development as they don't have to worry nearly as much about defense (provided they are aligned with USA interests...which I still contend you can hate all you want. But, I can't imagine you'd rather the USSR, Nazi, etc. being in that position.)

    I still never contested that American spending means Europe doesn't have to spend so much, I contest that Europe in any way needs to thank USA for this. It is an American choice to spend so much, a choice made because successive American administrations have found it diplomatically and strategically advantageous to spend so much. The American military is used as a lever in international politics and as a replacement welfare state internally, this is why USA spends so much, not to offset lack of spending among its allies. Europe had orders of magnitude more spending on military when USA started spending at these levels, Europe then slowly cut down spending as the world situation merited it, while USA continued to ramp it up.

    Again I am not saying USA isn't functioning as world police, or hasn't been, just that Europeans have no bloody reason to "thank a yank" for it, it is your country, your policy, your choice and your problem.

    If you don't like American spending being this high on the military then vote for someone that mirrors that view, don't get mad at Europeans for responding rationally to a world with a single super power spending irrational levels of cash on preparing to fight everyone and their mother.

    And again to reiterate my entire point in a single line in case you missed it:

    It is your country, your policy, your choice and your problem.

    [–] Fallout 76 will be online only with no way to turn off PvP NATIK001 4 points ago in Steam

    No he didn't. He said you didn't have to party but also specifically that fo76 will be "entirely online."

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago in worldnews

    in other words Europe spends and have spent what it needed to keep itself defended, the fact that USA feels the need to see itself as needing to protect USA is USA's problem not Europe's.

    I quote myself here as it is sufficient to explain why your cherry picking is silly and and merely a desperate attempt to save face.

    USA carried out American politics for American political purposes, not to be altruistic, European nations carried out European politics for the same reason. Europe has no need to thank USA for USA protecting its own interests.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in worldnews

    No one is disputing that USA has the largest military expenditure in the world and indeed thus also in NATO. You are grasping at straws man, and outside of the 2% GDP demand of NATO, European nations are free to decide what they pay. My own country Denmark recently bumped it's expenditure up to the required 2% in response to the changing world situation, in other words Europe spends and have spent what it needed to keep itself defended, the fact that USA feels the need to see itself as needing to protect USA is USA's problem not Europe's.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in worldnews

    You say you don't have a problem with it...but then use the verb "poaching" to describe it. Passive-aggression, smugness, typical.

    No, there was two different parts of that paragraph. The first was about modern global movement of workers, the second was about the literal poaching done after WW2. These are different points about different events. Go back and reread the paragraph please.

    I don't want you to think I'm a moderate. I don't care what you think of me.

    Okay so you are just writing pointless drivel then?

    Again, you are ABLE to use economic and diplomatic pressures more effectively b/c it goes without saying that you have the backing of NATO/USA. I can guarantee Russia is fully aware of the capabilities of these organizations and that they DO matter.

    Again, American conservative myopic view of diplomacy. Also the EU is not a military organization and it does not have the backing of NATO, not all of EU is in NATO and not all of European members of NATO are in the EU, it is a separate entity entirely.

    Yes, we understand that more expensive fuel's not optimal.

    So what is your point then? Europe has more than enough cash to buy "not optimal" fuel sources if need be, there just hasn't been a need before.

    The war in the Pacific had no effect on the war in Europe BECAUSE of the USA involvement.

    Pure conjecture which I would disagree with vehemently. No actor in the European theater other than USA considered the Pacific war their war and when the non-Asian parts of WW2 ended the powers in Europe all declared the war over, despite the fighting in the pacific continuing for quite a while longer. There is also no actual evidence that Japan would have attacked Russia and the British fleet still managed to cut off Germany from seaborne aid, so unless Japan wanted to send their fleet to Europe to try and fight for Germany there wouldn't be Japanese resources in Germany, even if Japan won in the pacific without engaging USA. That is just as plausible a scenario.

    Germany may not have had to "win the war against Russia"'s VERY likely that the Nazi party would've picked a line/front (prob more west than they'd have liked) and said,"hey guys, you're Aryan, we're Aryan, let's stop killing each other and carve out the plunder/territory." That is completely plausible.

    Not at all plausible. That is what they did as the war started when they carved up Poland. But after they attacked the USSR the USSR had absolutely no reason to settle for anything less than total victory, it isn't like Stalin gave a shit about his soldiers and civilians dying, the leadership of the USSR was in it to win it, nothing less after they got pulled in. EDIT: Also Nazis definitely did not consider Russians to be Aryans. The European Russians were slavs and the asian ones were a mix of various very much not "aryan races". The Germans would not befriend them on that ground.

    Lastly, I am NOT "demanding thanks" I simply said that there's a generation of Americans who've seen our middle class evaporate mostly under crushing healthcare, housing, and education costs. I personally think both the GOP and the Dems need to sack-up and take a bit of a stand against the billionaire class. HOWEVER, I DO make the point that it's tiresome to constantly hear all the anti-USA sentiment on reddit.

    Your internal politics are your internal politics, they are not a European matter and we have the right to voice our opinions just as much as you do about anything. What we see from USA is pure insanity and a society collapsing into total dysfunction in many areas, and this is concerning to us, but we can't do anything about it other than voice concerns because again, it's your internal politics and not ours.

    If you don't like being criticized and having your feelings hurt then stop going to debate and discourse forums where you might have that happen.

    It's tiresome to see how ANY THOUGHT that the USA should play the tiniest bit of hardball on trade (when our cars, food, industrial goods are frequently tariff'd by our trading partners) isn't even met with respectful counter-arguments, just name calling. The left stopped debating in the last 3-4 years and I think that's a big part of why Trump won.

    USA already plays the most hardball on trade of any western power, USA limits trade on an ungodly amount of goods, orders of magnitude more than any of its European trade partners. It isn't about USA not being allowed to do anything. If you do something you have to face the critique for it, stop being a little wuss and learn to listen to alternate points of view instead of declaring everything to be bullying.

    If you just shut the discussion down, name-call and espouse European or Socialist superiority to a nation of small-govt, low tax loving, innovation and entrepreneur encouraging people...well, you get Trump. Bitch all you want, but, that's reality.

    Again grow a fucking spine dude, or stop being so hypocritical, your posts have been nothing but spouting American superiority and American propaganda about how USA holds up the world alone while its allies piss all over it.

    We did not get Trump, you did. We are responding to the fact that USA has become an unreliably tinpot nation on the world stage and adjusting our policies, but we did not get Trump, Trump is an American situation and an American problem. The idea that Trump is two edged sword whom you hope cuts those you dislike more than you is an insane one, it serves no good purpose other than schadenfreude in politically ignorant myopic idiots.

    [–] [E3 2018] The Elder Scrolls VI NATIK001 5 points ago in Games

    That is 100% wrong. He said it is an entirely online game, but that you didn't have to group up unless you wanted to. Those other people will still be in your game if you try to solo, they at no point suggested that they would create an offline mode for it.

    Proof: "Fallout 76 is entirely online"

    [–] [E3 2018] The Elder Scrolls VI NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Games

    Todd Howard specifically said that Fallout 76 was an "entirely online game".

    Proof: "Fallout 76 is entirely online"

    [–] [E3 2018] The Elder Scrolls VI NATIK001 205 points ago in Games

    Eh, they kinda had to. Starfield is a new IP and wouldn't save them from the tearing into they would get on social media about FO76 being purely online.

    TES6 + Starfield support is something they can point to and go "we still care about singleplayer RPGs, we just want to give you something else as well".

    I would have preferred TES6 and Starfield being announced closer to their release dates, but as a tactical decision from Bethesda they probably had to do it this way to control the conversation going out of E3 somewhat.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago in worldnews are you now against the free movement of people and ideas?

    No but USA doesn't need or deserve thanks for the brain drain it has stood for. It is a fact in an open global society that people move around as benefits them and that is fine. However since you mention WW2 so much in your posts, during and after World War 2 USA poached scientists and engineers hard from Europe and it deserves no thanks for the effects of that.

    I say this as a very socially liberal, fiscally center-right voter (who has voted both GOP and Dem.)

    Center-right American is far right in most other places. It doesn't make me think of you as a moderate like you want me to, especially with the spiel that follows about how horrible liberals are while spouting conservative catchphrases like crazy.

    Second, again, you’re putting “diplomatic pressure” on with the backing of the NATO/USA military.

    Again, not understanding European approach to diplomacy. You don't have to use military might as the lever in diplomacy, that is typically narrow-minded American diplomacy. EU policy is about economic pressure, not military pressure and yes you can do pressure without military might being a threat.

    Europe is vulnerable/thirsty for heating oil and energy...

    Europe is fueled by Russian fuel mainly due to it being cheapest, there are other available sources, they are just costlier and would require setup time. Europe has been moving towards other supplies in the time since Russia started going crazier.

    I also think Russia has a resolve and toughness, whereas the EU I think (as we see the rise of nationalism in many countries) is more fragile and could break up even more.

    With the UK gone there is no fragility in the core of the EU, there might be a few minor nations that would leave or consider leaving but that is it. It is also irrelevant to EUs ability to put pressure on Russia. Russia is a weak and fragile economy even if Putin successfully puts on a strong man image. The Russian economy has been hit hard by sanctions and would be hit even harder if the west wasn't so split on responses, a split that is large due to American insanity.

    Next, I think you’re majorly downplaying the role of the United States in WW2

    I am absolutely not.

    You conveniently act like Japan didn’t exist.

    USA was forced into that war and Japan didn't threaten Europe in any meaningful sense, there was minor fighting with Japan in some Asian European colonies, but it was minor. The war in the pacific had almost no effect on the war in Europe. Consider that the United States fought in the pacific for quite a while before joining the war in Europe managing to consider them entirely separate conflicts.

    Europeans don't give a flying fuck about the American war in the pacific during World War 2 and you will never get a thanks from us for that war, because it had nothing to do with us, it was fought entirely for yourselves.

    Russia could’ve easily overextended and through a sort of entropy not been able to finish.

    Except we know that Russian industrial capacity was only increasing and they were far from running out of manpower. Germany had been weakening the entire time. There is no way Germany could win the war against Russia, Germany just thought they could win it because they vastly underestimated Russia.


    It's fucking rich that you keep calling me smug when you are the one demanding thanks for the glory of American altriusm. It is pure bullshit and you need to stop gobbling up american nationalist propaganda and open your eyes to the wider world.

    [–] Germany accuses Trump of destroying trust with G7 tweets. NATIK001 13 points ago in worldnews

    Everyone is dependent on each other for trade, you can't fucking trade with yourself. Lessening dependency in this context has nothing to do with trade, it's about geopolitics, treaties, military spending and so on. We all want more trading with each other, unless we are fucking insane.

    USA, EU and China are the three biggest trade entities in the entire world, of course they are going to be heavily trading with each other.

    Trade is a thing we all benefit from, it betters conditions for all of us to enable trade.

    China has no reason to care about what the EU has to say on trade...

    Going by your own link China has more reason to care than about what the EU says than what USA says. However China isn't as insane as Trump and isn't threatening to cut off trade. This is purely a one man crazy party from Trump and no one else.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago in worldnews

    First, It makes plenty of since...if I drive a Lamborghini (Porsche, whatever) I am CERTAINLY “enjoying the fruits of automotive technology”...but that doesn’t mean that Lambo invented the car. It DOES mean they are (one of) the dominant performance automakers.

    As the dominant economy USA has been the premier location for development of new technology. This is again something the United States does not require thanks for, if anything the brain drain that has occurred to the United States have been detrimental to many economies around the world. There are also no grounds for believing that those technologies would not have been developed outside of the United States or could not have been.

    Second, you’re illustrating my point exactly. I’m NOT saying “Europe’s military needs determine the size of the USA military” (although if you really want me to bite...change Europe to NATO and YEAH, the demands of protecting Europe actually DO have a LOT to do with determining the “need” of the USA military.

    Europe have adapted to the United States here. The United States massively ramped up its military in response to the two world wars and then justified maintaining and even expanding it against the Soviets. Later European countries chose to scale down armies in response to a world where a USA backed NATO provided protection and eventually the USSR collapsed. European nations saw the aftermath of the USSR as a world without military threats and cut down armies to near minimum as there seemed little reason to keep up spending unless we wanted to go to war with the United States, which seemed pretty unthinkable. Europe responded to American politics, not vice versa.

    Second, you’re illustrating my point exactly. I’m NOT saying “Europe’s military needs determine the size of the USA military” (although if you really want me to bite...change Europe to NATO and YEAH, the demands of protecting Europe actually DO have a LOT to do with determining the “need” of the USA military.

    Europe and the EU did what they believed best, provide economic and diplomatic pressure, this is not nothing even if it isn't the American way of guns and boots on the ground. European countries also slightly scaled up military spending to keep the gap to Russia sufficiently large. But once again, EU policy is not to get into a fighting war with Russia, not even a proxy war. EU policy is to put economic pressure on Russia to get it to stop engaging in silly land grabs. As for the Ukrainian and Georgian situations, they are special case situations both where the countries have a previous history of being bound tightly with Russia, they then jeopardized their Russian relations without finding strong allies beforehand. While Russia is wrong in doing what it is doing in both areas they are rather unique situations that don't apply to that many other areas, in Europe there is mainly Moldova and Belarus left where Russia could pull the same shenanigans without EU or NATO responding with more than condemnation and economic punishment.

    Yes, I’m quite aware of Hitler’s Russian blunder. Also, FUEL was a MAJOR reason behind a lot of the Nazi’s endgame blunders. Fuel was influencing their decisions in a big way. We could take history forever...but lol @ “the USA ‘just’ stopped Communism from rolling over all of Europe.” Oh yeah, well, JUST that. LOL

    Doesn't matter why Hitler invaded the USSR, just that he did and that the Soviet forces were too much for the German forces to handle.

    And yes, USA did not even do the primary work on the western front, that got to be awarded to the UK for holding off invasion for years while even managing to save French troops and fund resistance movements all over western and northern Europe. USA entered the war late and played a large role in the western theater when it came to retaking Europe, and USA had provided a lot of the resources the UK needed to stand firm against Germany. But the facts are the facts, the ones that held the lines so the war wasn't lost was the UK and the ones that fought the brunt of the war to defeat Germany was the USSR. The Americans entering the war really did just keep the Soviets from "liberating" all of Europe and making a communist mega state out of the mainland.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in worldnews

    enjoying the fruits of western civilization

    This makes less than zero sense. Europe is the birth place of western civilization. It is also the birthplace of industrialization and the modern post-industrialization lifestyle. When western civilization was getting its legs USA didn't even exist. The shape of the modern world was, for good and evil, largely decided by European history.

    I would LOVE to see that money better spent on the health and education of my generation (what most Europeans enjoy.) But, I DO think Europe should/would have to increase their military expenditures if the USA were to essentially withdraw (something the most of real people in power in Europe don’t want.)

    Whether USA scales down military operations isn't decided by Europeans or by European military expenditure. You could cut the American military by half and it would still be more than sufficient to stay the dominant military force on the planet. The American military is kept as massive as it is due to internal political reasons (it keeps tons of industries going while serving as a replacement welfare state). Europeans determine the size of armies they want, Americans determine the size of army they want. If Americans dialed down their military Europeans might increase theirs if they feel it necessary, but in no way is the American military size determined by those of its allies, when USAs currently military-industrial complex was created, the European militaries were orders of magnitude larger. USA did not create an oversized military to compensate for its allies, it created it to accomplish American goals.

    Or you could allow the conflict in Ukraine to go Putin’s way. Trust that the eastern bloc countries can all stand strong against Russia, convince yourself that Putin will suddenly lose his ambition, and that when we are right back in heavy scenario the intensely loyal to each other eurozone countries will stick together and handle it. B/c that worked last time...smh

    The current conflict with Russia is not going to be won or lost with force of arms, Europe and EU both have larger and more modern armies and higher military spending than Russia as is without any American consideration, but the EU is NOT looking at the Russia conflict as situation solvable by military intervention, in Europe we are looking at it as a situation that is solved via diplomacy and economic pressure since Russia has a weak and unstable economy at its core, Russia is a weak actor blustering for internal political reasons rather than someone really threatening.

    Also, just a footnote. I almost laugh when you say “oversized”...why? Well, love it or hate it, it’s kind of the American way. For example, the German tanks were technologically superior...but we just out-McDonald’s’d there asses. Some German general actually said,”our Panzers were easily worth 4 if their inferior tanks.....but they always had 5.”

    And the Soviets had 50... The USSR was the nation with the numbers in that war. Which leads into...

    Oversized is one reason why REAL Nazi’s didn’t win that war. Other reasons for sure as well. But it’s true

    The turning point of the war was not the Americans joining, it was the Russians getting attacked.

    The nation that won the Second World War was Russia (if you want to give a single nation the credit, it unequivocally must be given to the USSR, France lost the war, Britain succeeded in not losing and then the USSR won it). The fact that USA joined only kept all of mainland Europe from being "liberated" by the red army.

    USA didn't win the war, it would have been won regardless. USA just stopped communism from rolling over all of Europe which would have been very much not in American interests, which is also why USA helped out post-war Europe to the scale it did.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in worldnews

    Americans made the choice to have a massively oversized army over half a century ago. Being mad at Europeans about Americans exercising American politic is retarded.

    Europeans have no reason to thank Americans for Americans doing what Americans want to do. Don't for one moment believe that the American military-industrial complex was created to be a nice altruistic friendly "protect our friends" force. It is a domination force.

    If you want thanks for American polices in Europe there is one major policy you will get it for, and that is the Marshal Plan that helped quickly rebuild Europe following the total devastation of the second world war. However you get no thanks from me or most Europeans for the fact that USA itself chose to arm itself to fight two and a half full scale wars against anyone. In fact most Europeans think the American military is vastly oversized and that a military like that breeds conflict instead of preventing it.

    [–] Merkel voices support for Macron's proposed European defence force NATIK001 2 points ago in worldnews

    Definitely not, various politicians in various countries have promised not to be working towards such a goal, but the EU as an entity has never promised anything of the sort.

    While some politicians have been denying federalizing europe and wanting to create a united army and so on, others have been clear about that being their preferred end goal for the EU.

    France and Germany have always been huge proponents of unification measures while the UK was the biggest proponent of the status quo. With the UK leaving the EU is set to move towards unifying at a much quicker pace than before.

    [–] The 5 Things Incursion Did Right NATIK001 1 points ago in pathofexile

    To me Incursion should be considered more like Labyrinth than anything else. Labyrinth is gated behind keys dropping in maps as well and is a separate thing to do outside maps.

    If one considered Incursions temple a Labyrinth 2.0 then adding as is doesn't sound nearly as bad. If you don't want Alva and her Incursions in every map, then add a common Lab key like drop that average once per map or so in drop rate and we can use that in the map receptacle with a map to spawn an incursion in the map, 11 keys to one temple.