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    [–] Preliminary results: Slovenians reject same-sex marriage law NATIK001 1 points ago in europe

    I consider systematic oppression of a minority because of your beliefs tyranny.

    [–] Pope Francis urges Europe to return to postwar principles: “What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom?” NATIK001 -1 points ago in worldnews

    No, that is completely wrong.

    We complain because you claim something more than ancestry, you claim connections to those cultures.

    I am Danish, but in the last 4 generations I have Jewish-German, Spanish and Russian ancestors. I would never claim myself to be anything but just Danish because I was born and raised in Denmark and I have no knowledge of what it means to be any of the other things, sure my great grandparents may have been Spanish but that doesn't give me any kind of actual connection to Spain, it is just a curiosity.

    You ancestry does not give any kind of special knowledge of or insight into your ancestors cultures, you have to be raised into a culture to be of that culture.

    You are not X-American unless you were raised in X culture, you are just American.

    [–] Alien Isolation mod removes the alien to allow you to admire the art style in (relative) peace NATIK001 -5 points ago in Games

    Awesome, might actually make me play the game. I found the game to be wonderful in every way except for the Alien, it was designed horribly and was incredibly gamey, it wasn't even scary it was just endlessly frustrating.

    The reason it wasn't scary was because it was very obviously a poorly scripted AI tethered to you, all it did was to walk in a pendulum motion to you and then away from you over and over. I have never been so disappointed with an enemy in a horror game before and it killed the game for me.

    [–] What embarrasses you the most about the country you live in? NATIK001 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That still goes against physics, physics clearly shows us evidence of things being older. There is absolutely zero support in physics to suggest an arbitrary creation date of about 6k years ago. You cannot impose such a date on physics without denying what physics tells you.

    To in any way argue for a young-earth creationist viewpoint you would need to not only show that things did "simply appear" in this way and that they could do so. Neither of these have been shown and creationists aren't trying to show these because they claim "faith" tells them it is so.

    It most certainly IS against physics and the scientific principle to suggest a 6000 year old Earth. It is 100% incompatible with science and physics to claim a spontanious or god guided creation at that time and with such a universe being the product and it will remain so until clear evidence is found to the contrary.

    [–] Animal Welfare Institute Report: Norway is now the world’s leading whaling nation, killing more whales in the past two years than Japan and Iceland combined. NATIK001 5 points ago in worldnews

    Only difference between Japan and Norway to me is the following.

    Japan agreed to stop whaling, they signed on to the moratorium on whaling and said "Yes, whaling is bad" but then they continued to whale while lying about what they did and why.

    Norway on the other hand were clear from the start, they never agreed to stop whaling, and they never agreed that whaling is inherently bad or wrong.

    I think whaling is bad and we should all stop doing it, but there is more to it than just the act of whaling. The way Japan does whaling and treats the international community and Japan's obligations is frankly disgraceful. Norway can and should be criticized for their whaling, but at least they aren't trying to lie and cheat constantly while doing it.

    [–] Facebook’s program thinks Declaration of Independence is hate speech. NATIK001 -5 points ago in technology

    That's not an "or". It's still for financial reasons. They estimate that the costs of compliance are higher than the income from compliance.

    Either way, they are failing to guarantee that userdata is protected, whether its because they want to exploit it, or because they just think protecting it costs too much it comes out to the same effect.

    [–] Alien Isolation mod removes the alien to allow you to admire the art style in (relative) peace NATIK001 1 points ago in Games

    The Pendulum motion is most obvious in larger areas, it becomes quite obvious in those areas that it doesn't "search" areas that the game knows you aren't in, if you get a good vantage point you can see how it stays in an area around you and follow you around even if it never sees you.

    I don't see anything that is good about the Aliens AI, it doesn't showcase any kind of interesting features, it just walks around in an area around you and the size of that area is determined by the difficulty level, there is literally nothing more to it.

    [–] Dog pees on an electric fence NATIK001 -1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Why should I?

    If you don't want me to write to you, stop writing to me. You can just ignore me and move on. It isn't my fault that you are a sensitive little boy who can't bear to hear how his great heroes aren't wonderful scientists.

    [–] Early results suggest Greeks vote 'No' NATIK001 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 years ago) in worldnews

    Unless the rules for being in the EU are changed or Greece negotiates an opt-out like the UK, leaving the Euro will mean that Greece is in breach of EU treaties and they will be facing suits in the European Court of Justice which they will lose, after which they will almost certainly face a call for a vote for expulsion.

    It is a part of the basic agreements you make when you are an EU member that you will work towards Eurozone membership.

    EDIT: Rewrote it to be less harsh.

    [–] Alien: Isolation has shipped 1.8M copies according to latest SEGA finanicals NATIK001 -4 points ago in Games

    I think an even worse offense is the terrible AI on the Alien. It obviously have no AI at all, it's just tethered to the players location regardless of whether it has ever spotted you or not.

    I bought the game and I like it a lot, except for the Alien, I wish I could play it with a better Alien that actually responded to the world around it rather than be tethered to my ass, or even without the Alien at all. I would pay money for a DLC that removed the Alien from the game completely and added androids, survivors and such instead to the areas it was in. The areas with any other enemy than the Alien are challenging, fun and varied, the areas with the Alien are boring and just about rushing through while distracting it with shit.

    I can understand why people love the game, there is a lot of good to it, but the design of the Alien is lazy and eliminates all strategy that isn't distract and run or flamethrower run (same thing). Most areas are designed so sneaking and avoiding the Alien isn't even an option.

    [–] Indian Student facing life imprisonment for refusing to stand up during National Anthem at a movie theater NATIK001 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 years ago) in worldnews

    There is a clear difference. At sports events you have representatives of the countries competing, a certain amount of nationalism is inherent to the situation. A movie theater is just plain entertainment, there is no rational place for nationalism there.

    EDIT: To everyone that replied, as I don't want to reply to everyone.

    Sports events have people representing something, flying "the colours" in some way, even a local team is representing something, be it their sponsors and fans or their city/region. Many local teams have their own club anthems instead of national anthems, some just use national anthems depending on local customs. The anthems are there to unite supporters. Movies do not have supporters, there is no competition in a movie theater, it is a place of passive entertainment consumption, a sports event is active competitive interaction. I maintain that there is no good reason to run a national anthem prior to a movie showing.

    [–] Venezuela hit by 7.3-magnitude earthquake NATIK001 0 points ago in worldnews

    Socialism has as much to do with dictatorships as capitalism, socialism is in fact meant to be mass rule by design, capitalism doesn't care who rules.

    [–] Dog pees on an electric fence NATIK001 3 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I am sorry you had your illusions busted, but Mythbusters has nothing to do with science, it is nothing but an entertainment show and nothing they do or say should ever be taken as fact.

    [–] Two-thirds of all new HIV cases in Europe are being recorded in just one country – Russia: More than a million Russians now live with the virus and that number is expected to nearly double in the next decade NATIK001 0 points ago in worldnews

    I suggest you go look at the wikipedia source another time, it does not support the content of the wikipedia page. The CIA source has N/A for USA and Russia numbers and they are not listed on the CIA source page.

    If you want to use a source, please make sure their data is what you think it is.

    [–] "The nature of work is changing, and we need a new social safety net that’s suited to these changes. Basic income will allow us to gracefully transition to a society where full employment is no longer the expectation...It gives us the security to figure out what humans are for in the 21st century." NATIK001 8 points ago in technology

    UBI isn't a communist idea. Under communism, just like capitalism, people work to get paid but communism just pays everyone the same no matter what job they do.

    UBI is a basic payment given to everyone regardless of what they do or what they have. People then work and get paid for work in the normal capitalist way on top of their UBI income.

    The idea is to replace all traditional welfare and support systems with a single system which guarantees a minimum standard of living in a world where there may no longer be enough jobs for everyone.

    [–] Joe Hart Calls For The Ball After Free Kick - England vs Italy - World Cup 2014 NATIK001 0 points ago in videos

    It isn't logic, it is ignorance of the principles of football.

    The game is run in two unbroken 45 minute segments. If something happens during the 45 minutes that breaks up the game then compensation time can be added on the end, but it is against the core principles of the game to pause the game in the middle of active play (active play being any time between the ref whistling the kickoff and the ref whistling for halftime or end of the match). Same reason instant replay isn't provided for the referees, decisions need to be made instantly so play can continue as soon as possible, no pausing allowed. Only reason the goalline cams are accepted now is because they provide instant information to refs with no pausing required.

    [–] Animal Welfare Institute Report: Norway is now the world’s leading whaling nation, killing more whales in the past two years than Japan and Iceland combined. NATIK001 2 points ago in worldnews

    If Japan felt they had to back out of their treaty obligations they should have left the treaty officially and officially restarted whaling.

    Nothing you said changes the fact that Japan's behavior is disgraceful and that they are lying about their actions.

    So of course they did something to try and appease the global community.

    Lying and cheating someone is a poor way of appeasing them. It is a scumbag way to try to weasel out of the problem.

    [–] Marvel's Spider-Man - Iron Spider Suit Revealed | PS4 NATIK001 0 points ago in Games

    You mutate into a mutant. I fail to really understand the distinction. I certainly don't remember the Spider-man cartoon making that distinction, it called him a mutant as well on several occasions.

    [–] Dog pees on an electric fence NATIK001 -1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I know, I don't care.

    [–] Danish teen fought off her attacker - now she'll face fine. A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant. NATIK001 1 points ago in news

    Proportional defense is allowed, but if someone attacks you with a weapon the suggested course of action is to do whatever they say and get away whenever it is at all possible, then call the police.

    If you cause harm to someone in self defense you are liable for it, it is very hard to prove justified self defense under Danish law.

    [–] Dog pees on an electric fence NATIK001 46 points ago * (lasted edited 3 years ago) in Wellthatsucks

    Mythbusters "busting" anything counts for shit. They are not doing rigorous experiments accounting for all variables. They arbitrarily set down some rules so they can make a single experiment quickly and then they arrive at a worthless judgement based on that.

    For this exact myth I remember they used a shitty device to disperse the urin, it had no consideration for the specifics of how urin exits the body, they just assumed that any hole of roughly the same size as a urethra would do. However particularly the male urethra opening possess a shape designed to maintain a solid stream and on top of that, as far as I recall, they didn't bother doing any kind of thinking on whether the velocity the urin exited with would have an effect on stream density.

    Please don't cite Mythbusters results as anything but mildly interesting curiosities, they have near zero worth as fact, they can't actually bust anything they can only show things to be possible with their methodology.

    [–] Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear review - A fitting end to a legendary game, 17 years later - PCWorld NATIK001 4 points ago in Games

    How can it be the true ending to BG1 if BG1's story was about Sarevok and his gang disrupting the the Sword Coast and BG1 ended with us killing him and destroying his gang?

    That is as much ending as you can get unless you go for the BG2:ToB ending, which is the reason why Tales of the Sword Coast was a separate story to the base game.

    [–] [No Spoilers] Greenman Gaming calculated which famous sci-fi ships would reach Andromeda first. Mildly humorous. NATIK001 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in masseffect

    Velocity = Distance/Time.

    Between points A and B there is 1 ly, I travel the distance in 1 year so I go at 1 c. Doesn't matter how I got there, that is the speed I got there at. If I warped space around me to propel me there while I didn't move in respect to my local space I still traveled 1 ly in 1 year. If I left the universe during the travel and came back somewhere else in the universe, I would still have traveled that 1 ly in 1 year.

    The local velocity in hyperspace is not relevant to the discussion and it isn't relevant to the rest of the universe.

    Since you continually struggle with this concept I am going to call in relativity to help me out.

    Relativity tells us that there is no such thing as objective speed, you move at no velocityfrom your perspective while an outside observer will give say you move at X velocity. We describe velocity relative to something else, thus relativity. In the case of FTL travel like hyperspace we define the velocities of an FTL ship relative to the velocity of an outside observer, where you place this observer won't matter much unless you put them on a ship traveling at FTL velocities as well, so let's put them at the destination world of the ship. Looking at the ship from this vantage point it arrive at the world and land and then a some time later it would leave it's point of origin. The ship would have traveled faster than light and thus be going at FTL velocities.

    It does not matter how it got it there or what speeds the people on the ship thought they went. They went FTL.

    Quoting myself in another post: "The fact that the engines do not ever accelerate the ship to that real space velocity does not mean that the ship isn't traveling at that velocity in real space."

    The entire point of sci-fi FTL is to bend the rules to allow FTL travel. The idea is to go STL locally so that the lightspeed barrier doesn't stop you, while you go at any arbitrary velocity desired on a non-local scale.

    Looking at FTL travel from the local scale is not useful, especially no in this situation. The entire point of FTL travel is abuse local effects to achieve the non-local observed result.

    [–] Preliminary results: Slovenians reject same-sex marriage law NATIK001 37 points ago in europe

    I consider systematic oppression of a minority because of your beliefs tyranny. Gays are not just being denied a label, they are denied equal standing in society and being barred from numerous benefits and opportunities beyond just the pleasure of getting married itself.