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    [–] [901] How do I know I'm ready? NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago in CompTIA

    What practice exams would you say most closely mirror the difficulty of the actual exam? I'm willing to pay some money for practice exams but don't want to pay if they are significantly more or less difficult than the real thing.

    [–] Biweekly Industry Discussion - Sun, March 03, 2019 NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in GameSociety

    I know its a late reply, but it probably varies by organizer. MSI is probably using it as an advertising platform. If I understand WCG correctly, they probably get their money mostly from commercial advertisers on syfy who probably pay more or less based on things like Neilson ratings. I cant really say for WCG, but maybe they rent out advertising slots or something. I would imagine that smaller organizers mostly just benefit from entry fees', viewer ticket sales, and maybe even concessions fees, depending on the size of the tournament. Some exist as charity like Games Done Quick and I would hope only keep the amount needed to continue operations efficiently.

    So as an example of a game i'm more familiar with Dota 2.

    Valve for instance sells in-game items to make money for profit and the prize pool in Dota 2's The International. They do a 75-25 split I think, where 75% is profit and 25% is added to the prize pool. They have historically encouraged more people to buy through group and personal means. If the prize pool hits 20 million, everyone gets battle pass levels, that's a group incentive. Vs. If you personally buy 10 battle pass levels you get an extra cosmetics crate, being a personal incentive. So valve stands to benefit by selling as much as possible to maximize the 75% split they get. If they sell 100 million dollars of levels and crates, they gross 75 million, and net probably most of it because they almost exclusively fund the prize pool through digital cosmetic sales, meaning once the initial work of implementing the items is finished, the only real cost is renting an arena for a few weeks for the finals.

    That said this is all conjecture, but its how i would imagine these things work.

    [–] When people ask why I don't leave my home state NWAH_OUTLANDER 12 points ago in texas

    183 and 35 needs a fucking flyover. Getting off the highway to get on another highway is top tier city planning lul.

    [–] Found in the rain in Dublin, Ireland NWAH_OUTLANDER -2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in whatsthisbird

    Looks like a European Robin maybe? I'm in the states so i'm not 100% sure.

    [–] Ki adi Mundi NWAH_OUTLANDER 30 points ago in PrequelMemes


    [–] *rant* Please give us 2v2 NWAH_OUTLANDER 2 points ago in apexlegends

    I'd like solo so I don't ruin other peoples games by being awful lul

    [–] DRM for your plants! NWAH_OUTLANDER 9 points ago in accursedfarms

    If your plant has a product key, enter it into the dialogue box below...

    [–] Anon has a thigh fetish NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago in greentext

    I'll have the chicken combo, 2 thighs and no legs , thanks.

    [–] Sedans under 17k NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    Thanks! I'll probably wait and find a good V6 Accord at a good price if i can.

    [–] Sedans under 17k NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    Are there any years to avoid on an accord/camry?

    [–] Sedans under 17k NWAH_OUTLANDER 1 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    Whats the maximum miles I should accept on a Camry or accord?