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    Dr Strangebean

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    We living in 2018, this n*gga living in 1984!

    [–] 🤣 a delicious way to go out NYstate 7 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin???

    Somebody get this girl on the phone she needs a friend!

    [–] No STD’s in the front NYstate 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    That's because she only got Just The Tip

    [–] 58kg weight loss NYstate 3 points ago in pics

    Sad and the original only has 2k upvotes. SMH

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    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 1 points ago in PS4

    1. You didn't prove that the majority of people complaining about DMCV were never interested in game.

    But I did. People complain but still buy games full of MTX. Most of those complaining we're just on a bandwagon. But if you want more proof I'll link you to another Redditor who explained it better than I ever could.

    There, that should be proof from some else's mouth.

    All you did was ramble about games with microtransactions being in top 10s, congratulations on winning an argument I never made.

    No i just proved that people complain but still buy games full of MTX. It wasn't your argument but mine, I argued people bitch and pay but still bitch nonetheless.

    You have no evidence that the majority of people complaining about DMCV were never interested in the game.

    Do you have any proof they we're? Most people who bitch and complain do so just to bitch and complain. These are facts man. Do I have to provide statistics or something?

    1. Buying games used doesn't support Capcom. They will receive $0 from my purchase. I don't care if other people buy it brand new, I won't be. Other people can make their own choices. I don't recommend games with microtransactions or lootboxes to people so you're nonsense about word of mouth is irrelevant.

    Support means more than "give you money". Do you think that people who get the game for free (YouTube influencers) still support the game? I'll answer that for you. Yes. You are still advertising it. Hell everyone on here can see that even though you're not actually buying it new your still buying it. What happens if there's DLC that interests you, will you buy that used too?

    1. Battlefront 2 still sold below expectations, there's no way to damage control it. The pay to win controversy impacted sales and it didn't sell as much as EA wanted.

    It's not damage control it's facts. It sold below expectations but did it lose money? I think not. The fact that EA reintroduced MTX shows that as it's not a loss. I'm willing to bet the money they made off of MTX made up for the sales.

    I'm supporting them by giving them no money? They get nothing.

    Again, support dosen't always mean money.

    Look I looked up the definition for you

    • 6 to keep (something) going

    By playing it at all you are keeping it going. The conversation, the advertising, all kinds of things. Sure your not buying it new but your still buying it. You want to send Capcom a message? Don't buy it at all. Period.

    Your still playing it. If someone sees you online playing it do they know you got it at a discount? Used? Free? Not unless you tell them.

    Wtf are you on about? Why would I care what others think if they see me playing it? Why would I even feel the need to tell? I'll buy it used because I don't want to give Capcom my money, if other people do then that's their choice.

    I think I answered that one already. But the short is yeah your getting it used and telling other people that you like (or don't like) the game. Why do you think streaming is so big? Free advertising. You playing the game is still supporting them, not financially but support. That what I'm on about. Again , 6 to keep (something) going

    So? They still didn't get any money from me.

    No unless you say damn this game is terrible! Don't buy it at all. People listen to word of mouth. You're inadvertently are still "selling" the game you're just not gettinh money from Capcom for it. How many times has someone sold you on a game just by talking about it? I got Prey as a gift, it wasn't for me but I liked it. Just because it didn't "click" with me, it still was a quality game. I still tell people it wasn't my kind of game but you may like it. If someone buys DmC5 because of your recommendation Capcom is still getting money even if you don't give them any. Like I said Prey wasn't for me but it's for someone, I'll still recommend it to people.

    Again, so? Are you suggesting I shouldn't speak out against practices I don't like? It would be pretty silly if you are.

    No I'm saying if you're speaking out and really want to send a message, don't buy it at all. That's what will hurt Capcom the most, someone who says "I passed on DmC5 because of microtransactions." Not "I'll just buy it used or cheap." Buying it used (or cheap) shows that you're still interested in the game, even just a little bit. That tells Capcom to dial back the microtransactions to acceptable levels. But not buying it at all show you said "F' em I ain't buying it at all!"

    Are we done yet?

    You're definitely done. You're talking absolute gibberish.

    "Absolute Gibberish."

    Note to self: Work on explaining things better so it doesn't sound like gibberish. Thanks for that, I'll take that as constructive criticism.

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 0 points ago in PS4

    Here we go again...

    Most of the people who are mad didn't give a rats anyway.

    Big assumption with no facts to back up the claim.

    Except that they don't. Look at how GTAV. It's always in the top selling games of 2018, because of GTA Online. Here's a list of the top up selling games up to July 2018.

    Six out of ten has microtransactions of some sort. I'll save you the trouble and put an asterisk next to the ones that do.

    1. Far Cry 5

    2. God of War 2018 

    3. Monster Hunter: World *

    4. Call of Duty: WWII *

    5. Dragon Ball: Fighterz 

    6. Grand Theft Auto V *

    7. NBA 2K18 *

    8. MLB 18: The Show *

    9. Mario Kart 8

    10. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds *

    Not all of them are slimy, some are cosmetic, but still microtransactions. Or are we going to argue about which is worse cosmetic or P2W.

    Also look at this:

    I'm willing to bet you two months Gold that 2K19 will be in the top 10 of NPD's September 2018. (My guess is top 5.) You wanna take that bet? That's how much people don't care.

    It's like all of those people burning Nikes why? Cause it's the in thing to do.

    They're burning stuff in protest, I don't agree with it but it's their right to protest. Plus, burning Nike products that you already paid for doesn't affect Nike, they already have your money. That would be like me buying DMCV day1 and then breaking the disc because I hate the microtransactions, absolutely pointless. Not really a good comparison. I'm not against DMCV microtransactions because it's the trend, I really don't like them.

    No that would be like:

    I'll buy it used then sell it to someone else.

    You're still supporting their game. Buying a used Chevy from a used car lot is still buying a Chevy. You're just not buying it from the dealership. You think people are going to ask if you got it from the dealer or not? People will know you still played the game from your Trophies/Achievements list, when you talk to friends and co-workers, on Social Media etc. Still word of mouth it's not like you exist in a vacuum.

    Just because you won't buy it new, doesn't mean someone you come into contact with won't. People who have something they got for free on PS+/GWG/ Steam gift will still hear how great a game is and buy it. PS+ is great advertising to people who don't have the service.

    I have a friend who bought Destiny 2 full price and don't play it. I got it for free thanks to PS+. If we want to get a fire team together so people who don't have plus will have to buy it. More sales. Plus if half or two thirds of people who got D2 for free buys the expansion, then the gamble for Activision paid off.

    The comparison to Nike is: You will still own it. No matter if you bought it new or someone gave you to you. If you get a pair of Nikes for Christmas or birthday you still have Nikes right? Burning them is moot you (or someone) already gave them money.

    Yet BF2 sold below expectations and did worse than BF1. That's not good even with 9 million sold. Clearly people made their voices heard and they voted with their wallet.

    Coincidentally you linked to the article saying Loot Boxes are returning. EA took it on the chin because of pressure but let's not for get the other devs that still have MTX in their games. Rockstar, Activision, Ubisoft, Microsoft, WB, 2K. Basically all of the major publishers.

    Sure it sold below expectations, but it still sold 9 million copies. (My guess is that it'll sell close to 12 - 14 million by now) people are still playing it. Below expectations and not selling well are two completely different things. What was EA expectations, 15 million? 12 million? 20 million? Who knows.

    I'll buy it used then sell it to someone else. Capcom won't see any of my money. I don't just complain on social media, I actually vote with my wallet.

    But you just told me that you'll buy it. Still, used or no. You're still putting your money towards it. By saying hey im buying it you're telling the developers that you angry but still supporting them. Your still playing it. If someone sees you online playing it do they know you got it at a discount? Used? Free? Not unless you tell them. But they know you have/had it and so does Capcom. They'll think that they some didn't buy it new, but you're into the conversation on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook still talking about the game. Add to the fact that no one will know that you didn't buy it new, all they will know is that /u/Liquid_Tacitus played DmC 5.

    Are we done yet?

    [–] When digital lootboxes are illegal NYstate 5 points ago in gaming

    Real life: A wild Loot Boxes appears!

    Customer: (Uses money)

    Real life: More Loot Boxes appear!

    [–] Ultimate f*ck up NYstate 2 points ago in funny

    I'm sure the fine print clearly says they don't cover damage attributed to "act-of-gods". Also how do you explain that to the investigator?

    Guy: "Well you see I was in a drinking in a bar.

    Agent: "So you were drinking?

    Guy: "No. Kinda. Listen my point is that after a few hours of drinking, I leave and my truck was like that!"

    Agent: "So let me get this straight: You went to a bar and drank for a couple of hours and came out and your 18 wheeler was stuck in 3 telephone poles? Sir are you sure you didn't just black out behind the wheel?"

    Guy: "No somebody did this to my rig!"

    Agent: "Sir I'm trying to get this all you're telling me somebody picked up a... let me see... 40 ton truck, smashed it into a few telephone poles and you didn't hear a thing?"

    Guy: "Well I was drinking..."

    Agent: "Sir, I think we're done here. We'll have someone call you"

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 1 points ago in PS4

    Dude I agree with you 100%! It's all about people joining a movement, these people don't care about any of that stuff. Throw the baby out with the bathwater is up perfect term to use, because that's exactly what people are trying to doing. Somebody on the PS4 sub posted about how the microtransactions really aren't that bad, not to say that microtransactions are good, it's just not as bad as people making it out to be. Is it unnecessary? Yes but at least we're getting a honest-to-God real Devil May Cry game.

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 0 points ago in PS4

    I'm hardly mad, I'm raising awareness about a scummy thing

    What do you think people don't know? I'm sure at least half do, most just don't care sadly.

    I'm targeting like you, people who need to know better, people who that should vote with their wallets. The "you need to be quiet cuz you're one person" argument is kind of shit, with that logic, we'd still be hitting each other with sticks and be enslaving people because of the color of their skin.

    Are you comparing Loot Boxes to enslaving people? Ok. Not even close to the same thing, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

    The main problem with MTX is that people will support it. That's a sad fact of reality. 95% of people say: "Well I only play a few games a year so paying an extra $30, is nothing..." "Or ooh there's a new DmC game coming out? I'll haven't played that since PS2 I'll check it out!"

    Lastly have you even been reading my posts? I keep saying: "Just don't buy it!" I guess not

    They will care if it hurts their pocket book, stop being a bitch please.

    Ahhh slinging insults. So you've gone from being a man of the people: "It's my duty to tell people about microtransactions!" To "Stop being a bitch..." All in the same comment. SMH, sigh.

    Pushes in chair and picks up folder

    I think we're done here...

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 1 points ago in PS4

    That's cuz he's playing the "I ain't even mad" card but he's real mad. I don't understand why people get so so worked up over it? Stuff pisses me off but I just read it and say: "That's dumb..." shrug my shoulders and keep going.

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 0 points ago in PS4

    Getting mad on an internet forum does nothing, nothing at all.

    cough Battlefront 2 cough

    People were mad, and now EU is banning lootboxes and looking into legal actions against EA for unlicensed gambling.

    Yeah but what about Activision? WB? Ubisoft? 2K? Rockstar? Have you played GTA Online lately? Still going strong, still full of microtransactions. People hate on EA, rightfully so, but all of the major publishers do it. I mean Microsoft had it in Forza and rumor has it, that it'll be in the new Halo as well.

    Capcom dosen't give a flying hadoken about your being mad, just don't buy it.

    It will give a flying hadoken if negative press lowers their sales. a little bit.

    Listen microtransactions suck but unfortunately they're here to stay. Look at at how much money Fortnite, Destiny 2, Overwatch, GTA Online and NBA 2K etc because people keep buying them. Sadly.

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 1 points ago in PS4

    Waiting for price drop or sales is hurting the company more than buying Day 1.

    How? You're still buying the game! What kind of message are you sending? I'm still interested in your game just not today. You know how many people wait for a discount then buy a game? Is not like that's rare. There's an entire sub dedicated to it /r/patientgamers

    So yes it's like burning Nikes., no it's not. You're not buying and then destroying a perfectly functional product.

    Yes it's not exactly like "destroying a perfectly functional product", that's not the point of my comment, I'm saying people are just protesting just to protest. How many are legit mad? Out of say 100 people what do you think? 20? 25? Most are going to buy it anyway (even with a discount).

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in PS4

    But are the boycotting it though? No most are just complaining. Most will just say: "This was goin to be a day one purchase for me, but no I'll just wait for a price drop!"

    Isn't that still supporting them? You think that devs can't see those post on a public forum on one of the largest websites in the world? They have people that their job is to read what's said on message boards.

    So yes it's like burning Nikes. Do you really think those people will never buy Nikes again? Is Reebok better? Yeah once this whole NFL thing blows over. Remember when people we're actually smashing their Keurig's when Keurig stop advertising on Sean Hannity's Fox News show? Bet you Keurig is loosing sleep over that

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate -1 points ago in PS4

    Do you read my post? Like really read it? He's the cliff notes version. Bolded for emphasis.

    My thing is: why be mad? Why should any casual fan be mad? If I was going to buy the game, then yes be mad, but if not then don't buy it. I think all of NBA 2K practices are crappy, but I'm wasn't going to buy it anyway, so I have no skin in the game.

    But that's is my point. Is it crappy? Yes. It's it exploitive? Yes. But most people could care less. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. But a few get mad and others say: "Hey that not right!", and grab the pitchforks. But we're they gonna buy anyway? Nope. If they we're DmC5 would sell 13 million copies.

    Lastly, I'm not discrediting anyone. Some people legit have a reason to get mad. Legit reason. The fans, they have every right in the world, they waited 10 years, ten freaking years (!) to get an honest-to-god new DmC game, and what do they get? A (possible) pay-to-win game with microtransactions in it! They have every right to be mad!

    No, you do have every right, every right. It's as they say "It's a free country!" But do you have the same right as a fan? Nope. It's like when your favorite teammate gets traded. Should I be mad if I'm not a fan of The Raiders? No. But I can be mad but not as mad? Sure. What do I have invested in that team? 0. Did I watch them when they were losing? Nope. What about when they almost won? No. So being mad shouldn't be a thing, not at all. Could it? Sure.

    TL;DR if you're a fan you should be mad as hell, if you're casual you should be upset, if you not a fan at all why are you mad really?

    Let me clarify something for you.: A lot of folks have the right to be mad but what started this whole convo was the insistence that all or most people who were mad at Capcom wasn't gonna buy it anyway. They just want to be part of the conversation or they want to be fake internet mad. I'm not defending the developers, not at all I'm calling out people for being mad because it it's the fun thing to do.

    One of my things that people say, that makes no freaking sense, is when people who are internet mad say: (I'm paraphrasing) "What (insert videogame developer here) is doing something that I don't approve of! Man that sucks I was gonna buy it day one but now I'll just wait for it to go on sale or something! I'm not paying full price for that!"

    Excuse me are you high?! Your literally still giving them money! Sure it's not full price but even if you give them a dollar, you're still supporting the dev. What that old adage? "Every dollar counts!" All that tells them is that you still can be bought, they just need to know how low they can go before you say yes.

    [–] Devil May Cry 5 - How Many Red Orbs Can You Earn Simply by Playing the Game? NYstate 0 points ago in PS4

    Listen I'll explain it slowly for you: Getting mad on an internet forum does nothing, nothing at all. Nada. Do you think Capcom is reading this and saying: "/u/HopOnTheHype is mad ok boys roll back the microtransactions!" Nope. You know why? Because they don't care. Let me say it again: They literally do not care about your $60! All you're doing is giving them free press. Hell Capcom would probably give you $60 just for that. I'll bet you that all of the money they're going to make on the 95% that doesn't care about microtransactions will more than compensate for your three twenty dollar bills. I hate microtransactions too but look at how much money devs are making on them, that's a lotta zeroes.

    Listen I'm afraid that microtransactions are here to stay, look, I don't like them either. Same with day DLC that comes out 30 days after the game. Same with buying map packs for COD and paid unlockables.

    And to you point, I'm not saying you're not a fan how do I know? I'm saying that people mad on the internet is just a HUGE waste. Do you have the right to be mad sure. Go ahead, it's a free blah, blah, blah. But don't you think your directing you ire at me (or the internet) is the wrong thing? You wanna send a message just don't buy it. Enough people do that and they'll stop, probably, but maybe not.


    Capcom dosen't give a flying hadoken about your being mad, just don't buy it.