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    [–] Swede comparison Nadaac 19 points ago in canucks

    He hasn’t met with them, because he is them

    [–] GT: SENATORS @ CANUCKS Nadaac 3 points ago in canucks

    Dang petey with the revenge slash on that dman

    [–] The Winnipeg Ice have won the WHL draft lottery Nadaac 10 points ago in hockey

    It wasn’t a good one, but we appreciate the thought

    [–] Expect the Toronto Maple Leafs to announce a two-year extension for Nic Petan soon. Nadaac 9 points ago in hockey

    He was dirt nasty for the winterhawks and good for the icecaps, one of my favorite players

    [–] Wearing an earring that doubles as a lighter. WCGW? Nadaac 23 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Legendary copypasta, or sad life of a sad man. You decide

    [–] Ovechkin pots his 47th of the year on the powerplay Nadaac 15 points ago in hockey

    I totally agree with you. Just like why? They’re not interesting and they don’t look “clean” either

    [–] Pettersson doesn't believe Kreider was trying to hurt him (video) Nadaac 2 points ago in canucks

    I mean Malkin swung his stick and didn’t injure the guy, but the intent was there

    [–] House votes 420-0 to make Mueller's report public Nadaac 1 points ago in politics

    Well people can be in an organization with people they don’t like and play along until they don’t have to anymore, like Varys in game of thrones

    [–] aha gottem amirite ladies Nadaac 23 points ago in Tinder

    A very specific insult

    [–] He is right Nadaac 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Well the words are right there in front of him... kind of cheating

    [–] CHALLENGE: Say 1 nice thing about EA Nadaac 1 points ago in gaming

    We know you make templates of reactions and place names inside them to give the illusion of drawing them