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    [–] Erik Karlsson on instagram: I guess I’m not afraid of sharks anymore..... I’m on my way. Nadaac 30 points ago in hockey

    My girlfriend asked if there was any man I had a crush on, I showed her a picture of Karlsson and she told me he looked like a greasy weasel pirate. To be fair she’s dating me so her taste is terrible

    [–] "Bibliotek", Library Nadaac 4 points ago in MostBeautiful

    Sorry it sounds the same in french as this looks

    [–] "Bibliotek", Library Nadaac -2 points ago in MostBeautiful

    Isn’t it in that castle in France that’s the second largest museum in the country?

    [–] Loui Eriksson is number 1 in goals scored in the NHL out of active Swedish players. Last year he was 4th Nadaac 44 points ago in hockey

    Pretty sure I’ve seen multiple highlights of him passing through the goalies five hole to his brother rather than scoring himself

    [–] it be like that Nadaac 11 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Banana Republic? Fuck those people

    [–] Seattle arena plan approved by city council. Nadaac 9 points ago in hockey

    I drove 10 hours in one day Portland to Seattle and back so my friend could get dicked by the captain of the Seattle ultimate team..

    [–] Progress Picture Nadaac 3 points ago in veganfitness

    Eh buddy you need to go out for a hockey team. You got that lettuce bud

    [–] Happy 23rd Birthday, Nathan MacKinnon! Here's his sick OT goal to beat Sweden at the World Cup of Hockey 2016. Nadaac 38 points ago in hockey

    You seent him in the memorial cup against Portland? Single handily beat the crap out of the best winterhawks team I’ve ever seen

    [–] The most even players of all-time? Nadaac 11 points ago in hockey

    He is going to get a lot more ice time and he’s been training like mad all summer

    [–] The Greatest Enforcer of All Time Nadaac 17 points ago in hockey

    Because tripping penalties aren’t as gritty as elbowing or fighting.

    [–] For which players did you never understand the hype? Nadaac 4 points ago in hockey

    My cousin was kind of the same way, except on defense. He liked hockey, but hated working out and training and eating the correct diet and all the stuff you have to do if you’re a pro. He was insanely talented but didn’t like hockey anymore, so he didn’t get more than 10 games in the show, just played around in the AHL for a couple years