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    [–] Hatty for Brock! Nadaac 8 points ago in canucks

    While I agree with your message, you’re a prick

    [–] What’s the deal with Sam Gagner? Nadaac 30 points ago in canucks

    Well he doesn’t fit into the team because we are trying to grow, so we are trying to do the best for him by sending him to a team where he can be close to home

    [–] and the timing Nadaac 77 points ago in The_Mueller

    It’s not outrage it’s pointing out hypocrisy

    [–] Boeser confirmed to play tonight. Nadaac 53 points ago in hockey

    Well now he’s going to have a 5 point night and be out another two weeks

    [–] Ovechkin shows great sportsmanship and makes sure Abdelkader is ok after high stick. Nadaac 16 points ago in hockey

    I mean the dude can blast pucks like nobody else. It was probably like a Bruce Lee one inch punch esc high stick to the mouth