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    [–] ELI5: why do mammograms require the breasts to be squished flat when we are able to take X-rays and ultrasounds through fat and muscle masses? NaomiNekomimi 2 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I haven't, but I have noticed minor changes similar to that based on hormonal fluctuations so I can definitely see how that would work. It makes sense to me that that would happen, cause I could see the sensitivity to pain causing a problem for breastfeeding. Interesting!

    [–] ELI5: why do mammograms require the breasts to be squished flat when we are able to take X-rays and ultrasounds through fat and muscle masses? NaomiNekomimi 3 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    It seems like people have already answered, but yeah I'm not considered high risk and I'm young so a traditional breast exam is all I've ever had. Which is definitely... uncomfortable, but obviously nothing compared to what it sounds like a mammogram would be like.

    [–] What’s the ‘Truth’ that you had to lie about in a ‘Truth or Dare’ game? NaomiNekomimi 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah I've talked to so many people about my trauma over the years like different therapists and stuff that I'm desensitized to it. So I'll just offhandedly mention some terrible traumatizing shit without even realizing that for most people that's a day ruining level of morbid thing to hear about. Meanwhile it's been bouncing around in my brain since it happened at a single digit number of years old. So like, after awhile I forget that not everyone's childhood was like that. It really sucks when I let something slip that isn't that big of a deal to me but then someone hears it and cries or has their day ruined by it.

    But it's so hard to tell sometimes. I guess my line of "messed up shit" is just a lot further back than it should be, cause I was literally dealing with that stuff as a child so to me it is nothing.

    [–] Disney heiress Abigail Disney says she was ‘livid’ about worker conditions at theme park after going undercover NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago in news

    The problem was it wasn't just a social media policy. It was a policy limiting her speech entirely, including private conversations with non-work affiliated colleagues. Even sharing factual information that didn't paint Disney in a positive light was frowned upon (like just saying "My supervisor hasn't been responding to my calls" would be considered criticism and not allowed without following it with something to offset it and leave an overall positive inflection about the company, or giving a very legalistic disclaimer).

    The impression I got is that it is very much a corporate machine that feeds on young, excited fans and then discards them at the drop of a hat. The thing that happened when they fired her was a systemic pattern of behavior, not a onetime thing. There is a cult like mentality of the people who work there, and anyone who doesn't 100% worship Disney is ostracized socially and treated as a second class employee.

    I even watched one of her best friends at the company look her in the eye and directly blame her for being hospitalized. I genuinely don't know what she was suggesting, but it very much came across as "If you hadn't gotten yourself hospitalized, you wouldn't have lost your job. Disney didn't hospitalize you, so they have no responsibility to accommodate it." Which seems ridiculous to me, because that means she was literally telling someone that they shouldn't have gone to the hospital for their suicidal thoughts which is obviously reprehensible.

    It's hard to describe, but I met a lot of her coworkers and man, it's just creepy. Everyone there either worships Disney, or is forced to pretend they do. Not to mention all kinds of predatory stuff where they make it so that it's basically impossible for you to not immediately give back like 75% of your check to them, so even the people who want to leave can't unless someone bails them out.

    It's just bad. I'm sorry, but it's really bad and no amount of downvoting will make me stop thinking that. They are, like most large corporations, reprehensible and inherently immoral.

    [–] Disney heiress Abigail Disney says she was ‘livid’ about worker conditions at theme park after going undercover NaomiNekomimi 0 points ago in news

    My girlfriend worked at Disney. There is no end to the amount of shit they put employees through. She literally was not allowed to say bad things about the company, and if they found social media posts about the company that weren't positive, they gave her a disclaimer she had to use or she would literally be fired. Not to mention that they fired her for not showing up to work while she was in the hospital on suicide watch. But they didn't fire her immediately, they strung her along for like two weeks without pay/hours without telling her anything, then at the end of the two weeks said "Yeah just don't come back, you need to be out of your on site apartment by 11am the next morning."

    Fuck Disney. Absolutely fuck Disney.

    [–] Schwarzenegger calls Trump attack on minority lawmakers 'un-American' and 'crude' NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago in worldnews

    It's because he sees brown people and defaults to "foreigner" like some kind of piss stained human skymall magazine from the 1950s.

    [–] People of Reddit what is the best "So Dumb it Actually Worked" situation you've ever witnessed? NaomiNekomimi 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm a chemistry student, and I once saw my professor having to argue to a student that no, making two mistakes on a formal lab report which happen to cancel out into the correct answer does not mean you get full credit for it.

    [–] Why are people attracted to you? NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago in AskReddit

    For better or worse, I'm at least interesting. I'm kind of quiet and unassuming, and a nerdy type girl so most people assume I'll be kind of innocent and naive. But once people get to know me they learn I talk like a sailor, know a little too much about drugs, have a really dark sense of humor, and always have something crazy to talk about. I'm not that old, but the time I've spent on this planet has been very interesting time. I've performed life saving first aid on hospital-worthy injuries on myself, I'm a certified scuba diver with some advanced training (Lobstering, wreck diving, deep open water dives, etc), I play like 5 different instruments, I'm a decent snowboarder, I'm a decent cook, I'm really good with animals (I've helped raise wolves and other wild animals before, so normal animals like dogs and cats are nothing to me), and although I struggle a lot with social queues once I get to learn someone's mannerisms people say I have an almost uncanny ability at picking up on changes. I've figured out that a friend was feeling upset before SHE even figured it out.

    I definitely have my fair share of problems, but I've noticed any time I'm getting to know someone new there are constantly things coming up in conversation where they go "You WHAT?". I'm not really that special though, I think, I just have made it a point to try to say yes as often as possible when it comes to new experiences and it has lead me to some strange and very dangerous places. lol

    My advice to anyone who feels like they aren't interesting is to just seek new experiences. Learning new things, meeting new people, and challenging yourself to new struggles is what makes a person people will want to talk to.

    [–] Grocery store in Summerside,PEI (Canada) has "Sensory Friendly Shopping" NaomiNekomimi 8 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Absolutely! When I saw this it made me so happy, I would love something like this near me. I have autism and I find I have a lot of trouble grocery shopping, and I had never considered this as an idea but it totally makes sense.

    Grocery stores are probably a lot harder for people like me than you might expect. The constant beeping and talking and the harsh lighting - it gets very overwhelming. I have a very high amount of sensory sensitivity so for me it's enough that if I go to a grocery store it basically needs to be the only thing I do in a day. I've gotten overwhelmed in a grocery store before and it really isn't fun.

    I hope this catches on. It's a great idea.

    [–] Mario Maker 2 Level Submission Thread NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in northernlion

    Thwomp Escort Through the Clouds


    Difficult but (hopefully) fair, brief level based on precision spin jumping on sideways moving Thwomps. This is the first level I've made, I would be interested in any feedback anyone has to share. I made it with forcing NL to practice spin jumps in mind.

    edit: I will give silver to the comment of the first person to beat it. ._.

    [–] It’s far more socially acceptable for women to own a vibrator than for men to own a fleshlight. NaomiNekomimi 19 points ago in Showerthoughts

    To be fair, it can be really hard or even impossible for a lot of women to get off without one. I usually don't have that problem myself, but I've known other women with that issue. Whereas for guys owning something equivalent is seen as adding more on top, rather than fixing something. If that makes sense. Though I've never been one to bother people about their victimless actions in private.

    [–] *Mystery box noises* NaomiNekomimi 22 points ago in gaming

    But then you get downed during the animation and have to watch the ray gun slowly sink back into the box as you sob for someone to please pick you up.

    [–] What would satan put in your version of hell? NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The same thing I go through in my PTSD nightmares every night that I dream, probably. Just reliving trauma but nightmarishly exaggerated versions of it (like everything else is the same but the abuser is replaced by a roiling mass of insects shaped like the abuser, or all of the trauma is the same but the perpetrator is replaced by every person I hold dear working in unison).

    Hell might be an improvement, honestly.

    [–] This bench is made from a curled-up paving stone. NaomiNekomimi 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    It's all fun and games until someone trips on the spot with no brick.

    [–] Do you think that women should be free to walk around topless in public places, just as men can? Why?/why not? NaomiNekomimi 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I think yes absolutely. As a woman, would I ever utilize it? No, almost definitely not. But I think it would do a lot to help destigmatize breasts and breastfeeding, which is something many mothers could benefit from.

    [–] What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? NaomiNekomimi 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was once told that light, joy, and sound follow me wherever I go.

    I haven't gotten a huge number of compliments in my life that weren't about my creative focuses (I'm a musician), so that one stands out to me the most. That's all I've ever tried to be in my life, for better or worse.

    [–] Thieves steal car and wallet from owner of a Pet Rescue and proceed to use the rescues card around town. Owner tracks them down, steals her car back, and leads the police to them on a facebook live stream. NaomiNekomimi 3 points ago in videos

    I struggled with a moderate xanax addiction, but managed to break it before it got anywhere near hurting other people for it (so the only life it wreaked havoc on was mine).

    I noticed when using it I would feel this sense of just wanting to cause some chaos. I was overwhelmed with the sense that I could just say whatever I wanted to anyone and do whatever I wanted, and that I should. It definitely doesn't surprise me that it could lead to stealing, especially when it comes to running out of pills and needing another fix (those withdrawals... I'd rather die than go through them again). In my case it was a lot of just really reckless behavior and self-endangerment, but I was lucky to be strong enough to get out while I still could.

    I don't think we should hate people like her. We should get them help. Happy, safe, fulfilled people don't often abuse drugs. Pretty much every person who had a hand in getting me participating in that side of things was just another childhood trauma survivor like me, trying to find a way to cope with what was done to them.

    Hate won't make them go away, but help might.