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    [–] I’m all for reparations being paid... NastyGuyFromCanada 3 points ago in The_Donald

    Hilarious... I'm sharing this with a friend who actually collects old paper currency.

    [–] The circular firing squad known as the Democrat Primary now consists of 14 candidates, 1 more next week (Andrew Gillum), and then 11 others who've expressed interest, which would bring the total to 26, and we're still in MARCH; the party has gotta be insanely desperate to allow THIS many, THIS early NastyGuyFromCanada 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Exactly. For months before Trump joined the race, the media was making it like Jeb was inevitable, and it was just a matter of whether he'd choose as his running mate. Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the Howard Stern show in early 2015, and said that Jeb and then Kasich had each privately visited him. Note that Kasich didn't drop out until the primary process was just about totally over. I think he was gonna be the running-mate, but loudmouth fatso Chris Christie or li'l pipsqueak Rubio, or the too-power-hungry Ted Cruz.

    [–] BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NastyGuyFromCanada 4 points ago in The_Donald

    The lawsuit is for $250M; well, her Twitter name IS "BrandValue$4B," so she could swing 6.25% of that!

    [–] BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NastyGuyFromCanada 3 points ago in The_Donald

    "HAI GUYZ, omg wtf i'm being sued, can u help w/ my legal expenses? kthxbai"

    [–] Liberals finally admit that killing capitalism is the only way to save the planet NastyGuyFromCanada 4 points ago in The_Donald

    AOC, Omar, and Tlaib are helping Trump's re-election 10 times more than Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grassley, and Jim Jordan ever could.