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    [–] 2x Week has been good to me Negrizzy153 1 points ago in gtaonline

    Is it worth it? Where does it rank among the cars?

    [–] Fero’s message to orgs regarding the stigma around him Negrizzy153 1 points ago in CoDCompetitive

    He could have chosen any other word. Any other non-racial swear word and he chose "n***er".

    Well, he dug his own grave.

    [–] BMO changing batteries. Negrizzy153 6 points ago in adventuretime

    And if he falls forward?

    [–] Just speechless Negrizzy153 1 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Incredible detective skills, used for evil instead of good. Sad.

    [–] Sony Is Putting "All Power" Into PS5 Backward Compatibility Negrizzy153 21 points ago in PS5

    If they (and I'm not holding my breath) made it BC with PS3, the PS5 would be the quickest cop of a lifetime.

    [–] decided to finally bust out my old ps3 Negrizzy153 2 points ago in PS3

    I don't know why but shit like this freaks me out.

    [–] Smoothest headbutt ever? Negrizzy153 2 points ago in gtaonline

    Wait you can vault a car?!

    [–] Guess I'll Die... Negrizzy153 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in shadowofmordor

    Did he have Fast Learner? If so, then you just uninstall the game.

    Having not seen the rest of the info, I'd advise Freezing him by using either Ice Storm, vaulting over him, or choosing the Ice upgrade for Elven Light, the best alternative to Execution.

    Additionally, the Freeze upgrades for Elven Rage and Mighty Shot (if you shoot at an enemy near him) could help.

    Stealth-wise, you break line of sight, sneak up behind him and attack him normally instead of using stealth (provided he doesn't have Tracker/Master of the Hunt).

    [–] I finally rest Negrizzy153 1 points ago in inthesoulstone

    Is this Ashley Johnson?

    [–] My collection I'm trying to sell. How much should I sell them for? Negrizzy153 1 points ago in PS3

    Don't. You'll receive a pittance for them. In any case, that is a god-tier collection of games. Keep them.

    [–] Thanks Rockstar. Negrizzy153 6 points ago in GrandTheftAutoV

    This was hilarious.

    [–] The worst orcs. Negrizzy153 1 points ago in shadowofmordor

    Fast Learner would like a word.

    [–] AND HIS NAME IS... Negrizzy153 6 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    This crying cat picture is so golden.

    [–] Hangar rebate came through on 7th day Negrizzy153 1 points ago in gtaonline

    How do you talk to R* Support? You got a link? I got money moves to be making and I can't be waiting.

    [–] what was your favorite part from season 2? Negrizzy153 12 points ago in FinalSpace

    Anything with Invictus possessing someone.